Plaza to be Transformed

Plaza_hotel_1The Plaza Hotel, site of movie scenes, tourist photos, clandestine rendezvous, and New York’s most legendary social event, Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball, will be converted by April into condominiums, shops, and a much smaller hotel, going from over 800 rooms to a mere 150.

Capote held his ball there in 1966 and attracted important New Yorkers from socialites to artists. The late Henry Geldzahler, who was the first head of the Modern wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art told me once that when he entered the ball alongside Andy Warhol, the famously inconfident Warhol turned to him and said, looking around at the well-to-do Manhattan elite, “We’re the only nobodies here.”

The ballroom where that event was held will remain intact. Its ghosts will continue to haunt every party promoter in New York.


  1. mark says

    many wonderful hotels in NYC and around the world are moving to the condo model. most notably, the incredible St. Regis NYC will be adopting the same model although i don’t think they are shrinking hotel rooms by such a drastic percentage.

  2. Joe says

    Capote’s party was, ostensibly, a “coming out” party for Katherine Graham some time after her husband, WASHINGTON POST Editor-in-Chief Donald Graham, committed suicide.

  3. Will says

    Andy – NYC most legendary social event will probably forever be Alva Vanderbilt’s 1883 costume ball that showcased her new mansion and showed the world that the Vanderbilts were now the richest family in the world. In fact, an invitation to this party was so desirable that the leading social matron in the US “Ms. Astor” literally had to go to Alva begging for an invite – thereby admitting that the Vanderbilts had now pasted the the Astors.

  4. dan says

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