1. Orlando Câmara says

    Well, I don´t mind the thick metal chains…neither the sunglasses. Brazil is bellow the equator line, and that means:
    1. Summer all the time (except on the very south);
    2. There is no sin bellow the equator line.

  2. Lolly says

    They also have the highest AIDS rate in all of South America, exacerbated by a stigma so strong many refuse to even be tested. On the other hand, unlike our Puritan government, theirs has a huge prevention campaign and distributes condoms like mad. Of course, the goddamn (pun intended) Catholic church is going bonkers trying to stop them. The government health agency fought back with allusions to the Vatican’s complicity with a certain moralist in 30s/40s Germany: “When is the Catholic church going to apologize to AIDS victims?”

  3. Lolly says

    For Orlando. But if you have different data….

    *San Jose Mercury News (*California)
    Posted on Fri, Jan. 09, 2004
    Church, Brazil clash over condoms
    By Kevin G. Hall

    RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – After dark, it gets pretty raunchy in Vila Mimosa, a hub for cheap sex in Rio, but government posters promoting condom use cut through the red-light district’s atmosphere like a whiff of ammonia.

    “For us, the use is almost 100 percent,” said Giovania Cabral, a 33-year-old prostitute.
    Brazil’s Health Ministry couldn’t be more pleased. It gave away more than 300 million condoms last year in some high schools as well as places such as Vila Mimosa, hoping to slow the highest AIDS rate in South America.

    But Brazil is also the world’s largest Roman Catholic country. And its Catholic bishops deplore the free-condom policy every bit as much as World Health Organization public-health doctors laud it. The antagonism also exists between the Health Ministry and Brazil’s bishops as the bishops seek to restrain sexual behavior in one of the world’s most sensuous nations.

    The breaking point may not be far off, since the Health Ministry plans to expand its efforts to give away condoms in public high schools next month. According to the ministry, the fastest-growing rates of Brazilian AIDS infection are among teens ages 16 to 19. Brazilian girls are almost twice as likely to get infected, reflecting their tendency to have older sexual partners who have been more promiscuous and are at greater risk of HIV infection.

    Overall, Brazil has South America’s highest AIDS rates — almost 238,000 documented cases since 1980, a number believed far lower than actual infection rates. Many Brazilians refuse to seek AIDS testing and die from AIDS-related illnesses that are never classified as such.

    Church leaders have opposed expanding giveaway programs, which last year provided 317,000 condoms to teens, along with sex education, in four interior cities and São Paulo, the country’s largest metropolis. But Carla Silveira, a technical coordinator in the ministry’s national anti-AIDS division, said the effort went well enough to justify going national next month.

    It shouldn’t, the National Conference of Bishops warned in a Dec. 9 statement. Distribution of free condoms “could be seen by students as an incentive to exercise sexuality, without limits or criteria,” the bishops said.

    The Health Ministry and the bishops also clashed in November over a government-funded educational video that seemed to challenge church doctrine on condoms. The video’s provocative title: “Sin is Not Using One.”

    Church leaders in Rio de Janeiro sued successfully to halt distribution of the video, using a Brazilian law against religious insults.

    The Health Ministry responded last month by criticizing church authorities for disputing the effectiveness of condoms in slowing the spread of AIDS. Ministry officials tossed fuel on the fire by warning that the church “could be committing one more crime against humanity.”

    The dig was a reference to a television news magazine program in November that likened church opposition to condom campaigns to the Vatican’s silence over Nazi Germany’s extermination of Jews. It asked, “How long will it take before the church asks forgiveness from the victims of AIDS?”

    The television program and the now-banned video contended that the sanctity of life is threatened by failure to use a condom, and that the threat to actual life is more important than life that has yet to become.

  4. spaniel77 says

    Hey guys, does anyone know how to copy and paste some of these guys hot photos to your computer? I’ve right clicked on them and tried to save us but they come out as blanks? Is it because these photos are supposed to be sponsored. I even e-mailed myslef (sad I know) but all it gives me is a link back?

  5. Orlando Câmara says

    Thanks for the information Lolly. I have many different datas, mainly because I live in Brazil and deal also with social matters, as a pro.
    The best I could recomend are those from the OMS – Organização Mundial de Saúde (sorry, but I don´t know the name in english), that come from a field research.
    Information has many points of view. Try to read staff on the gay marriage, one written by the pope, another from Jeff Gannon, and material from the Village Voice…I think you will urderstand clearly what I mean.
    And as Rio is one city, but not the intire Brazil, situation changes from place to place. For example, the State where I live represents, alone, 18% of the brazilian territory. And has nothing to do with Rio. Would you say that NY or LA represents US?

  6. Lolly says

    I’m sorry, Orlando, I don’t know what you mean, particularly given that you’ve added in references to gay marriage, when I was only speaking of the incidence of HIV/AIDS in Brazil. Perhaps you thought I was making a blanket moral condemnation of Brazil, which I wasn’t. I was simply commenting that there are other sides to sex in Brazil than a unique public narcissism about their bodies that late adolescent and early 20s Brazilian males have. I suspect that there is at least a faint correlation between that and the self-destructive attitudes of SOME Brazilians but don’t have any data about that. I was certainly not condemning celebrating the human body or sex. Anyway, I wish you love (and good health).

  7. says

    I’ve been following this phenomenon for a while and I’m puzzled by two points. 1. What drives a man to take a half naked photograph of himself ever single day and then post it on the Internet? 2. Why am I so aroused by this practice?

  8. says

    I actually gave up answering rhetorical questions for the new year. And also will never, ever use the forbidden b—g word again. Star Jones kept saying it during the Oscars preshow and she sounded old.

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