LiHALLOWEEN NOLA: 150 photos from the USA's sexiest gay party.
APPLE CEO TIM COOK: 'I'm proud to be gay.'
WATCH: The latest installment of Go-Go Boy Interrupted.
THE INTERPLAY: Yes, Nick Jonas is queerbaiting his gay fans. So what?



Ellen DeGeneres Sends Staffers Andy and Jacqueline Through a Haunted House: VIDEO


Ellen's Halloween ritual of sending faint-hearted staffers through haunted houses is back - with Executive Producer Andy Lassner and his assistant Jacqueline being the lucky two chosen to brave a vampire-themed maze this year.



And if you missed (or care to re-watch) Ellen's hilarious videos from last year, check 'em out HERE and HERE

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MLB's Torii Hunter Endorses Arkansas Politician for Protecting 'One Man and One Woman' Marriage: AUDIO


Earlier this week, Major League Baseball player Torii Hunter released a radio spot, endorsing a politician from his native Arkansas. The politician is Asa Hutchinson (R), who is running for governor.

In the spot, Hunter specifically appeals to Black voters, saying that in Hutchinson's time as a lawyer, he "fought for more majority African-American districts in the state legislature." He continues, saying Hutchinson is "committed to the principles we hold dear, like a strong faith in God, equal justice for all, and keeping marriage between one man and one woman."

As if the above contradiction weren't blatant enough, Hunter also invokes Martin Luther King in the spot, quoting him in saying "men should be judged by the content of their character." This is given as a reason for Black voters to not dismiss Hutchinson: Said Hunter: "we too often prejudge political candidates by their party label. I'm asking you to consider Asa for his actions."

This isn't the first time Torii Hunter has let his beliefs on gay issues be known; in 2012, he said the thought of playing with a gay athlete made him "uncomfortable," "as a Christian." 

AFTER THE JUMP is full text of the speech, and the audio embedded:

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One Killed In Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Test Flight Crash: VIDEO


Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo rocket plane exploded and crashed during a test flight over California's Mojave Desert this afternoon, NBC News reports:

WhiteknighttwoThe explosion scattered debris across a two-mile swath of the desert floor outside Mojave, California, and came after the plane was released from its WhiteKnightTwo carrier airplane. SpaceShipTwo was testing its rocket engine in flight for the first time in more than nine months.

"During the test, the vehicle suffered a serious anomaly resulting in the loss of the vehicle," Virgin Galactic said in a statement. "The WhiteKnightTwo carrier aircraft landed safely. Our first concern is the status of the pilots."

Jesse Borne, an officer at the California Highway Patrol, told NBC News that there was one fatality and one major injury.

TechCrunch adds:

SpaceShipTwo was designed primarily for space tourism, meant to carry passengers high enough to experience near-weightlessness for roughly $200,000 per ticket. This was a test flight, however, so no passengers are believed to have been onboard.

Watch a ABC Los Angeles report on the developing story, AFTER THE JUMP...

[bottom photo via Twitter]

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1639

WISCONSIN FAMILY ACTION: Gay marriage will lead to adult-child marriages.

RACHEL MADDOW: Shops for some green goodies.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: Reveals why he's never been trick-or-treating.

EBOLA: Three things we can do to stop its spread.



For more recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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News: Gay Halloween, Ian McKellen, Blurred Lines, Breakfast at Tiffany's

Road Chelsea Handler's Instagram photo mocking Vladimir Putin's proclivity for shirtless horseback riding gets taken down.

Road Castro6 other openly gay high-ranking businessmen besides Apple CEO Tim Cook. 

Road Check out this four-part series chronicling the history of gay Halloween in San Francisco. 

Road Melissa Rivers remembers her late mother for Halloween #throwbackthursday.

Road Sir Ian McKellen has been given the Freedom of the City of London award in honor of his work promoting LGBT equality. The award dates back to 1237 and is handed to people who have achieved success in a given field. 

Road Michael Jordan calls Barack Obama a "s**tty golfer."

Road The number of billionaires in the world has doubled since the financial crisis. 

Road Brian Galivan talks to The Wrap about his new CBS comedy The McCarthys and the "huge gap" between homosexuality and professional sports. 

Road Ireland's government has pledged to begin legally recongnizing transgender people. 

Road SanfordIn a new campaign ad, former South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford is spilling the tea about Mark (but not that Mark).

Road Chris Christie tells Hurricane Sandy victim/heckler to "sit down and shut up."

Road Elton John on Pope Francis: "Make this man a saint now, okay?"

Road Two and a Half Men's Jon Cryer is a self-described "effeminate heterosexual dork"

Road Jake Gyllenhaal tells Conan all about his adorable childhood Halloween costumes.

Road A LGBT movie screening in Kiev, Ukraine was interrupted by a suspected arson attack that left severe damage to the city's oldest movie theater.  No injuries were reported. 

Road ThinkProgress looks at the Southern Baptist Conventions new, media-savvy approach to condemning homosexuality.

Road The copyright infringement case against Robin Thicke's 2013 hit "Blurred Lines" will be heading to court.  

Road Benedict Cumberbatch goes into graphic detail about Sherlock Holmes hypothetical sex life.  

BreakfastRoad The Breakfast at Tiffany's Upper East Side townhouse is on sale for a cool $8 million.

Road John Burkhalter, the Democrat running for lieutenant governor of Arkansas, opens up about his past life as a male stripper. 

Road Like Ellen, Meredith Vieira also went as Amal Clooney for Halloween. 

Road Glendale, Arizona is considering an anti-discrimination proposal protecting LGBT people from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations. 

Road Check out this heartwarming story of how Ben Larison, a baseball player from Coe College in Iowa, fell in love with a fellow athlete at school and came out to his teammates. 

Road Kirk Cameron wants you to know that it's okay for Christians to go trick-or-treating

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Tony Perkins: Gay Rights Are Part of A Wider 'Anti-Life' Population Control Agenda - AUDIO

PerkinsSpeaking to an "insightful" listener on the Family Research Council radio program this week, hate leader Tony Perkins spouted some crackpot nonsense about how gay rights are part of a wider "anti-life" agenda to end humanity as we know it.

Said Perkins:

...the agenda of climate change alarmists and those that are pushing for population control, they're all kind of in the same wagon there. That is one of the reasons they promote homosexuality - there's no procreation there. And I know they go crazy and deny it, but the evidence is there. 

And where might we find the evidence for this explosive conspiracy theory? Why, that's easy - you just have to buy his book!


[via Right Wing Watch]

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