Just Married Outside Madrid


Here they are folks — Spain’s first gay married couple, Carlos Baturin a psychiatrist (who is the spitting image of Edward James Olmos!), and a store window decorator, Emilio Menendez. The two have been a couple for 30 years and were married in the Madrid suburb of Tres Cantos. Said Menendez: “We’re normal people who love each other and want to be happy.” Congratulations to the couple and to a nation that has chosen to dignify all of its citizens with the rights that come with marriage.

Great photo of a handsome couple!
(thanks Salvador)


  1. says

    Felicidades a los novios, y a toda España!
    I hope one day say the same for America… One day it will be, sooner or later, as the end of slavery and the vote for women, that day of love and freedom will come….

  2. Rickie says

    Carlos y Emilio,
    ¡ ¡Felicidades! ¡Mis mejores deseos para ambos!
    Aunque debo aceptar que el ver a esta pareja en particular me causa una emoción un poco más especial que ver a una pareja heterosexual, no cabe duda que la unión en matrimonio de una dos personas debe ser motivo de celebración sin importar orientación sexual!

  3. says

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  4. Bill Schemmel says

    Muy bien, Carlos y Emilio. Another beautiful gay couple gets married, and the Earth is still rotating and sailing around the Sun.