Bruce Weber in Stern


For those of you who just can’t get enough of Bruce Weber’s hairless men with dogs in lakes, there’s a 76 page issue of the German magazine Stern on its way out with a preview online. Although it seems to me I’ve seen these images over and over and over again, I guess naked men never go out of style. As my correspondent Kim who notified me of its existence said, “Not really news (other than the continual slow leaking of his very private stash of naked Carlson twins pictures) but pretty.”


  1. dan says

    Naked men are always a joy for me to see as well as their visible cocks. When I was in tx for my alcholism the director, a homophobe, said that I had to be sexually addicted and ordered the assistant director to administer the up to the date assesment of sexual addiction.
    Surprise, I was not. He was actually furious.
    Probably more at being wrong than my lack of what he said I had. AND I LOVE COCKS! NAKED ESPECIALLY!

  2. says

    they do seem rather “greeting card”-ish… now. but you have to give props to the old man for actually inventing this genre. 20 yrs. ago or so this was ususual. 1) for sexualizing men 2) for taking men’s “fashion” to a realm of story and fantasy and 3) for the “mo” content. after BW hit the market, the pandora’s box opened for others like Ritts. Miesel and a host of Tom Ford’s horny daydreams.

    thanx for the link.

  3. cafegogo says

    he invented the genre? more like copied leni reifenstal (sp?). check out “olympia” – the style, the look, everything; she was doing it all decades before him.

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