HtgawmWATCH: How to Get Away With Murder's steamy gay office scene.
VATICAN: Scraps pro-gay language from report, Dolan responds
MOVIES: Birdman review.
HOUSTON: Mike Huckabee wants to send mayor 'thousands' of Bibles.
GAY ICON: Robbie Rogers leaves his mark. 



What To Watch This Week on TV: Gwyneth Paltrow Goes To 'Web Therapy'


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— While there's still plenty to scrutinize about How To Get Away With Murder's ambitious, promiscuous gay law student Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee), you've got to hand it to the show for boldly putting steamy same-sex scenes on network TV. (Take last week's office hookup, for example.) His character is allowed to have a lot more depth (and sex) than we're used to seeing gay characters have on a network series, even on such a pulpy nighttime soap. This week's episode, Thursday at 10 p.m. Eastern on ABC, shines a spotlight on Connor's classmate Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza).

Plenty of Project Runway, online therapists and more TV this week, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Facebook Continues To Freeze Out Drag Queen Profiles

FacebookEarlier this month Sister Roma led the charge in convincing Facebook to roll back its “Real Name Policy” that was forcibly deactivating drag queens’ accounts at a disproportionate rate. Though activists eventually reached an agreement with the Menlo Park-based company, Roma is now reporting that a number of queens are still being locked out of the social network.

“Every time one or two get fixed, a handful get suspended,” Sister Roma explained to the Guardian. “So we really feel like we’re swimming upstream, and while I’m hopeful that Facebook is doing the right thing, it’s discouraging.”

Facebook began deactivating drag queens’ accounts after a single user reported hundreds for technically being in violation of the site’s policy. Facebook has stated that it encourages users to use their real names in profiles so as to hold them more accountable and prevent them from abusing one another beneath the guise of anonymity.

“We are committed to ensuring that all members of the Facebook community can use the authentic names they use in real life,” Facebook reps said in a statement. “Our team is busy working to improve the implementation of this standard so that some of the issues people recently encountered can be prevented in the future.”

Sister Roma is currently acting as a liason for all queens affected by the policy, and encourging them to contact her with their names, deactivated profile URLs, and an explanation as to how their drag identity is the public identity they wish to present. 

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Rush Limbaugh Blames Democrats 'All Out Assault' on Marriage and Religion As the Cause of 'National Angst' - AUDIO


On Rush Limbaugh's radio program today, the right-wing blowhard called for an "entire shift in national attitude" and blamed the Democratic Party's 'all out assault' on marriage, religion, science, and education as the root cause of our nation's "angst."

Said Limbaugh:

Standards have deteriorated, morality is no longer allowed to be defined or used. Nobody is allowed to pass judgement on what's obviously right or wrong. There's no foundation, there aren't any guardrails anymore...it's no wonder people who are rooted in the great traditions and institutions of this country may think they are crumbling, because they're routinely assaulted - they, the people, and the institutions. 

Limbaugh, for those still counting, is currently on his fourth marriage. He's also previously asserted that "if you believe in God, you can't believe in manmade global warming."


[via Media Matters for America]

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WATCH: Plaintiffs in Challenge to Alaska's Gay Marriage Ban Marry in Anchorage


Stephanie Pearson and Courtney Lamb, one of the five same-sex couples that successfully sued the state of Alaska for the right to marry, exchanged vows outside the Frontier Building in Anchorage earlier this morning, KTVA reports

“Quite the emotional roller coaster it’s been,” said Lamb, smiling from ear to ear. “But very worth it in the end. Today is a great day.”


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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1634

RACHEL MADDOW: Her angry punk songs to get you through the midterms. 

ARION I: Meet the world's fastest bike, which promises speeds up to 90 mph.

GHOSTBUSTERS 3: Ellen, Melissa McCarthy, and Lena Dunham for the win.

WATCH: Recording artist Scotty Dynamo has a sexy halloween party mix.



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News: Michael Sam, Carl DeMaio, Puppy-Sized Spiders, Monica Lewinsky

Road New poll finds a majority of North Dakota voters (50%) oppose gay marriage while only 37% support it. 

MoanaRoad Taylor Swift thinks it's "sexist" she gets called out for writing songs about her old boy toys. 

Road Disney Animation has announced it will release its 56th animated film, Moana, in late 2016. The film, taking place in ancient Oceania in the South Pacific,  will tell the story of its titular character, a teenage girl and “born navigator” who “sets sail in search of a fabled island,” according to a summary from Disney.

Road Gay marraige is becoming a campaign issue in the Colorado Attorney General race.

Road The UK may have its first cashless supermart soon. 

Road New York Post looks into how the gay community lets the Clintons off the hook on LGBT rights. "In embracing Bill and Hillary, no minority group has so thoroughly sold out its base like HRC and its ilk as they scrounge for status in Washington. The Clintons, meanwhile, relearn the lesson that no matter how poorly they treat their constituents, they’ll come back."

BartRoad Male model Monday: Bart Gryzbowski.

Road Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says Michael Sam's sexuality is now a "dead issue" - "Sam has blended in seamlessly with the Cowboys, doing whatever is asked of him in practice - even playing a little offense on the scout squad. He watches from the sidelines with the other practice players during home games, coming up to the edge of the field to study the defense and going back to the bench to join in the breakdowns after each series."

Road Ben Affleck is looking Batman-level buff in California. 

Road Gay GOP congressional candidate Carl DeMaio says the sexual harrasment allegations made against him are being driven by the fact that he's an openly gay man. “I guess you can say anything about the gay guy and some people will believe it.”

Road Pope Francis called on the Catholic Church to adapt to "changing conditions in society" at the close of the family synod this weekend, saying "God is not afraid of new things." You'll recall the church ultimately scrapped the pro-gay language from the synod document that seemed to indicate a dramatic shift in tone regarding homosexuality. 

 Road The cast diversity that draws viewers into the world of How to Get Away with Murder

SpiderRoad Members of Thailand's National Reform Council are vowing to push for the inclusion of a "third-gender" option in the country's new constitution. 

Road Things you don't want to run into in the rainforest: A puppy-sized spider 

Road Prince William and Kate have announced the due date for their second child. 

Road Monica Lewinsky has joined Twitter

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