Deep Throat’s Grandson a Hottie


So what else can be said about something the news networks will be bludgeoning to death for the next week or so? I think Deep Throat looks really happy his secret is finally out, and I’m happy for him.

But did anyone else perk up watching CNN today when his grandson Nick Jones appeared in the doorway? It’s nice to know that while Mr. Felt has been quiet for all these years he’s been contributing generously to the gene pool. And the first person to make a deep throat joke will be immediately impeached.

UPDATE: After some searching I’ve located and screencapped the towel pics from Jeanne Moos’ report on Deep Throat. Actually, in the video you can’t really tell that he’s wearing anything down under at all!

Dt1 Dt2

Dt3 Dt4


  1. jeremy says

    uh, yeah! no less than 3 gay men in my office were clearly focused over Felt’s left shoulder all afternoon.

    !!!! T-O-T-A-L H-O-T-T-I-E !!!!

    Felt says that he came forward because his daughter said the money from a book deal would fund his grandkids’ college education.

    god bless the man!

  2. says

    My boyfriend disagrees, but I think he’s C-U-T-E. When he was reading the family’s statement I kept wishing he’d end it by ripping his shirt open.

  3. says

    We usually keep CNN on at work, and yea, I did go who the f**k is that (?!?) when I saw the grandson. By the way, whenever I hear president and ‘Deep Throat’ in the same sentence, I think of Monica Lewinsky. (Couldn’t help it.)

  4. says

    Jeanne Moos (of course) did a bit on CNN yesterday showing the shirtless abs footage of the hottie grandson but I haven’t seen it since. What is the point of our digital age if it isn’t the ability to be overwhelmed by screen caps of a side figure in a 30 year old story who also happens to be a hottie?

  5. Donald says

    Yup a hottie. Nice break from all the ranting (mine included)below about the 49ers an Mayor West. Thanks Andy

  6. says

    I definitely perked up this morning when I saw Nick on CNN. I typically watch CNN for Bill Hemmer, but they gave me another reason to be “perky” this morning :)

  7. Deschanel says

    I saw a clip where he answered the door to the media in a towel!

    V nice bod.

  8. chris says

    HAHA! yes, i no longer feel like a creep for thinking and saying out loud that Deep Throat’s grandson is hot.

  9. kimmer007 says

    At the risk of sounding like a total goober — I adore the grandson because he is a hottie AND articulate !!

  10. Ted B. says

    I just feel bad for the poor boy when he tries to Rush a frat, considering what the nominally-straight boys like to play-at for initiations..and “Nick”names. Yikes!

  11. Matthew Bradford says

    I was taking a (second, third, fourth) look at the posted screenshots… is it my wishful thinking or is it an illusion or other(?!) that there is someone else behind the door… looks like his shirt’s off, too…

  12. says

    wow, i thot i was being weird when everyone was talking about deep throat, and i couldn’t help but wonder more about his grandson. thanks for making me realize i’m definitely not alone. and for the shirtless pics. those are great.

  13. Schroeder says

    I guess I’m the only one who feels this way, but he needed to put a fuckin’ shirt on.
    He’s being the spokesperson for his grandfather, who has been proven to be Deep Throat, one of the most infamous and influential news stories in the past century, and he can’t answer the door fully dressed?
    What a dumbass. Sorry, but this is a situation that called for decorum and tact, and he lacked both by not covering up; I don’t care if he looks like Christian Bale.
    That was stupid on his part. No matter how articulate he sounds in his press conferences now, the fact he didn’t put on a shirt says more than what he actually says.

  14. says

    I think all great historical moments should have at least one hot shirtless guy in them. All those wrinkly guys in suits, no wonder we forget our history.

  15. Schroeder says

    Yes, BMW. I’m focused more on the history and impact of the story than on what the grandson looks like. You all can focus on what he looks like; I don’t see it as important.

  16. Alex says

    Yes I know that twewnty years down the road more people will remember the unveiling of deep throat rather than remember his hot grandson coming out shirtless. But for the time being, let’s freakin’ acknowledge the fact the his grandson IS hot! That’s what I thought when I was watching CNN yesterday morning

  17. says

    Deep throat is so deliciously homo-erotic. That boy is hella cute, I’d probably be persuaded to let him come into my house if he knocked on the door, provided he takes off his shoes … and all his clothes. Hot guys in my house must follow a strict “no clothes on hot guys” policy (and I get to inspect the goods). *grins*

  18. Louis says

    Hate to rain on everyone’s parade…but in our gay world, you’re probably much more likely to get “deep throat” hitting on you than his straight grandson.

    Isn’t being gay great?! The ones we want we can’t have, and the ones we don’t want we can’t get far enough away from!

  19. Wayne says

    Louis, I don’t know what you look like, or what your personality is like, but I can promise you I’d be much more likely to be hit on by Nick than by Grandpa…

    Nick looks familiar to me…ahh, that’s right, I f**cked him over the weekend.

  20. says

    Nope, Matthew Bradford is right. There is a second shirtless guy to hot grandson’s left in the CNN screencaps. It’s not a reflection because you can just barely see the guy’s hair peeking out past the door jamb in the first cap and the edge of his nose and forehead in the second and third.

    Uh, w00t! as the kids say.

  21. gabe says

    I bet gramps is pretty ticked off for this lame attempt to steal his thunder. The kid’s very savvy…..he knows he has to have his own 15 minutes and what better way than to open the door to CNN sans a shirt? Hilarious!!

  22. Wayne says

    Nick Jones.


    Sounds like the perfect gay porn name to me!

    DAY-YAM, BOI. Yer hot!!

  23. Wayne says

    OMG, Matt, you’re right!

    Nick, young man. Who is that boy in the window and why is he naked, too?

    Better be careful, though. Peggy Noonan, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News will soon use these pictures to debunk the whole Deep Throat theory.


  24. spicer says

    …you know..santa rosa is only an hour away from where i live…
    maybe i should head up and see him in the “flesh”…

  25. Donald says

    Please go and let us all not how it was the morning after. Thanks for taking one for the team.

  26. says

    now you all take a lesson from this – whenever you are attempting to hide your gay boyfriend from the media, just stuff him in the closet…regardless of how much he yearns to be the ‘next best find’ for the cameras 😉

  27. Deschanel says

    The guy behind the door is his father. I could make out his baldness , then today i saw him in a clip from Tues..

    They were in the pool; an elderly neighbor stopped by.

    Until the nat’l media is besieging your house, I’d refrain from criticizing him for giving us a shirtless kick!

  28. Schroeder says

    Nah, if the “nat’l” media were besieging my house, and really, if my grandfather played a part in one of the biggest political scandals of the past century? Yeah, I’d put a shirt on before answering the door, as I’d be smart enough to know that the cameras were out there. As is, I’d want people talking about my grandfather and his involvement and not that I was shirtless and whether I was hot.

  29. Frank says

    I think he was fully aware of what he was doing, and in this Paris Hilton era, he’s lookin’ for his 15 minutes just like everyone else near a camera lens. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

  30. says

    i agree – nick knew exactly what he was doing, and was aware that international media was all over the place. he’s a player, definately.

  31. Nick says

    And yet, really, in how many news outlets has the hotness of the grandson really diverted the attention from the Watergate scandal and the revealing of the name of one of the key sources of the two journalists that launched it all?
    The fact that I had problems finding those pictures the other day on the Internet is a good sign that the historical event has not been obscured by the pool-loving grandson. Hardly a strange sight in Southern California, anyway…

  32. says

    Nick is right about one thing, shirtless Nick Jones didn’t overwhelm the deep throat coverage. All those convicted crooks from the Nixon era did with their “traitor” talk, which every news outlet let by with a pass in the interest of “balance.” Ummm… here’s how it works in America: People who break into other people’s offices and bug them and the Presidents who cover it all up for them are the traitors. The people who expose them and help send them to jail are heroes. Period. I don’t recall G. Gordon Liddy or Pat Buchanan calling Linda Tripp a traitor. Hypocritical bastards.

    Oh and Nick, check your map. Santa Rosa is in Northern California.

    Also, thanks to the miracle of the internet, typing “Nick Jones” and Santa Rosa” into Google brings up a listed phone number and address. Homos, start your stalking!

  33. Cassius says

    Thats funny Derek, I was thinking the same thing…in reverse. For example, when Bill Clinton came out the other day and said “Mark Felt did the right thing” my first reaction was “Oh? And how about famed whistle blower Linda Tripp???”

    Hypocracy abounds, my friend.

  34. rex says

    first learn to spell, second, learn to think.
    Linda Tripp intentionally set out to entrap the president, thats a far cry from what deep throat did.
    What is interesting is that they both hav beautiful boys around them…but Linda was no deep throat, she was more like big bloat. study history.

  35. Cassius says

    Oh what a load of nonsense. Bill Clinton trapped himself. End of story.

    And Felt’s motives were no more honorable than Tripp’s. Both were out to get the president essentially of a burning desire for revenge. In Tripp’s case, it was revenge for Clinton operatives slandering her in the media (over what exactly I can no longer recall); in Felt’s case because he had a hissy fit when Nixon passed him over for FBI director, which he was in line for, in favor a political nominee. If anything interesting has come out of this whole Deep Throat story, it is how the true motives have begun to emerge.

  36. Donald says

    Mr. Felt is the only person to have made no money off of watergate. He did not exploit it for his personal gain. To compare his actions that saved this democracy from a grave threat to Linda Tripp is a far far stretch. She gained fame he retired quietly to California. And to even compare watergate to monicagate is absurd.

    The only reason we are hearing now about Mr. Felt is because his daughter is trying to cash in before he dies. The were estranged for many years because she was a hippy living in a commune.
    Another intesting fact is the little stud is in law school and friends with Nixon’s great nephew.

  37. Cassius says

    Well thats a good point Donald, Felt himself never cashed in (it’s his family thats wants to now). But then Tripp never got rich either, considering her legal bills quite the contrary I imagine.

    And “fame?” Notoriety I’d say. In fact I’d go so far to say that if she had the choice, she would have stayed anonymous like Deep Throat. It’s just the nature of her particular whistle-blowing made that not an option for her.

    Naw, the way I look at it both were in it for payback purposes, primarily. Any “save the country” motive was secondary for both.

    Keep in mind Felt later got convicted for running “black bag” operations against various black civil rights groups, AFTER Watergate. For which he got a pardon from Reagan, ironically. Doesn’t sound like he was all that civic-minded a guy to me, now does it?

    And very interesting tidbit about the grandson, hadn’t seen that yet.

  38. Donald says

    This whole thing is kind of icky. No one comes out very looking very good. Though I think some of the critism of Mr. Felt is a little over the top by calling him a traitor he may have been disloyal to the Nixon bunch but he did not betray the nation.

    I saw an article about the grandson and the younger Nixon yesterday. I think the NY Times but it could have been the NY Daily News or one of the two local papers I read.

  39. Rexless says

    Its that tired republican yawn cassius…that you can actually think that what Clinton did versus what Nixon did in office, tells us a lot about your perception of morals. History will undoubtedly thank Mr Tripp for helping reveal one of the most obnoxious politicians. Linda, bless her soul, will be a foot note in history. The thought that you can compare these, really is quite outrageous. I suppose starting a war with a foreign country only to later find out that your intelligence wasn’t so good, is OK with you? I swear I could slap every gay bitch who demanded that stupid wedding shit and completely let you and your people own this country.

  40. Cassius says

    As I’ve posted here, before, I am not a Republican, I’m a Libertarian. The most PRO-GAY political party in the country BAR NONE.

    You’ll need to find another way to slam me Rexless, the tried and true brainless liberal knee jerk response to anyone to the right of Karl Marx here, “your a self-loathing Republican,” bounces off me quite harmlessly.

  41. Mike says

    I thought getting to use the phrase “Deep Throat” in everyday conversation was awesome enough… but getting to picture what mine and his grandson’s honeymoon would be like is even MORE exhilarating :)

  42. says

    Hah, thats great, there’s a whole crowd of people enfatuated with Nick. In fact, in my own blog a few days ago I posted a strangely similar entry. Having no idea who you are i’ll just give you the adress to my blog.

  43. Ellen says

    i totally agree! i was just googling his name to find more pictures when i found this site!

  44. Guy says

    With his grandfather’s passing Nick’s face is back in the news. Unfortunately, pics of his buff bod are not.

    I just found this 3 year-old discussion. I’m surprised no one here asked JD (above) how s/he knows Nick is a lot better looking in person!

  45. says

    This post really had me thinking about this particular issue in way I havent before. Its something I do believe we need to talk about more. Thankyou.