Moments in Time


These are the last pictures I’ll post of Paris, and probably the most meditative photos I took there. Much of Paris is as you might think it’s always been. The citizens float miniature sailboats across the fountains in the Tuileries, one of the most gorgeous open urban spaces in the world. Crowds pepper the tiered levels of stairs and benches before Sacre Coeur in the Montmartre district, while the late afternoon sun tosses their shadows lazily across the grass. It’s all too insanely beautiful. Yet there is even art in something as simple as the symmetry of an underground tunnel adjacent to the Seine. Perhaps it is all due to context. As you observe the busy road descend into the gaping mouth of the Pont L’Alma tunnel, the last look at Paris that Princess Diana ever had, you realize more than ever that you are just a speck in a moment one late afternoon in a cool February not unlike many others.

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    I have always found Paris to be, as you said “insanely beautiful.” One of the things that has always struck me is the light. The first time I was in Paris it was early April and the light was pink. I had never experienced that before and I do not think that I have ever seen it again. The combination of beaux-arts architecture, the excitement of seeing Paris for the first time and that amazing pink glow were absolutely remarkable. To this day I can’t pass a classical revival building anywhere in the world without being transported to that first time that I saw Paris. Your pictures brought all of those memories back, thanks.

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