Eyes on Paddick after London Bombings


Openly gay Brian Paddick, London’s Deputy Assistant Police Commissioner, has become the public face of that city’s terrorism investigation following last week’s bombings. Paddick is the highest ranking gay police officer in the world and was last in the spotlight three years ago after a former lover went public with allegations regarding drug use.


  1. Becks07 says

    Oxford grad, co-captain of his rugby team…and who are our police captains? In my town (and nearly every town before) it’s been some roly-poly, tuh-backky chewin’ hayseed. Thank God for London.

    And why did I think that pic was Anderson cooper in cop drag? Must be the “softly, softly”…if ya get my drift. LOL

  2. Mike P says

    I am so glad I am not the only one who saw (on first glance) Mr. Cooper when I looked at the picture of Deputy Paddick…must’ve been all of the CNN “Hurricane Dennis” coverage I watched this weekend…!?

  3. says

    He’s a very competent and courageous police officer. When he was commander of the Lambeth area, he effectively told his officers to stop busting people for possessionof cannabis and to concentrate on the dealers. While one might disagree with any cannabis arrests, it was a very courageous action at the time and he got a lot of flack about it.Since then it’s become (effectively) national policy.

    His career stalled after his former partner accused him of smoking cannabis at home. He beat that rap (do I hear chorusses of “…a partner scorned”?) but is stuck at Deputy Asst Commissioner level. I think his performance may end up giving him the promotion he so richly deserves.

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