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GEESE TSUNAMI: Good way to describe it.

MECHANEU: A very cool 3D-printed object.

PILE-UP: Highway 41/45 in Wisconsin was shut down on Sunday after becoming a slip and slide.

LADY GAGA: An acoustic version of "Applause" in Japan.

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Scott Walker Says Gay Marriage Ban is Part of 'a Healthy Balance' of Anti-Bias Laws in Wisconsin: VIDEO


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spoke with Bloomberg TV host Al Hunt about LGBT rights in his state, specifically anti-discrimination laws. While Walker suggested he supported ENDA because anti-discrimination laws covering sexual orientation have worked "quite effectively" in his state, he also defended the state's ban on same-sex marriage, calling it part of a "healthy" system.

Said Walker: "In Wisconsin, we’ve had anti-discriminatory laws that are very similar to [ENDA] for more than 30 years and they work quite effectively. We’re also a state that has a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as one man and one woman…I mean, we’ve not had problems. We’ve had no problems — I should say, limited problems — with [anti-discrimination laws]. At the same time, we still have a constitutional amendment that defines marriage. There’s a healthy balance there.


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Wausau, WI Gay Pride Parade Cancelled After City Backlash

WausauIt appears Wausau, Wisconsin will not be getting its first ever gay pride parade today as previously planned. Organizers for the parade have now canceled the event after what they say has been a backlash of bigotry from the Wausau community. Green Bay Press Gazette reports

Daxx Bouvier had planned to hold a gay pride parade at 3 p.m Saturday, but he decided this week to cancel the event in the wake of negative response from a Wausau City Council member and in articles from several local media sources.

Bouvier, who lives in California but owns a home in Wausau, also said people who had planned to participate in the parade told him they were concerned for their safety, so he decided to call it quits.

"I do feel a great sense of loss for the LGBT community," he said. "Canceling the parade has set Wausau back 30 years in the way people think about the gay community."

Previously, we reported that Wausau City Council member Dave Nutting told residents at a council meeting last week to physically turn their backs on the 'deviant-behaving individuals' in the parade. Wisconsin hate group Wisconsin Family Action also instructed its members to call the City Council and mayor to express opposition to the parade.

Questions about the original organizers' commitments and abilities led members of the gay community to create a separate event, a March for Equality, to take place at the same time as the canceled parade. The March for Equality supposedly has more than 300 people committed to participating in the event. 

Wausau, WI Alderman: Turn Backs on 'Deviant-Behaving Individuals' in Gay Pride Parade

Yesterday I reported that Wausau, Wisconsin is planning to hold its first Gay Pride parade on June 22, and local and state bigots aren't happy about it.

NuttingProgressive blog Blue Cheddar reports today that Wausau’s 3rd District Alderman David Nutting is telling residents to physically turn their backs to the parade:

“I represent an overwhelming majority of district 3 residents who oppose allowing a parade of deviant-behaving individuals to be escorted by public law enforcement members through the very heart of our family-oriented city to a beautiful family-oriented public park where no doubt their choice of indecent behavior will be on full display for influential children and the media to proclaim it worldwide. This isn’t speech. This is behavior. I ask that all residents stay away from the parade or if you do go, stand with your back to the parade of deviant-behaving individuals. I respectfully ask for our various media outlets to pay little or no attention to the parade just as you do to any other parade in this city…”

Wausau, Wisconsin Set to Host First Gay Pride Parade

The city of Wausau, a Wisconsin city of 40,000, is planning its first Gay Pride parade on June 22, but local and state bigots aren't happy about it, Rock947 reports:

WausauParade organizer Daxx Bouvier has said the event is long overdue. He is putting about 15-thousand dollars into the event, and encouraging young people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender to come out as see there is support.

Groups including Wisconsin Family Voice oppose the parade, saying it’s “nothing more than a display of immorality and propaganda” and sends the wrong message to young people.

A city alderman weighed in during the Council’s public comment period Tuesday night. 3rd District Alderman David Nutting expressed his opposition to the Gay Pride Parade, and says many of his constituents don’t want it.

Wisconsin hate group Wisconsin Family Action is telling its members to call the City Council and Mayor to oppose the parade:

The parade is specifically geared to draw in “teens and young people” in the hopes of aiding them in “coming out.”

“Our experience with homosexual parades is that they’re nothing more than a display of immorality and propaganda,” said Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling, “This Wausau group is specifically targeting teens, which sends exactly the wrong message to our young people.  The citizens of Wausau need to let their elected officials know their opinion about this parade.”

Feel free to use their links to send your own message to town officials.

Catholic School Rejects Newly-Appointed President Over Speculation He's Gay

Regis Catholic Schools in Wisconsin announced on April 4 that its new president would be Tim Nelson, a decision they reportedly revoked last week because of speculation that he's gay.

RegisThe Leader Telegram reports:

Regis officials indicated someone had given them information showing that a man's name was listed in parentheses behind Nelson's in the survivor list of his father's obituary 2½ years ago, and they told him that is typically the way a gay partner is listed in an obituary, Nelson said. Nelson said he explained to Konopa that he considered the man his best friend and that the man was close to Nelson's family.

They add:

Nelson...said Friday he was "flabbergasted" when system officials informed him nearly three weeks later they intended to revoke his contract because of concerns about his sexual orientation.

"The whole thing is based on assumptions, innuendo and speculation," an obviously upset Nelson said by telephone from New Mexico, where he has worked as supervising principal of a group of American Indian community schools for the past eight years.

Regis denied the allegations Friday in a statement.

"Regis Catholic Schools denies that any assumptions, insinuations or speculation played a part in its decision to not hire Mr. Nelson," the statement said. "Furthermore, Regis Catholic Schools categorically denies that sexual orientation was a part in its decision. Mr. Nelson's speculation is unfounded and untrue."

The school system has announced his replacement.


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