Michael Goff


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Partner/CEO, Towleroad & Modurban Media

Aferday Michael and Andy have been business partners in Towleroad, ModUrban Media and other projects since May, 2006. In the 90s, he founded Out magazine (and out.com) after working as a magazine editor. He was editorial director of Sidewalk, Microsoft’s online city guide that was later sold to Citysearch; General Manager of MSN.com; and managing partner of The Accelerator Group. He also built and folded a mobile publishing company, was Dan Gilmore’s partner in launching early citizen-journalism effort, Bayosphere; has advised startups including (pre-Google) Blogger, Treehugger.com, and NowPublic.com. He’s served on the Outfest and CRIA boards, was an early ACTUP member, wrote the Gaydar media column for Outweek, and more recently was the Clinton Foundation AIDS Initiative volunteer Lead in Haiti for a year. He’s based in Venice, California. It’s more a place for experiments than a blog, but more about Michael on Goffspot.