road.jpg L.A. names an intersection after homophobic pastor Frederick K.C. Price but refuses to pay for the ceremony after learning of Price’s statements regarding homosexuality. Gay city councilman Bill Rosendahl finds himself at the center of the controversy: “I’ll vote against this [fee waiver] today to show that homophobia will not be supported by the city of Los Angeles. It goes with the territory — I’m the elected official here who is gay. I’m now the point person on these issues and it’s part of my portfolio. I accept it.” Rosendahl had earlier seconded the motion to rename the intersection, before he had learned of Price’s views.

road.jpg Canada marriage wire: more lesbians marrying than gay men; Foreign Affairs office issues travel warning, urges caution for same-sex couples traveling abroad.

road.jpg Arson suspected in torching of Brownsville, Texas gay club HeartRock.


  1. says

    Only in Los Angeles would some city councilman move to name a street after a bigot with out doing their research first. Now, they are left with egg on their faces.

  2. Marc says

    The burning of the gay club in Brownsville doesn’t suprise me. I grew up 15 minutes in the next town over, Harlingen. The dogmatic Catholic rehtoric is beaten into just about every latino there. Parents take their gay youth to the church to try to “help” them see the supposed error of their ways. It’s rather backwards due to its close proximity to Mexico.