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Letting Go of 'Looking'

Dom, Doris and Patrick aren't the only ones feeling funereal


The first Sunday night without HBO's "Looking" is upon us.  Of course there would have been no "Looking" tonight, even had the show been renewed, since the second much improved season has just wrapped. One of the funniest things I heard after the cancellation was this:

Well, yes. They're almost at an end, too. The autopsy reports have to run their course and so does the mourning process. And if HBO makes good on its promise of a wrap-up movie (believe it when you see it), the cycle starts all over again in miniature even if the end point is still goodbye. Given all this finality, it's strangely apt that the second season's finest episode "Looking for a Plot" took places at a funeral (Doris's father) and sent Dom, Doris and Patrick spinning emotionally, even if they didn't quite realize it at first.

But the mourning is real. At least for those of us who loved the show for what it actually was.



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Angie's List Pulls $40 Million Indiana Campus Expansion Proposal Over Discriminatory 'Religious Freedom' Law

Angie's list

Indianapolis-based Angie's List has announced it is canceling a $40 million headquarters expansion due to the state's new law allowing discrimination based on religious grounds, the Indianapolis Star reports:

OesterleThe decision is a direct result of passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, co-founder and chief executive officer Bill Oesterle said Saturday.

The proposed expansion of the online consumer ratings service was touted to add 1,000 good-paying jobs over five years and help revitalize a struggling Eastside neighborhood.

"Angie's List is open to all and discriminates against none," Oesterle said, "and we are hugely disappointed in what this bill represents."

The paper notes that Oesterle is a Republican who supported Pence in the race for governor, but that Oesterle has made it clear this new law "hurts the company's ability to recruit and retain top-flight talent."

Previously, "Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Attempts Damage Control, Won't Say If 'Religious Freedom' Bill Will Lead To Discrimination" [tlrd]

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Funny or Die Presents Ted Cruz's Honest Presidential Campaign Ad: VIDEO


He may not win the White House, but he'll probably get a show on Fox News.


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SNL Takes on Indiana's Anti-Gay 'Religious Liberty' Law: VIDEO


Saturday Night Live led off 'Weekend Update' with a hit on Indiana's new "religious liberty" law.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

Also, make sure NOT to miss George Stephanopoulos's train wreck of an interview with Governor Mike Pence HERE.

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Houston Hate Crime Victim Suing Former Employer For Alleged Anti-Gay Discrimination: VIDEO


Earlier this month we told you how Houston gay activist John Gaspari was shot in the stomach in an apparent hate crime in the city's Montrose gayborhood. 

Gaspari was leaving a gay bar in the early morning hours of Feb. 15 when he was jumped by three men who robbed him, beat him and shot him while yelling, "Get the fag." The incident was among several recent anti-LGBT attacks in Montrose.  

We also mentioned that Gaspari had recently lost his job after suffering anti-gay discrimination. And as it turns out, Gaspari is suing his former employer, FMC Technologies Inc.

Gaspari said the anti-gay discrimination and harassment began immediately after he moved from Chicago to work at FMC Technologies' headquarters in Houston in 2012. Fox 26 reports:  

Gaspari says he thought he would be an employee of FMC Technologies until he retired.

“I was excited to come here,” says Gaspari.

But now he's suing and based on the claims of his lawsuit his time there as a global supplier development engineer was fraught with gay slurs and mocking limp wrist gestures.

“Actually would come up to me and call me a fashionista he would flick his wrist at me make other comments that weren't appropriate,“ Gaspari said. “Telling me I should live in the Montrose area by my kind.”

According to Fox 26, FMC Technologies denies the allegations in Gaspari's lawsuit, which was filed back in 2013. FMC Technologies provides equipment and services to oil and gas companies and employs nearly 20,000 people worldwide. 

In an email, Gaspari noted that the case is before U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes, who has a history of discriminatory comments: 

"Once they discovered my sexuality, I have been discriminated, harassed, retaliated against, ostracized in a hostile work environment. I have been punched by my boss, slapped, called a Fag, Girl, Sister, Fashonista to name a few. It is the worst experience to have to go through and still go into work to try and perform your job and it was all reported to management, sr management and HR and it did not stop. They just turned their head."

FMC Technologies received a score of 15 out of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign's most recent Corporate Equality Index. According to HRC, the company has a policy in its employee handbook prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation — which accounts for the 15 points. 

Texas has no statewide LGBT employment protections, so Gaspari is pursuing a claim of sex discrimination under Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act. He is joined in his lawsuit by two co-plaintiffs who allege sexual harassment and racial discrimination by the company.  

The Houston City Council passed an LGBT-inclusive Equal Rights Ordinance last year, but Mayor Annise Parker has suspended its implementation pending the outcome of a lawsuit aimed at repealing it

Watch Fox 26's report on Gaspari's lawsuit, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Towleroad's Top 10 Must Watch LGBT Videos of the Week


Need a refresher on all the informative, uplifting, sexy, and entertaining LGBT videos from this past week?

Look no further as we count down the best of the best, AFTER THE JUMP...

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