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Sometimes the sepia tone feature works great on digital cameras. For instance, making a modern day train look vintage. I took this shot on October 4th in Missoula, Montana, where I am right now visiting my parents. The open landscapes of the west are so suitable for trains and transportation. I love the feeling of space and light in this photo.


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    The hundred+ year old CalTrain line travels down the San Francisco Peninsula, passing by a dozen classic train stations that look like they could have come from a perfectly manicured model railroad (a fact enhanced by the fact most have been gutted inside with an open area for storing bikes).

    Its not just on the open plains trains make great transportation, I ride one to work everyday in about the same time the drive would take, but in a lot more comfort. When I have the time, I should take a photo of one of the newer, streamlined trains alongside one of classic stations.

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