road.jpg What’s wrong with Will & Grace? That after seven seasons a “spontaneous kiss” between two male characters is still an issue. On tonight’s show Will kisses cop boyfriend Vince (Bobby Cannavale).

“Cannavale says of tonight’s unscripted kiss: ‘Physically, Eric and I work very much in tandem. It just sort of happened. We did it at the same time, and it just felt right.’ McCormack is reluctant to talk about the kiss, not wanting to turn it into a stunt. ‘It shouldn’t be an issue,’ he says. ‘It wasn’t an issue when Debra (Messing) kissed Harry Connick, so why should it be an issue for us?'”

road.jpg Boy-Boy duvets and pillow shams, if you favor that antiseptic restroom look.

road.jpg Morrissey vs. Clay Aiken? Not sure what the point behind this match-up is…

road.jpg Will Lloyd Banks / Ty Lattimore porn confusion further expose homophobia in hip-hop?


road.jpg Size isn’t everything: Apple unveils new “mini” store.

road.jpg Bush-wired. Suspicious video captures won’t go away.

Posted October 14, 2004 at 4:23pm ETC by Andy Towle
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