Maybe It’s Just a Phase…

Gay_penguins_1A German zoo has imported female penguins from Sweden in an attempt to sway its gay penguins from homosexual activity. Three out of five pairings of penguins at the Bremerhaven Zoo have been found to be same-sex partners.

And just in case this experiment (which will be monitored by a biologist) doesn’t work, they’ve also flown in two new male penguins “so the ladies don’t miss out altogether.” Unless, of course, they’re gay as well, considering sexual proclivities in Japan and New York seem to suggest an international jet-setting gay penguin population.


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    Wait… I thought the Christian Coalition educated us that the Swedes were all gay (along with a variety of cartoon characters). So in reality they just bumped up the lesbian population of penguins there in Germany. And the two new guys will obviously come out in their new gayborhood exhibit because the other tux wearing homos will ‘recruit them’…

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    Yay! I love it when articles just sound plain old amused about their topic like this one does. Penguins and homosexuality; two of the better things on this good green earth…in one! ^_^

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