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These Twin Vine Stars Will Grind Their Way Deep Into Your Heart: VIDEO


18-year-old Brazilian twins Gustavo and Tulio have the music, the moves, and the abs to spice up your Vine feed.

Watch a YouTube compilation of the Brothers Rocha greatest grinds, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Infamous Vine Star Nash Grier Apologizes For His Homophobic Video


If the name "Nash Grier" sounds familiar it might be because we reported on the infamous Vine personality last July when it came to light that the teen behind the most popular Vine account had created a homophobic video a year or two prior. Nash has now resurfaced with an editorial on The Huffington Post explaining his actions and apologizing for them. Said the teen in part:

I had almost 1,200 followers on Vine and I posted six-second video on HIV/AIDS, using a very offensive term ("fag"). The next day, I went to school and I received so many responses as to how funny the video was. At this point, what I thought I had done wasn't just okay, but I thought it was funny.

[...]At first, I didn't really understand how someone could have so much hate for me, but then I put myself in their shoes. I read more and more comments and even did research. I had a realization that I hadn't had in my life up until that point: Everything I had said on or off camera could've been harmful to others.

[...]I realize that I made a mistake. At the time I didn't, but I have learned from it[...]From the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry to each and every person I have ever offended.

Jase Peeples at The Advocate is having none of it, however, calling Grier's statement a "justification" and providing screenshots of Grier's past tweets that were equally anti-gay in nature.

Peeples should be taking a few things into account, though. First, there's a thin line between explanation and justification, but Grier seems to be genuinely repentant. He doesn't try to evade responsibility for his videos or diminish the hurt they delivered, and for bonus points he actually delivers a real apology. Whether or not he's sincere could be debated, but at the very least it's not the oh-so-common non-apology of, "I'm sorry that people were offended by what I said." He apologizes for his actions, not others' "misinterpretations" of his actions

Second, Grier did indeed make tweets that were anti-gay and disparaging of equality. But they were all around or before the time that the video was made or went viral. One tweet in particular held as evidence against him was made in May, 2012 when Grier was about 13-14 years old. Grier claims to have learned from this experience, so holding past crimes as evidence to counter current alleged beliefs isn't particularly fair or rational.

Lastly, Grier is 16, an age group not exactly known for having the life experience necessary for empathy, foresight, and rational decision-making. This does not excuse his actions, of course, but it's important to apply the appropriate perspective: this is a teenager learning from moronic mistakes, not a full grown adult who should know better.

Grier claims that, "someday, I want to make a positive impact on all of you." He's going to have an uphill battle that he's created for himself, but if he can follow through on his claim then he would be a welcome addition to our legions of allies.

(Photo via Instagram)

10 Amazing Vine Tributes to #PeterPanLive and Christopher Walken's Everlasting High Note: VIDEO


If you made it through last night's Peter Pan Live without chopping off your own hand (or ears), you were treated to the fancy dancing of pirates and the rapturous sounds of a high note from Christopher Walken's Captain Hook which sent your pets scurrying to the furthest rooms in the house.

And thus came the Vines.

Watch (click audio icon in lower right of each for sound), AFTER THE JUMP...


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FBI Questions Vine Prankster for Filming in Speedo on Airplane: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.57.55 PM

French Vine star Jerome Jarre was taken in for questioning by the FBI, after he pulled a prank where he wore a speedo and inflatable pool toy on his American Airlines international flight from Mexico City to Miami.

An alarmed flight attendent called the police after seeing Jarre. has a round-up of the prankster's tweets to his fans for help/outcry while he was being questioned by the FBI. In the end, Jarre says the agent questioning him said this was the silliest case he'd ever had to deal with, and Jarre faced no charges or punishment.

You may know Jarre from his celebrity pranks and especially the time John Stamos saw his cheek kiss and raised him a smooch on the mouth.

Below is the video of the would-be prank, and the abrupt shutdown by the flight attendant. I can think of at least two people who might not have been so bothered by the antics.

Video is AFTER THE JUMP...

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One Direction's Niall Horan 'Cracks Up' Over Gay Rumors After 'Kissing' Vine Surfaces: VIDEO


One Direction's Niall Horan spurred rumors on the internet today after a Vine allegedly showing the singer kissing a male companion gained popularity on social media. Niall himself responded to the speculation on Twitter, saying: "all these rumours huh? you guys Crack me up".



From what we can tell, the blurry video seems open to interpretation and most likely just shows Niall trying to talk to a friend in a loud club. Still, the Vine will no doubt keep the hopes of many a fanboy and girl alive and well.

Watch the video in question and decide for yourself, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Russian Reps Under Investigation For Homophobic Conchita Wurst Cartoon - VIDEO


Two Russian politicians are under investigation after using a video depicting Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst to announce their anti-gay platform, reports The Moscow Times.

The six-second video by Murmansk city council representatives Oleg Guz and Almaz Gismeyev - which has since been deleted - depicted several cartoon figures resembling Wurst gathering a sign reading “There will be a parade!”  The video then shows Guz and Gismeyev shaking hands while a voice-over announces their names and the slogan “Against Loudmouths and Gays.”

Although said that Guz and Gismeyev uploaded the video themselves, it is unclear whether it was an official campaign video for the upcoming municipal elections on Sept. 14.

Prosecutors in the city are investigating the video for evidence of incitement to hatred.

Check out Conchita Wurst's showstopping winning Eurovision performance, AFTER THE JUMP...

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