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Sisters by Lynne Cheney

After reading that Lynne Cheney (wife of VP Dick) wrote a novel called Sisters that features whorehouses and lesbian love affairs, I went to see if I could find it on sale online.

I did find it, and I also found another listing (for the out of print version) with this hilarious customer review, giving it four out of five stars:

A touching tribute to the feminity that is lesbianism, March 25, 2004

Reviewer: Mary Cheney from a secure, undisclosed location
"Being ruggedly masculine myself, I was touched to see that my mother does in fact understand the latent burning desires in every woman to discard the politically correctness of phallic worship and enjoy the tenderness that only another woman can offer. Makes every woman want to come out of the closet and shout! 4 stars!!"

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  1. wow, this is really quite interesting to know that lynne cheney has written something like that. now, if laura bush will come out as a lesbian...

    Posted by: no milk | Apr 3, 2004 6:25:25 PM

  2. Lynne Cheney's lawyers told the publisher to pull the new edition out before it went on sale.

    Posted by: Frank | Apr 4, 2004 10:32:30 PM

  3. when I saw that the lawyers put the kibbosh on the reissue, I thought someone should do a bootleg republishing of it, as political speech. With a foreword by Margaret Cho.

    Posted by: | Apr 6, 2004 9:19:14 PM

  4. where do i buy this book paperback

    Posted by: anita a gerowitz | Apr 20, 2004 4:20:15 PM

  5. Hey!
    Is the review you posted by Mary Cheney for real? And where could I possibly find it,for verification. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

    Posted by: Sachi | Oct 16, 2004 12:34:32 AM

  6. ...sisters is not about lesbians. the only lesbian character in it died before the book even began. she was the main character, sophie's, sister.... sophie herself is straight. and there's a total of one sex scenes in the book. between a man and a woman. it's maybe a paragraph long. :|

    Posted by: snippet | Mar 18, 2006 9:39:18 AM

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