ThumbWEDDING BELLS: Lance Bass ties the knot. Elton John too!
WATCH: Michele Bachmann's craziest moments in Congress. 
LISTEN: Madonna releases new track "Living for Love"
RUPAUL: Talks tech while his girls dazzle in new documentary
TLC: My Husband's Not Gay shows gay Mormons dating women



Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1676

DANIEL FRANZESE: Just wants to be high for the holidays.

GLENN BECK: Has a dire message from the future.

TAIWAN: Animators tackle Sony's hacking with wackiness.

LITTLE TURTLE: Relentlessly attacks Fred the cat.



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News: Idris Elba, Google, Orangutans, Gilead, North Korea

ElbaRoad NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has called for a suspension of protests in the city following the killing of two NYC police officers in Brooklyn on Saturday. 

Road Could Idris Elba be the next James Bond?

Road Washington Blade's Chris Johnson looks back on the one year of progress since a federal judge in Utah ruled in favor of the freedom to marry - a ruling that kicked off an avalanche of equality across the nation. 

Road Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey snap a selfie together for Christmas. 

Road Joe Cocker, the gravely-voiced singer best known for his cover of the Beatles' "with a Little Help From My Friends" passed away today from an undisclosed illness. 

GoogleRoad Google has revealed it's first fully functional self-driving car prototype. 

Road Florida county clerks who choose not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples on January 6 might find themselves on the way to the courthouse. 

Road A court in Argentina has ruled that an orangutan who spend the past 20 years in a zoo can be granted some basic rights as a "non-human person".

Road Harry Styles and Kristen Wiig show off their dance moves at the SNL afterparty. 

NorleyRoad Male model Monday: James Norley.

Road Sony is rumored to be mulling over whether to release The Interview online on Christmas Day.

Road Five moments from 2014 that were definitely a sign of the End Times for right-wing loonies. (Hint: one is gay rights victories)

Road Gilead, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Truvada, had its shares plunge after the nation's largest manager of pharmacy benefits struck an exclusive deal with a rival drugmaker on hepatitis C medication. 

Road North Korea is experiencing massive internet outages today, meaning its citizens will have to get their propaganda from some other info source. 

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Cristiano Ronaldo's Erection Has Now Been Immortalized in Bronze: VIDEO


The town of Funchal, Madeira in Portugal paid tribute to hometown hero Cristiano Ronaldo over the weekend by erecting a rather well-endowed, 8 foot bronze statue in his honor. 

No word yet on whether the statue was 100% proportional in the bulge department.

Watch a video of the statue's unveiling, AFTER THE JUMP...

[h/t Outsports]

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JibJab's Annual 'Year in Review' Tackles Putin, Ebola, Joan Rivers, Ice Buckets and More: VIDEO


Kim Kardashian's butt, ISIS, Vladimir Putin, Ferguson, ebola, the ice bucket challenge and everything else that dominated the headlines in 2014.



And be sure to check out last year's JibJab video (featuring the DOMA repeal) and 2011's (featuring the DADT repeal)

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Archbishop Of Canterbury Refuses To Explain Why He Opposes Same-Sex Marriage - VIDEO


Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, England, has refused to discuss the reasons behind his opposition to same-sex marriage, reports The Guardian.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, Welby (pictured above) was asked what makes gay relationships inferior in the eyes of the church.

However, the cleric declined to discuss his stance on the issue, saying:

“I’m really not going to answer the question very well because we’re now into conversations within the Church, both globally and locally, and I think if I weigh in at this stage it’s inappropriate.

“It’s something that as you go around the Communion, and having visited all the provinces I’m very aware of this, that is seen by many as an absolutely central understanding of obedience to Christ, in both directions.

“In human terms, it looks impossible, and many people say you shouldn’t bother to try.

“When I listen to people I know that I’m listening to people for whom not just the issue of sexuality but the whole way in which the Church lives and exists and reaches out to people, what it looks like to be a holy church, is something on which they feel passionately and are deeply, deeply, deeply disagreeing.

“If you love them you listen carefully.”

Although Welby has been vocal in his opposition to same-sex marriage, there was some good news last year when he announced a campaign to stop homophobic bullying in Church of England schools.

Watch Welby claim last year that same-sex marriage weakens "traditional" marriage and damages society, AFTER THE JUMP...

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20 Best Songs Of 2014: LISTEN

  Ryan vail grass 2013

We've had in the region of 25,000 tracks and albums submitted to Deadly Music! this year and reviewed around 500 of them (including quite a few tracks by Irish duo Ryan Vail, above) so whittling the list down to 20 songs has been no mean feat.

Reflecting the variety of music covered on the site, the list includes indie pop, indie rock, alternative, electro pop, alt folk, coldwave, rap and pop.

All songs are available on a Soundcloud playlist at the end of this page. You'll also find most of them on the Deadly Music! Towleroad Spotify playlist. 

Number 19 is NSFW!

Don't miss our weekly NEW MUSIC column.


20: Girl Band - "De Bom Bom"


19: Big Hard Excellent Fish - "And The Question Remains The Same"


18: Pretties For You - "We Have Our Reasons"


Listen to number 17 down to number 1, AFTER THE JUMP...

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