Texas Gay Bashers Get Six Years Each

TexasgaybashersTwo former University of Texas students sat in court while the victim they “repeatedly kicked and punched, prodded with swords, whipped with a vacuum cleaner cord, told to strip naked and sexually assaulted” because he was gay looked them in the eyes and called them cowards.

“You are not real men at all. You don’t want the world to know you are rapists,” the victim said. “You don’t want the world to know you rape faggots.”

The attackers, Darren Gay (left) and Donald Bockman, said they did what they did because the victim allegedly made an advance toward Gay’s younger brother. They accepted plea bargains that did not allow prosecutors to go after them for hate crimes, which would have held stiffer penalties. They each got six years.

According to a police affadavit, Bockman had quoted the Book of Leviticus to the victim, saying to him that the Bible “says to put to death any man that lays with another man, and tonight we are passing judgment on you for being a faggot and a queer.”

The victim, who has remained unidentified throughout the trial, said to Bockman, “Like all religious fanatics, you pick and choose religious verses to fit your hatred and fit your crimes.”

There were four attackers. One has his day in court October 18th, while another was convicted and is currently serving a seven year sentence.

Two sentenced to six years each for attacking gay man [austin statesman]


  1. Michael W. says

    I wish the defendent, in addressing the rapists, had thought to point out the “irony” of the two men sexually assaulting someone of the same sex for being homosexual. He should have told them that by sexually assaulting him, they in as much outed themselves as repressed homosexuals. If they had simply beat him up, they could have remained safely in the closet. Oh well. They’ll no doubt have many opportunities to pass judgements on other guys what with all the “attention” they’ll receive in prison…

  2. Brian says

    Those animals deserve everything they’re about to get. They’ll spend the next several years in prison (a Texas prison, no less), hopefully experiencing a personal hell similar to the one that they inflicted on the victim. They’ll never again get anything but a crap job, as they’re convicted felons.

    The mother’s reaction and statements are understandable I guess. But one has to wonder where all that hatred comes from. It’s something that has to be taught.

  3. hoyaboy says

    I know a mothers’ love is supposed to be unconditional, but she’s proud that her sons are convicted criminals!?! She’s as stupid as they are.

    It’s not clear to me why these 4 were at what the article refers to as a gay bar. If these real men where out doing God’s work, it’s hard to imagine that it took them there.

  4. elbartooo says

    It’s so weird that something like that could happen where i go to school, at UT. I swear, like half the guys in Austin are gay. But i guess when you go to a school of 50,000 people there’s bound to be some bad apples. Bad apples who randomly beat people…

  5. says

    I love how the mother states that Darren was defending his brother from a “sexual predator”. The article says they met him at a gay bar and then went back to his house on an invite where the assault occurred. While I don’t know the whole story, it sounds like the victim was the prey. Also interesting that this post follows the post of the Brooklyn shooting. Reminds us all that while nobody deserves such treatment ever, we still have to make safe choices about our actions in public and who we bring home. Sorry for the psa.

  6. says

    I think the victim was really brave to get up there and say what so many people would be thinking about the assault. It seems to me he sort of implied the whole ironic bit.

    if that doesn’t qualify as a hate crime, I don’t know what does. And could the rapists have come to court dressed a little nicer? That tshirt is like a big “fuck you”! What was the lawyer thinking?

  7. rich says

    so, I hate to be the bubble burster, I realize it’s fun to think they will get there due, but look at how big these guys are…do you REALLY thing they will be the TARGETS of prison rape?

    I think prison will just be a free for all for more sex assults with little repercussion.


  8. says

    What a horrible situation. What do you expect is going to happen when daily, daily reports are calling gay men predators, etc., saying god sends hurricanes to punish cities for gay celebrations, etc.?

    I’m sad these men are so tortured that the only thing they can do is torture someone else.

    /from Austin
    // attack happened on my birthday

  9. Stephen says

    What a disgrace! And that dumbass couldn’t even take off his UT shirt for the trial. He was probably hoping the judge was an alum and would give him a lighter sentence.

    I find it interesting that no one from Austin mentioned this episode a few months ago when they were foaming at the mouth at anyone who dared to suggest there was intolerance just below Austin’s seemingly perfect surface.

    I grew up in the same area as the Gay family. They own a big car dealership down there. Let me tell you…There is nothing worse than white trash with lots of money.

    That the mother would have the gall to yell out how proud she is of her son and call the victim a sexual predator is just sickening. Of course she is an ex-pageant girl turned stepford-wife realtor who belongs to one of those big evangelical churches with a TV studio and a starbucks inside. If you want to see what the face of evil looks like go to http://www.cashbonushomes.com

  10. Damon says

    I’m there with you Fecsia. I live in Austin and go to coffee with the gay kids on Congress sometimes.

    I don’t know if I’d mind getting raped by the guy on the right.

    Not to downplay the seriousness of the situation! 😛

  11. Brian says

    If he was raping you with some sort of kitchen appliance after he beat the shit out you in your own apartment, then I bet you’d mind. He won’t be so cute when he gets out of the big house.

    And don’t kid yourself about that guy being too big to get sexually attacked in prison. It doesn’t matter if you’re big… all that matters is whether the person raping you is bigger than you are, assuming that you’re lucky enough for the rape to be perpetrated by a single individual rather than a group of attackers. A maximum security prison is a very rough place, and these guys are white, young, cute (at least one of them) college boys. Unless they’re willing to murder someone in prison, it’s almost assured that they’ll be sexually assaulted.

  12. says

    Is sexual assault in prison really that widespread? Or is our awareness of it from TV & Films’ “glorification”? I have no idea what it is like here in our British prisons but one would imagine that prison rape is a means to establishing hierachy? A bit akin to bullying in school?

    I almost applied to Austin for postgrad studies but upon downloading the application form – bloody hell!! They are thick enough to knock someone dizzy!

  13. PSMike says

    I think Rich got this one right….some poor kid in prison for drugs is going to be these assholes’ next victim. “Oz” and porn may seem hot, but when these guys take out there anger on some 130# kid……And talking about rape in prison as somehow being acceptable punishment is just homophobic..as if somehow nothing is more horrifying than getting it in the ass. Try this exercise: I think the mother is a stupid c**t and should be gang raped in prison, preferably in front of her kids. Doesn’t seen right, does it?

  14. Cristián says

    Thanks for hints and info, Stephen. Now it all makes sense: a mother looking like that? An ex-pageant? Last name is “gay”? My gosh, no wonder these kids were born desperately crying out to grow up becoming closet cases in homophobic hatre!!! Does anybody know if just by chance “Gay Pontiac, GMC & Buick” happens to be located anywhere near Wisteria Lane?

  15. Andrew says

    Is it just me, or is entire thread wrong? So we have two buff closet cases that fuck a guy with a dildo-um gross. Does this make anyone happy? It is a sad, sad situation-on all fronts. All three of them are pathetic. Remember, he invited them to his place. BTW-NO, I don’t approve of beat and batterd, however, leave a 17 year old alone. The boys will get there due in prison.

  16. rob adams says

    I have a friend up here in Boston who works in a prison hospital; Yes, rape is fairly common — and your size pretty much doesn’t matter. It’s more a matter of prison-politics, much of which is decided by your crime and your attitude once inside.

    I dare say the particulars of their crime will also solicit a lot of undue attention.

    People in prison have tons and tons of time; They actually read newspapers actively *looking* for people who are about to show up in their facility. Trust me, the little factoid about how they sexually assaulted another man won’t go un-noticed once they’re released into the general population.

    The last thing a new inmate needs is this type of notoriety, and size doesn’t matter when a good majority of men are your size, or even larger.


  17. says

    I live in Austin and I was at Oil Can Harrys the night that these thugs picked their mark in July 2003. The event was the Red Hot Party which is an annual benefit for an AIDS Foundation. But know this, the guy pictured in the UT shirt was a regular at Austin gay bars. So I suspect that this was not the first incident, just the first reported. Perhaps the violence the victim suffered crossed a threshold which could not be ignored. Case histories of this type of violent crime show that with each attack, the violence escalates. I have lived in Austin 26 years and people should know that “gay bashings” are extremely rare. This city has one of the highest ratios of gay men and women in the United States and the tollerace for open lifestyles is very high. A study conducted by Yale University about four years ago ranked Austin third in the nation in same sex couples per capita.

    This thug’s actions should mandate a much longer prison term. And, the actions of his mother are tantamount to yelling fire in a public facility and should be dealt with as such. This is yet another example of the end product of poor parenting which is an epidemic in this country.

  18. Stephen says

    As crazy and disturbing as this story is, I think the sickest part is the mother’s actions. If I were that guy I would sue her for slander and take from her every last bit of her sad suburban existence.

  19. says

    Once realesed are these so called people not going on our list? Not with force as they know it. Every area, job or event in their future should be flooded with people making sure they do not feel free.

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