1. Tagg says

    Gee, and I had thought these two “artistes” were so out of touch with reality. Maybe these two stories could be combined, and, forgetting the Arkansas River, they, with the help of the haunted US soldiers, could make their next draping along the Gulf Coast, using the body bags of the 1000+ killed as a result of Katrina and government incompetence. Everybody dance!

  2. says

    Another roadside attraction…

    Sits right up there in my respect level with the Hole’n’the Wall house near Moab, UT.

    The Gates may have been a spectacular success in urban public art, but the Arkansas canyon needs no embellishment. The project reduces great artists to mere pawns in a marketing scheme.

  3. says

    I hate to sound like such a communist, but Christo’s projects are senseless, stupid, and a criminal waste of millions of dollars that could be used for better purposes.

    For instance, The Gates exhibit that scarred the face of Central Park for two weeks this last February. They offered a cost of $21 million, but have refused to explain the figure. Greg Allen and the New York Times attempted to itemize the costs and could account for about $5-10 million, given reasonable estimates for parts, labor, and costs related to the staffing of the installation.

    Even if it was only $10 million, that’s enough to provide permanent housing for a lot of homeless people. It could feed people starving in Sudan for years. It could provide AIDS medications for millions of Africans. Think of the art exhibit he could create from taking pictures of their grateful smiles.

    It sickens me to see money wasted,and there is no doubt that Christo’s money was wasted. I pray that he comes to his senses before he sets fire to another $10 million dollars that could save 100 million lives.

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