R.I.P. : Eighteenth and Eighth


When I lived in NYC back in the 90’s I remember the small café at the corner of Eighteenth Street and Eighth Avenue (named, aptly, Eighteenth and Eighth) as Chelsea’s “ground zero” (before that term went tragically out of style). It was one of my favorite spots for meeting friends, first dates, and just having a quiet cup of coffee.

Time marches on, however, and here’s how that Chelsea corner looks now. They’re in the process of clearing the way for a new pillar of six-story condos.

It’s always interesting (and a bit jarring) to see a chunk of Manhattan simply vanish from one day to the next.


  1. digger says

    I lived a few doors down from 18th&8th in my bachelor days. It seems as though Chelsea and the city are changing before my very eyes. Feeling old these days but all things must change. However they better keep their F**KING hand off Food Bar.

  2. Norman says

    Isn’t that the corner that they’re trying to build a McDonald’s on? I’ve seen fliers posted on Eighth Avenue for an organized protest to their coming into the neighborhood. That would be the harshest replacement for Eighteenth & Eighth.

  3. Joe says

    Valley National BANK? Barf. 18th & 8th was great. Re Chelsea: as usual, gay pepople move into a neglected neighborhood, make it fabulous, and are then shoved aside by rich white straight people. Eew.

  4. mark says

    I loved 18th&8th for several reasons: 1. I worked there as one of the “cruisiest” waiters for two stints, 2. It was my first job in NYC, 3. I fell in love with a co-worker both times, and 4. some VERY amazing people both worked and ate there!
    Anyone from 2001 or early 2004, drop me a line

  5. Jeff says

    YIKES! It breaks my heart to see that place go. I lived above 18th and 8th for many years. What a great apartment. I’ll always remember the Toy Parties at Christmas. Does anyone know how to reach Ed?

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