I am trembling and my mouth is dry. My vision is double and I have chewed off most of my fingernails. After months of saying I would not give in again, I have Tivo’d the season premier of BIG BROTHER 5. It’s now 10:22 PM on the Left Coast and I have put off watching it for as long as possible. For those of you who don’t know, BB is the crack cocaine of reality television; cheap, quick and abundant. (It’s also known as “the one where they’re all naked and have sex in the European version”) It’s like SURVIVOR but without the whole man-against-nature element that gives the deplorable and adolescent behavior a noble spin. Brian threatened to dump me if I subjected him to another summer of it. My thoughts — and my plans for the rest of the summer’s evenings — to come (In other words, if there is an absurdly hot stud among the house mates, I’ll be hooked.)

Oh and btw, John Kerry picked Edwards as his running mate. Blah blah blah. Looking for a link? Try Andrew Sullivan’s blog.

Posted July 7, 2004 at 1:29am ETC by Christopher Rice
in Julie Bindel