The Towleroad Guide to Brokeback Mountain
dir. Ang Lee starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal

Brokebackmountainonesheet_1I’ve written so much about this movie I thought it might be good to utilize the resources I’ve collected and put them all in one place.

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road.jpg Brokeback Mountain [Official Site]
road.jpg Brokeback Movie Trailer
road.jpg Close Range : Wyoming Stories
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road.jpg Watch the LOGO Brokeback documentary.
road.jpg Brokeback One-Sheet movie poster.

road.jpg Wikipedia: Brokeback Mountain.
road.jpg The Movie City News awards scoreboard (keeps track of this year’s film honors).

road.jpg A collection of parodies of the Brokeback movie poster.

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Brokeback Mountain (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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road.jpg The Secret Lives of Cowboys
The Towleroad review of Brokeback Mountain.

road.jpg Brokeback Mountain shines in Venice.
Report on the Venice Film festival with Variety and Hollywood Reporter excerpts.

road.jpg Thoughts on the Brokeback Trailer [tr]

road.jpg Newsweek: “Forbidden Territory — Inevitably, the longing and frustration, the years of repression, lead to a devastating conclusion.”

road.jpg NY Observer: “Chokeback Mountain — Closer to home, the tales of crusty Manhattan critics spending two hours weeping in the screening rooms are flooding the city; while at a screening yesterday a few could be heard sniffling, one of New York’s most jaded reporters admitted afterward that he found it impossible to be cynical about the film—and this admission was somehow even more shocking than tears.”

road.jpg Village Voice “Blazing Saddles — Brokeback Mountain is the most straightforward love story—and in some ways the straightest—to come out of Hollywood, at least since Titanic.”

road.jpg Gary Indiana: “‘Love,’ an opaque if many splendored quantity, isn’t much of an antidote to the kind of ignorant attitudes movies like Brokeback Mountain seem determined to change. Some people are just shits, as the wise old drag queen told William Burroughs. The more pointlessly fecund our species, the more shits we are likely to have.”

road.jpg New York Times rave for Brokeback Mountain: “…Both Mr. Ledger and Mr. Gyllenhaal make this anguished love story physically palpable. Mr. Ledger magically and mysteriously disappears beneath the skin of his lean, sinewy character. It is a great screen performance, as good as the best of Marlon Brando and Sean Penn. The pain and disappointment felt by Jack, who is softer, more self-aware and self-accepting, continually registers in Mr. Gyllenhaal’s sad, expectant silver-dollar eyes.”

road.jpg MTV’s Kurt Loder: “This is a beautiful movie, and a brave one — and not in a grandstanding, PC kind of way…”

road.jpg Catholic News Service: “Looked at from the point of view of the need for love which everyone feels but few people can articulate, the plight of these guys is easy to understand while their way of dealing with it is likely to surprise and shock an audience.”

road.jpg Salon review by Stephanie Zacharek
“Brokeback Mountain” takes great pains to be a compassionate love story; but the filmmaking itself, self-consciously restrained and desiccated, is inert and inexpressive.”

road.jpg Film Stew by Anderson Jones
“If that’s true and it’s just a love story between two men, then gay people are halfway there. If two men f*cking in a tent and french kissing in Wyoming isn’t gay, then same-sex unions should pose no threat. Some women aren’t feeling it. I suspect that’s because women are not internal creatures.”

road.jpg Movies Online Review by The Dude
“The film is not exploitation, and it is definitely not what people would expect. I expect there will be a lot of nervous, juvenile giggling by audiences who are uncomfortable watching a love story between two men. It’s their loss, as they’re missing out on a great story of love that can be applied to everyone, regardless of sexual preference.”

road.jpg Blog The Bloody Red Carpet gives it a thorough once-over and has “disparate feelings” about the love affair:
“One, we just loved seeing the boys rustle up some cowbooty and swap spit, and two, we hated feeling that they were justified in hiding their love. We had to step back and realize that yes, indeed this was a period piece – sadly with some present day equivalents, but still and all not indicative of a modern gay lifestyle. Rural Wyoming was probably not a safe haven for the gays in the mid 1960s. And ultimately, this film isn’t about the right to self expression, it’s about the inability for some men to express themselves at all.”

Brokeback_still_4road.jpg From Black Table:
“The largely gay audience I was with at first seemed to expect (or hope) that Brokeback Mountain would parody the rugged machismo of the Western genre by exposing the buried homoeroticism underneath. (It was as if some patrons saw Brokeback as a means to get revenge on that most manly — and straight — of genres.) But Lee doesn’t see his homosexual lovers as revolutionaries or gay-right liberators or anything so grandiose, and he isn’t here to reinvent genre clichés. In truth, Brokeback Mountain returns to the same thematic terrain as The Ice Storm — the complete and utter unhappiness that is the modern world.”

road.jpg From The Simon:
“In Brokeback Mountain, everyone suffers because of manly western myths, and no one suffers more acutely than Ennis. Yes, antihero Jack does meet one of the time-honored antihero ends at the hands of the vile side of civilization that simply cannot abide his “natural” identity. But our hero Ennis, our upstanding frontier man who stays close to the land but resists nature’s temptations, and who wants—but mostly fails—to do right by his adoring daughters has an arguably more painful fate (and Ledger makes you feel that pain).

road.jpg Oliver at Thought Not had high expectations and they were met. He says, “It may be the best movie I’ve seen” and gives it two big tear ups and a full sob.

road.jpg Cyd Zeigler had high expectations and they were not met. He says, he was left “disappointed and virtually emotionless.” But feels better about it the morning after. Ah Cyd, sometimes cinematic sex is like that.

road.jpg Blog FourFour offers a thoughtful analysis: “On one hand, subverting the masculine icon of the cowboy serves to untangle homophobia from its fuck buddy, femmephobia — the lack of limp wrists and lisps surely will confront some people with a representation of homosexuality different than the one they are comfortably uncomfortable with. On the other, Ennis and Jack’s wrestling that easily glides into foreplay might assault the senses of the straight guy who takes pride in his sissy jokes — depending on to what degree non-sexual, all-male physical contact hits home, Mr. Straight Man might be outraged that the concept of the rough-and-tumble buddy is being turned in its head. There’s nothing ignorance hates to do more than having to rethink.”

road.jpg Finally, pretty much a pan from critic Dave Kehr, whose arguments are way off base imho: “Lee has yet to take a real chance with a film, and “Brokeback Mountain,” despite its superficial courting of controversy, is no exception.”

Brokeback_still12road.jpg Review by Bruce Newman at the San Jose Mercury News:
“Occasionally, the cowboy roundups are bathed in such iconic imagery that they begin to resemble Abercrombie & Fitch ads, but Lee allows a beautifully minimalist script by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana to take the actors to the hard places they need to go. And they never fail to deliver.”

road.jpg Right wing site World Net Daily gives the film a resounding Bible-beating:
“As we predicted above, there are sure to be many leftwing awards for this twisted, laughable, frustrating, plotless and boring piece of homosexual, neo-Marxist propaganda. If only the leftists, radical feminists and communists would show the same compassion for the wives of homosexual perverts like these two characters, the world might be a better place. Don’t count on that happening any time soon, however.”

road.jpg Movie critic Craig Outhier tells people to get out and see it:
“Ang Lee’s ‘Brokeback Mountain’ has been described in various circles as ‘the gay cowboy movie,’ an alias both glib and faintly humorous. It suggests independent filmmaking at its most precious and contrived: Oil-rig foremen who pour their hearts into haikus, jobless steelworkers who disrobe for money. What a pleasure to find instead a spare, clear-eyed drama about the sorrow of unrequited love.”

road.jpg Chicago’s Metromix gives the film a positive review:
“Thanks to the slow-burn passion of its leading men, ‘Brokeback Mountain’ maintains an elegant sadness, as love threatens to drift away like tumbleweeds. It’s a gorgeous meditation on the sorrow of finding everything you want and not knowing how to keep it. Forget its Oscar chances; ‘Brokeback Mountain’ could be the foundation for next year’s hit show, ‘Queer Eye for the Marlboro Man.'”

road.jpg Calling Brokeback a gay cowboy story is a “cruel simplification” says Roger Ebert:
“When he was taught by his father to hate homosexuals, Ennis was taught to hate his own feelings. Years after he first makes love with Jack on a Wyoming mountainside, after his marriage has failed, after his world has compressed to a mobile home, the laundromat, the TV, he still feels the same pain: ‘Why don’t you let me be? It’s because of you, Jack, that I’m like this — nothing, and nobody.’ But it’s not because of Jack. It’s because Ennis and Jack love each other and can find no way to deal with that.

road.jpg Movie website JoBlo gives the film 7/10 stars: “Another cool thing about this film was that it didn’t make these men-loving men the “stereotypical” over-the-top effeminate gay type, but rather simply…all-out cowboys who just happen to enjoy the company of men as opposed to the ladies (there’s nothing wrong with that!).”

road.jpg Palo Alto Online gives the film their highest rating: “The incessant tag of the gay Western offends; groundbreaking is more like it. Nuanced sentiment and genuine affection brand this as one of the most memorable films of the year.”

road.jpg Tony Robinson at Oregon’s KATU tells people to go and go with an open mind: “If you can leave preconceived notions at the door, you’ll find a gem. The performances are top notch and the writing and direction are equally good. It’s a film that deserves to be seen and discussed, not for its controversial story, but for what it is; art.”



road.jpg Cannes “underwhelmed” by Brokeback.
The famous film fest rejects Brokeback outright.

road.jpg Cowboy Ballads: Variety report on the soundtrack.

road.jpg Heath and Jake’s Hot Love Scene [tr]

road.jpg Variety reports on Brokeback casting. Towleroad scoops Variety.

road.jpg Cowboy Love – Brokeback a go [tr]

road.jpg Annie Proulx on Richard Avedon’s American West [tr]

road.jpg The Ottawa Citizen on Brokeback‘s Evolution. Ang Lee: “It’s a part of human nature to fear desire and to lose control, and so we begin to indulge in self-denial. Self-denial leads to darkness … because it shuts out truth, and then, you have nothing but the darkness, and regret, and the memory of what might have been. Brokeback Mountain is a romantic symbol of what we fail to attain. It’s about loss. It’s about fear. It’s about the illusory quality of love.”

road.jpg Contra-Costa Times — “Accepting the new look of love”.

road.jpg Santa Cruz Sentinel — “Going for ‘Broke': Oscar-winner Ang Lee directs a movie ‘that had to be made'”
“I hate evoking anger,” admits Ang Lee. Yet by mixing the most “American” movie genre — the Western — with gay themes, the director realizes this could well be the impact of his latest cinematic masterpiece, “Brokeback Mountain.”

road.jpg Chicago Tribune — Lee sees his `Brokeback Mountain’ as a unifying force
“Heath says this is the most macho roll he’s ever taken,” Lee said the next day over breakfast. “But think about it, and he’s right. Right after this, he went to play Casanova, where he put on makeup every day. It’s not a very macho role.”

road.jpg The Straight Dude’s Guide to Brokeback [msnbc]

road.jpg L.A. Film Critics Association name Brokeback best film of 2005.

road.jpg Reuters: “Gay cowboys hit U.S. screen, but no rings just yet.”
“A gay cowboy movie won rave reviews on Friday as mainstream Hollywood embraced the tale of Marlboro men in love, but for most gay Americans the acceptance symbolized by marriage remains a distant dream.”

road.jpg Left Coast Breakdown: What Do Queer Cowboys Mean?
“I’ve learned as a Mormon and I’ve learned as a gay man, that sometimes, all we have is that moment alone on the mountain. Jack and Ennis are lucky in an untold fashion, that they had someone to share it with.”

road.jpg Controversial ‘Brokeback Mountain’ makes glitzy Wyoming debut [jackson hole star tribune]

road.jpg Brokeback Premiere Packs House in Wyoming [casper star tribune]
“Moviegoers wiped back tears Saturday after the premiere of “Brokeback Mountain” in Jackson, saying it was a love story marred by pain and social pressures.”

road.jpg ‘Brokeback Mountain’ turns a short story into a Hollywood first [boston globe]
“There is a solid argument to be made that ”Brokeback Mountain” is the first mainstream American film to portray gay love straightforwardly — not in the context of an issue film about AIDS, not as a campy side plot, but as old-fashioned melodrama, with moony eyes and explicit sex.”

road.jpg Love on the Range [miami herald]
“Gay groups have understandably embraced Brokeback Mountain’s themes of tolerance and acceptance, pointing out that while Jack and Ennis’ dilemma is part of a much-less tolerant period in American history, the stigma around homosexuality in rural America has not diminished.”

road.jpg A new report on the Wyoming screening, where feelings for the movie were very positive and emotions were running high.

road.jpg 12.13.05 Brokeback named best film by New York Critics Circle. Ang Lee and Heath Ledger rope in directing and acting prizes. “‘Brokeback’ was an old-fashioned romance that also fulfilled the group’s impulse to be daring and original.”

Brokeback_goldmine_1road.jpg Saturday Night Live offered up two Brokeback moments on Saturday night. The first was Alec Baldwin’s rather lackluster send-up called Brokeback Goldmine about two miners in love. The second was a hilarious “Weekend Update” joke supplied to Tina Fey by her dad:

“The movie Brokeback Mountain opened this week. The movie is making history as the first western ever where the good guys get it in the end.”

road.jpg 12.14.05 The Washington Post announces that Gay Moviegoers Tip Their Hats to a Love Story> and talks about the “herd mentality” that seems to have greeted the arrival of Brokeback among gay moviegoers.

road.jpg 12.14.05 Big article in the L.A. Times today that asks the next logical question in the Brokeback saga. Will audiences come?

…The conservative family groups are predicting the film’s demise because of lack of interest. Predicts one conservative: “‘Brokeback’ will not only encounter resistance, but empty theaters. My wife and I watched the trailer in a theater a few days ago and sensed an audible revulsion to two men passionately embracing and kissing on the big screen.” However, the Times presents evidence that in regional markets like Tennessee and rural Texas, interest for the film is running high. A theater outside Plano, Texas, where it will open on two screens this Friday, has sold more pre-opening tickets online for Brokeback than for King Kong.

road.jpg 12.14.05 The Seattle Times asks the same question: . An interesting side note in their story, which retells the journey of Brokeback from page to screen, is that author Annie Proulx was actually called as a juror in the Matthew Shepard trial but didn’t serve. The story was actually written before that tragedy but seems “prescient” in light of it.

road.jpg 12.14.05 The Boston Herald asks, “Have the Golden Globes Gone Gay?” Why, in fact it seems they have always been pretty gay.

road.jpg 12.14.05 I have neglected to mention that The San Francisco Film Critics have awarded Brokeback best honors as well.

Brokebackhankiejpgroad.jpg 12.14.05 The sexy Brenner Thomas offers up a great piece on a Brokeback promotional handkerchief he received. Betcha can’t remember what the hanky code for “navy” is…

road.jpg 12.14.05 Here’s a news piece from FOX about how the wingnuts are all in a tizzy that the film doesn’t have an NC-17 rating because it has gay themes. You know, they may be afraid people might actually go and see how much pain repression and bigotry put on people’s lives. James Schamus, Focus Features’ co-president said “We assumed it would be R; it was R. It was totally fair. It’s an adult, grown-up movie. It’s a movie I think young people could see or should see in the context of their parents talking to them about it. That’s an R rating to me.”

road.jpg 12.14.05 And here’s some interesting insight into the voting behind the New York Critics Circle awards earlier this week where it seems there was a battle royale between Brokeback and The History of Violence. Outward civility prevailed, and eventually, so did Brokeback, by 4 votes.

road.jpg 12.14.05 Still, Brokeback isn’t making everyone happy, including gay blogger Joe.My.God. who is angry that “fake gays” are playing gays: “Unlike many others, I’m not dying to see two fake gays playing “straight guys who fall in love”, especially after enduring unending soundbites of these fake gays reassuring worried America that they do indeed enjoy poontang in real life. I resent that what may turn out the be the best critically received gay love movie ever, has no gay actors in it. I resent that if two gay actors had been cast, this movie would have zero visibility, regardless of its merit. I resent that America will only come to watch fake gays making fake love and I resent that casting the fake gays was the right business decision to make. And I resent that this is how it probably always will be.”

Queerty responds: 12.14.05 “In a perfect world we’d like to see more gay actors playing gay parts. But sadly there are not many gay actors we can think of to choose from. And Tom Cruise is just way too old for this film. Actors do just that, act. We would not want gay actors to be limited to play only gay roles. So why would we want to limit straight actors to only play straight.

Brokeback_oil_2road.jpg The Cult of Brokeback Begins [tr]
Superfan commissions oil painting.

road.jpg 12.15.05 Another must-read is Michelle Collins’ hysterical narration of her trip to Chelsea to see the film. This is one of the few ‘theater reports’ I’ve read: “Of course, my friend Becca and I lurved every second of it, as we are like the Pied Pipers of Gayboys, playing our novelty dildo flutes down 8th Avenue from brunchery to brunchery, lactating Bumble & Bumble hair products, being surrounded by some of the city’s hottest men, only to realize that they’d never have any interest in us, no matter how buff our pecs were to become.”

Anne_hathaway_1road.jpg 12.15.05 The Gilded Moose presents the “2005 Guide to Modern American History As Told Through Anne Hathaway’s Hair in Brokeback Mountain.” Well done.

road.jpg 12.15.05 Miles Christian Daniels of the Baltimore Sun applauds Brokeback‘s breaking down of stereotypes: “Now, through movies such as Brokeback Mountain, Hollywood is shedding light on the fact that not all gay men are fashion gurus, hair dressers, interior designers and superior in the arts, but that some might be – God forbid – cowboys herding sheep in Wyoming.”

road.jpg 12.15.05 Ex-gay Stephen Bennett and his wife Irene are leading a charge of their own against the film, though they haven’t seen it. Scared it might hit too close to home, perhaps. Anyway, the following dross issued from their pieholes most recently: “We are very troubled to hear this movie may contain or imply the graphic homosexual sex in Proulx’s short story. Whether it does or not, many who’ve seen the movie are now looking “for more” and reading Proulx’s short story, which explicitly contains ALL the pornographic and graphic homosexual sex one demands.”

road.jpg 12.15.05 Egotastic gives those straight guys whose masculinity might be threatened by seeing two cowpokes in love a few good reasons to see Brokebackfemale breasts.

road.jpg 12.15.05 Fox News says Steve Martin’s statement at the Oscars that “We’re all gay” has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Brokeback_promo_posterroad.jpg 12.15.05 PunditGuy has something to say about the de-gayification of Brokeback and he just may have something. The promos he speaks about I believe are meant for industry trades in order to promote the film for Oscar consideration, and not for mainstream press, but I have to say that I’ve seen more than a couple and all of them feature strictly hetero star pairings.

road.jpg 12.15.05 David Walker of Portland’s Williamette Week says that if Sidney Poitier’s 1967 slap of a white man in In the Heat of the Night was a cinematic “slap heard round the world” for black civil rights, then Jack and Ennis’ puptent encounter could be the “fuck heard round the world” for gay civil rights:

“During the height of what history will hopefully acknowledge as the new era of McCarthyism—when homosexuality and terrorism walk hand-in-hand much as desegregation and communism did five decades ago—there is a queer revolution going on. This new battle of gay liberation, building on the foundations laid in the aftermath of Stonewall, seeks to do more than recoup the losses incurred in recent years. What is going here is a complex issue—clouded under the rhetoric of same-sex marriage and eternal damnation—that is, quite plainly and simply, a matter of civil rights. Few people want to call it that, as if the acknowledgement of such somehow humanizes lesbians and gays in a manner they don’t deserve. But the truth is that queers—much like blacks in the early part of the 20th century—are not seen as human beings. And so the struggle at hand is to be seen as humans.”

road.jpg David Letterman: Top Ten Signs You’re a Gay Cowboy.

road.jpg In the Sunday movie section of the NYT, Manohla Dargis looks at the tradition of the cowboy, masculinity in America, and Brokeback Mountain‘s relationship to the gay rights movement — Masculinity and its Discontents in Marlboro Country:
“Jack and Ennis embody the classic western divide between nature and culture, their lives split between the freedom of the wilderness and the restrictions of the putatively civilized world they call home. Ms. Proulx’s story opens long after the symbolic closing of the American frontier and six years before Stonewall, and delineates a new frontier that will soon change the country’s social and political topography: gay rights. As Ms. Proulx has reminded interviewers, Matthew Shepard was murdered the year after her story was published. In the pop-culture fantasy of assimilation, gay men and lesbians are little more than fabulous accessories for straights, but Shepard’s death and the debate over same-sex marriage are reminders that this frontier remains open.”

Guy_padgettroad.jpg Seizing an opportunity to feel out a homo in Brokeback country, the NYT profiled Guy Padgett, the openly gay mayor of Casper, Wyoming over the weekend: “Other people said the film’s gay-cowboy theme would be a bigger deal outside Wyoming than in places like Casper, because the outside world, they say, has locked in stereotypes about the state that the movie can play with and shatter. Here, they say, many people will yawn, or chuckle. Mr. Padgett, whose single term expires next month, said that he did not think there would be any backlash against gay men in Casper as a result of “Brokeback Mountain,” when it eventually does play in theaters here, but that there probably would not be any positive change, either.”

road.jpg Monsters and Critics reports on the reaction Brokeback is getting from conservatives, who think the film will die a slow death at the hands of empty theaters (a theory already proven wrong). Diana Ossana, the film’s co-screenwriter, said it’s changing hearts and minds: “People come in with these preconceived notions of the film but after they see it they can’t stop thinking about it. They’ll tell me, ‘You know, I never really thought about gay men and their lives. I always tried to avoid it, but I really felt bad for those guys. I didn’t know they felt the way that we do.”

Brokebackcoversroad.jpg Chicagoist looks at the local papers and sees double.

road.jpg The Harvard Crimson reports on Focus Features’ James Schamus visit to the Harvard Film Archive for a screening of BB, where he talked about working with Ang Lee on the film: “Schamus, however, soon realized the core audience for the film would not be homosexuals: ‘I said to Ang, there’s one core audience for the movie; he said, ‘oh yeah, right, the gay audience,’ and I said, ‘no, women.’’ Schamus says he hopes mothers worldwide will be the voice of this movie.”

road.jpg Oops. You can imagine how pissed wingnut watchdog site Lifesite was when it found out the Catholic News Service gave Brokeback a positive review. They scolded The United States Conference of Bishops Office for Film and Broadcasting because of the “completely inappropriate” review of the film published by the group’s wire service: “While the glowing review remains, the USCCB office’s rating for the film has been altered to the most severe rating – “O” for morally offensive from “L” which denotes that it is appropriate for a limited adult audience.”



road.jpg Newsweek chats with Jake Gyllenhaal about his ass: “I respect that people are interested in that. I’m flattered by it. But I hope there are more important things in the stories that they’re moved by.”

road.jpg The Telegraph chimes in with a meatier Jake interview: “If I walked into the make-up trailer first thing in the morning and realised Heath was being a pain because he was exhausted and I was a little pissed off with him because of that, then I would take that into our love scenes. I just decided that whatever I was feeling, I was going to incorporate the real stuff into the scenes…What’s special about Brokeback Mountain is that it says that whether it’s heterosexual, homosexual, if there’s love, that’s all that matters, and it will last, no matter how scrutinised or abused it is.”

Michelle_williamsroad.jpg MSNBC talks to Michelle Williams about her role in Brokeback. Among other things, she tells them Heath Ledger was upset when unauthorized on-set nude paparazzi photos of him appeared on the internet:
“I know how hurt he was by it—for a lot of reasons. You feel let down by the people who are supposed to be protecting you and who are creating a safe working environment. You’re aghast that there are people out there who could profit on such a private moment. The thing that’s a shame about it is that I remember him coming back from that day at work. He was feeling exuberant—and enlivened. Then, to have that taken away from him. All of a sudden it was this public moment. That’s just such a shame. That’s such a bummer.

road.jpg Ang Lee talks to The Montreal Mirror and tells them that people keep asking him how he thinks the right wing conservatives will see the film, and he’s a bit tired of it: “Actually, from the get-go I was more concerned about how the gay community would see it. I mean it’s a story about gay lovers, yet nobody asks me if I’m concerned about what gay people think.”

road.jpg Ang Lee talks to Dark Horizons:
“I think great romance needs great obstacles and textures. Romance and love are abstract ideas, an illusion. How do you make that? I think, most of the time, obstacles help build the romance. It helps to envision and make it feel real to you. I think that mixture is ultimately very interesting because they’re very macho, but romance is usually soft. That strange mixture was very fresh and helped me to grope into what love is.”

road.jpg Heath Ledger talks to Dark Horizons:
“His love for Jack is true in a passionate love, but he hates the way he loves and it’s forbidden. Essentially, he’s like a homophobic male in love with another man. He’s very fixed in his ways and he’s left lingering in between the role.”

road.jpg Heath Ledger talks to the New York Daily News:
“My preparation was really figuring out what Ennis was battling. Like why did he have this inability to express and love? The conclusion I drew was that he was battling his genetic structure. He was battling the traditions and fears that had been instilled in him by his father and the generations before him.”

road.jpg Heath Ledger talks to the L.A. times
“It’s not something that we’d searched for in everyday life. But we’re pretty sensible people, Jake and I. We realized we’re just two people,” says Ledger. “We realized it’s necessary for the story — the level of intimacy had to be portrayed to increase the level of heartache for the story. It’s easy to say it was difficult and hard, but it’s really awkward having to do a love scene with anyone — whether it’s a guy or a girl. There’s a guy with the boom standing over you. It’s always awkward.”

road.jpg Heath Ledger talks to Time
“I don’t think Ennis could be labeled as gay. Without Jack Twist, I don’t know that he ever would have come out. I think the whole point was that it was two souls that fell in love with each other.”

road.jpg ABC TV Australia Interview with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ang Lee
Includes extended scenes not in the trailer.

road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal in Details magazine
Makes semi-controversial statement about straight guys falling in love.

road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal talks to Calgary Sun
On shooting Brokeback in Canada and playiing an intimate gay character.

road.jpg Ang Lee Talks of Love on the Range
“It’s really just a great American love story. I do not feel so courageous for doing it. Maybe it seems like it would take some courage, but once you’re involved in it and read it and believe in it, once you get in that zone, it’s a lovely, very benign love story, a sad, tragic, poignant, realistic western.”

road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal in W magazine.
“It’s one of the riskiest things I’ve done in my career. At a certain point you just take a deep breath and dive in. And then the water’s freezing, and you jump out as fast as you can.”

road.jpg MSN interview with Heath Ledger and Matt Damon.
Heath talks: “The idea I had to make out with Jake … just wasn’t the easiest thing to do. It is a beautiful story, a beautiful script. It was definitely a real sense of accomplishment once I finished. I had so much fear for the project and the story and, you know, had to be brave. I definitely came out thinking, ‘[Expletive], I can do anything,’ you know?”

road.jpg Dark Horizons talks to Heath Ledger
“Brokeback Mountain was a very lonely experience and it was supposed to be and my character was extremely lonely and I think I carried that through the whole experience.”

road.jpg Heath Ledger talks to Fade In magazine
“The script was probably the best one [I have] ever read…”

road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal talks to Entertainment Weekly
“I really did approach it like I would any love story. No matter how weird people might think it is or how f—ed up they might consider a certain relationship to be, if there is love there, then that’s all that matters.”

road.jpg Jake talks to Elle magazine aobut Rough Sex
“Heath almost broke my nose in [a kissing] scene. He grabs me and he slams me up against the wall and kisses me. And then I grab him and I slam him up against the wall and I kiss him. And we were doing take after take after take. I got the [bleep] beat out of me. We had other scenes where we fought each other and I wasn’t hurting as badly as I did after that one.”

road.jpg Heath Ledger talks to the BBC on wrangling Jake.
“What is it about wrangling Jake Gyllenhaal up in the mountains that frightens me? Just that! But it obviously doesn’t scare me away because I’m doing it. Aren’t we at the stage these days when it just doesn’t ******* matter? It’s a story of love and it’s a story between two people. If people can’t get over that and just accept it as a story, then that’s their problem.”



road.jpg Screencaps from Ellen appearance

road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal’s Naked Butt from Jarhead.

road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal in W magazine.

road.jpg Screenshots from Brokeback trailer.

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  1. Pete says

    Having been lucky enough to go to a screening of this beautiful film in London I can wholehartedly concur with everything that has already been said. The performances, particularly Ledger’s, are outstanding and Lee’s direction is near-fautless. I can’t wait for the film to be released so others can experience it.

  2. says

    Four-star review just posted at Rolling Stone, by Peter Travers:

    Ang Lee’s unmissable and unforgettable Brokeback Mountain hits you like a shot in the heart. It’s a landmark film and a triumph for Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, who bring deep reserves of feeling to this defiantly erotic love story about two Wyoming ranch hands and the external and internal forces that drive them from desire to denial. Directed with piercing intelligence and delicacy by Lee, the film of Annie Proulx’s 1997 short story — the unerring script by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana is a model of literary adaptation — wears its emotions on its sleeve.

    That leaves the film vulnerable. The media keep tagging it as the gay cowboy movie, the queer Gone With the Wind, the Western that puts the poke in cowpoke. Coupled with the rise of homophobia as church and state shout down gay marriage, the film is up against it.

    Do me a favor: See the movie first and make your judgments later. It’s an eye-opener.

    (Sorry for the dreaded double-post above.)

  3. says

    I have not been able to find a good, consolidated calendar of all the key dates in the Oscar race on one page, so I created one:

    Oscar dates in red, major announcements (awards and noms) in bold, ballot deadlines in italics. Got most of the dates off of TheEnvelope, which had them spread across a dozen different pages.

    Note that Brokeback’s initial release and first expansion ocurrs right in the middle of that first big flurry of announcements between Dec 7-13.

    (If anyone knows of a better calendar, please point me to it.)

  4. says

    Independent Spirit Awards noms were announced this morning. Film Independent just posted the noms on its site one minute ago (i.e., ten minutes after they said they would).

    Nom list:

    Their press release:

    Quickie news story:

    Brokeback was tied for second with four noms: best pic, director, actor and supporting actress.

    The leader, with six, was “The Squid & The Whale,” which is out of serious Oscar contention, so this will help.

  5. Jay says

    Thanks for the great information. I started to look around for tickets (on found no showings in most if not all Theatres. Not sure if schedules have been announced or not, but just one theatre in NYC. A friend told me that so far no schedule is even out in Boston.

    May just having friends come to NYC to watch!

  6. says

    It’s impossible to review Brokeback Mountain in a sentence or two. Like any brilliant work of art it evokes emotion.

    As a gay man, the story conjures up so many feelings: from the innocent rush of first love to the private self loathing and shame that society imposes on gays and lesbians. This movie is a quite epic that stirred me deeply. Every frame is a work of art and the story tackles the complexity of love in a distinctly American way. I doubt any other country is as homophobic as the U.S. and the fact that this story had to be told saddens me as much as it gives me hope that people can change.

    Straight or gay, the message is simple: follow your heart. The more you go against your nature, the more you will hurt yourself and others. The acting, direction, music and cinematography were perfection. Having read the Annie Proulex story I new exactly what I was in for, but the film exceeded my expectations. It’s so gritty and real it seemed unscripted at times and yet every frame is so beautifully crafted I knew this movie was in the hands of brilliant cast and crew. While the story was unique, “Gay Cowboys in Love”, I could see myself, my family and my peers in the faces of these characters.

    At last, a story that gives a real voice to the complexity of human sexuality and love in our culture in an honest, real, touching way. The fact that Focus Features was brave enough to produce this epic is as amazing as the story itself. This movie will be a classic, because it’s message is timeless whether you’re gay or straight. I have no doubt that it will change the face of cinema and make the world a more tolerant place because of it’s honesty, beauty and sincerity.

    There is no going back after this movie opens. As a cowboy might say, letting the cat out of the bag is a lot easier than putting it back in.

  7. Alex says

    BBM Rocks….Anyone who wants to join the marketing efforts for the film can get on and buy the Sountrack multiple times and give as Christmas gifts to all of your best buddies…Right now BBM Sountrack is only ranked #192…It should be in the top ten!! Come on guys…We wont get another chance like this. The World is watching…Start buying and tell everyone you know to do the same…

  8. says

    Teen girls, by the way, are just about as excited as you all are. Here in Chicago we have to wait til the sixteenth, but believe me, we’re going to make up a serious part of the audience. I mean, we saw Jake Gyllenhaal’s gorgeousness first!
    I’m seventeen and am going with 13 other teenagers to see it on Friday. Can’t wait. Thanks for the excellent resources.

  9. Donnie says

    Awwww guys uu are sooo lucky…i just cant wait until january to watch BBM!!!I’m just going crazy they are both soo hot, and it is a wonderfull epic story!!!I LOOOOVEEE ITT!!!So just be thankfull to live in the USA, here in switzerland it’ll start probably in january or february!Thats so anoing and it makes me sick!!By the way have fun with the movie and tell me all the details!!!

    Can’t wait. Thanks for all, this is the best site ever!!! Can’t wait until the next time!!! donnie

  10. Ron says

    Does anyone know if “Brokeback Mountain” will open in Texas on December 16? I am in San Antonio and can’t find any information on where the movie will open in Texas.

  11. Tom says

    I can not wait to see this movie!!! I have been reading everything I can. I have read the moving book. The reviews from the critics have been nearly unanimous in their praise. The acting, writing, cinematography, directing, and musical score are all top notch. Just viewing the trailer and the Logo and VH1 specials have been very moving to me and apparently to many others. If you have not seen them yet, many of the shared “real” stories on the BBM website are also incredibly moving.

    I am very hopeful that the gay and straight (but nor narrow) communities will unite and storm the box offices when this movie finally comes to your community. (I understand, by the way, that in some cases this may not be until well after the holidays.) If it is not scheduled for your community demand to know from Loews, AMC National Amusements, Regal, etc., why not. We need to send a message to Hollywood and the fat cat owners of the movie cineplexes, that the American public can appreciate a story line with gay love as a theme. This is also our chance to demand to see more movies like this instead of sequels and remakes of TV shows and classic movies.

    I want to THANK Focus Features, Ang Lee, Annie Proulx, Jake, Heath, the cast, the screenwriters, and the entire production crew for making a movie that will be chronicled as among the high watermarks for promoting understanding and acceptance of the gay community and for the quality to which future American movies should strive. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  12. Anovus says

    I realize that this film is based on a story written by heterosexuals; HOWEVER….it epitomizes certain realities I saw in the gay scene.
    One is the desire for a straight or “straight acting” man. To have two good-looking, masculine cowboys falling in love is virtually every gay man’s ultimate fantasy. It’s their alienation from and ambivalence towards their own masculinity that I believe drives gay men to find completion in other men. This film represents a fantasy which will pull strongly on that deep need for completion.
    Evidence of gay men’s desire for completing or connecting with their lost or unaffirmed masculinity is evident throughout the gay scene. Just look at a local gay newspaper or look at the iconography adorning the walls of many gay bars and baths: drawings or photographs of hyper-masculine images. These include bulging bodybuilders, policemen, men in leather, and, yes, cowboys. There is a sense of almost reverent worship toward these images of the macho male.
    Look at a few gay male personal ad web sites. You’ll see 90% of the men listing themselves under names like, “Truck Driving Stud,” or “Muscle Jock.” These are all attempts to portray a false masculine self that was never nurtured and possibly attacked in their childhood.
    The need for this completion is so intense that men will risk their lives to achieve it symbolically in sexually acts. Hundreds of thousands have died doing so. There is a compulsion about it that is neither healthy nor freeing.
    I’ve been there. I’ve gotten out. Thank God.
    I’m saddened that a film has been produced that will continue to fuel empty fantasies that don’t ultimately fulfill nor complete a person but lead to emptiness and compulsion.

  13. cruella says

    Wow, anovus, I am sure many gay policemen and firefighters (not to mention other gay men, but I’ll go with obvious examples) who risk their lives dayly will be surprised to hear that they are not masculine enough. Maybe it was *your* problem but please do not assume that it’s everyone else’s. As for people dying doing so… I assume you’re talking about AIDS, well, many women died doing so as a result of totally heterosexual sex acts. Let’s ban all sex! Or maybe we should inforce a “use protection” campaign, just a thought.

  14. JL says


    * * *

    It’s lines like these from Brokeback that are a sure indication that this movie’s bound to become a fantastic camp goldmine, cowboiz!

  15. says

    Interesting, but rediculous, perspective from Mahler5. I have never doubted my masculinity. Only those who think gay men are not masculine doubt it. And even if some do, not all gay men doubt their masculinity. How many gay men dress up like women on Halloween and just for fun? Too many to count. Are they trying to get in touch with their feminine side. I sure hope so.

    Maybe some straight men might be a little more apt to inclusiveness if they were to investigate their feminine side. I got off the subject.

    Gay men like men. And muscles and sweat are what men are all about. Also, tenderness and
    passion as you saw in Brokeback.

  16. marty says

    The New Yorker story has been pulled or at least when I go there to read it agin its no longer there. Does any one know where there is a nughter copy on the net. Also does any one know if they are going to release the movie in cities other than the ones listed on the site. Like i hope here in Nashville thanks

  17. Bad Buoy says

    Most will eventually have an accessible theater.
    Right now it’s in only 69 (hmmm) across the country. But it is scheduled to add another 120 on Dec 23, another 275 Jan 6, and another 400 on Jan 13.
    It will open across most of the world throughout Jan with several more countries in Feb.
    For the Swiss reader, it will have two openings; one in Jan and one in Feb so that you may enjoy it in French or German.

  18. Jorge says

    I am so happy a film like this is finally OUT (no pun intended) in the mainstream. I have lived in NYC for the past two years after fleeing my country in South America in 2003 and being granted asylum in this country for being a gay man. So I have to smile when I read about people being angry because the actors in Brokeback aren’t gay in real life, or angry because the studio just wants it to be bankable, or insulted because it’s been unfairly dubbed the “gay cowboy movie”… people, don’t you realize that just the fact that it was MADE by a mayor studio is a huge achievement just by itself? That it’s on absolutely everybody’s mouth? That it’s being shown on multiplexes as opposed to just a couple of art houses? That it’s the most HONEST and unapologetic interpretation of love between two men on the big screen EVER??? I lived for thirty years, and until two years ago, Ennis del Mar’s life in Venezuela. Constantly afraid, constantly lying and constantly hiding who I really was, in a society that considers a homosexual no less than a criminal. Do you know that the police there can arrest you if they see you in the slightest “homosexual apparent” act? Like holding hands, or kissing? Do you know that when applying for jobs, companies screen you with health exams to make sure you’re not HIV+? I was fired from a job at an ad agency when by boss found out I was gay. I was also kicked out of my condo apartment by the board after they found out. I could never be “straight acting” enough. The police ransacked a previous apartment I had shared with two other closet gays after complaints were filed by one of our neighbors, that we were running a “homosexual sex service”… I guess we just had too many male friends… I’m sorry; I don’t want to go on about my life. The point is I come from a place like the US was in the 1950’s and 60’s. Only it was the 2000’s. I’m just happy I’m here now and live in a place where a film like BBM is being raved about and getting awards, and it’s out there for everyone to see. And that it is the amazing love story that it is. I was one of those people who were wiping off tears coming out from the theater, and I still get teary-eyed when I talk to people about it a week later. Last night I downloaded the score from the movie and I was practically bawling by the last song “The Wings” (that corresponds to the tragic ending of the film). But you know what? I wasn’t crying because I was sad; it was because I’m happy that I still have a chance to truly love before my time runs out. Love without fear. Brokeback Mountain is reminding us all that if we want a change in our lives we have to take that risk. And not wait until it’s too late. So people, stop whining and bickering and criticizing, and just try to see this film as I see it: a heroic and historic event in the long fight for our basic human right… to love.

  19. says

    Going 2 Brokeback

    I just finished watching Brokeback Mountain. I might have had expectations going into it, considering all the hype and my somewhat affinity for Jake Gyllenhaal. I’m very happy to say that my expectations went out the window from the moment the first image appeared on screen. I let go of everything… of myself and of my past… and decided to just experience the movie for what it was going to be. In the end, it affected me in a way I didn’t expect it to. Rather, in a way that I didn’t think about. It made me think about something that rarely enters my mind. Watching Jack and Ennis up on that screen didn’t make me think about my dreams, wishes, past loves and heartbreaks. The movie took me to that time and place and made me see a love story between two men during a time of not just oppression but injustice and cruelty. The acting of Jake and Heath was in one word, superb! I am a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaal and consider him an incredible actor but I must say, Heath Ledger shook me to the core. His character would be any actor’s dream role. I can see why he couldn’t pass up doing this movie. No other character could embody a human being better than the character of Ennis. Emotional, guarded, angry, passionate, conflicted… alone.

    I walked away from Brokeback Mountain not thinking of myself but of the people… the men and women who came before me, who wanted nothing more than to love openly… to live and experience life and love to the fullest and not be persecuted for it. In the end though, they were not able to… they were not allowed to.

    Although I sit here right now unable to stop the tears from flowing, I can’t help but be incredibly grateful and happy for many things. Happy for the time I was born in, the place I was born at, and the family I was born into. Had I been born in a different time and a different place and a different family, I too would not have been able to experience love to the fullest extent. I am grateful for being able to love.. for having been able to love another man openly and to know what its like to go Home and wrap my arms around a man I love without being persecuted or killed for. I am grateful for having the freedom, not just inside of myself but also out to experience a god given right that every human being in this world deserves.

    My outlook has changed in mere hours. I use to focus on how difficult and almost impossible it is to find someone to connect with and to love. But focusing on that does not honor the people that came before me… those who did not have the freedom and the support I have today. Knowing that I am able to love whoever I damn well please will give me something to smile about from now on… and I will certainly keep in mind the real people whose story is told in Brokeback Mountain.

    Life’s tragedy is not having loved and lost, but having found love and not been allowed to experience it. So please, take a moment and think about those people who were fortunate to have found true love, but who at the time were not allowed to experience and relish in it. That alone should make you feel incredibly grateful for your life.

  20. says

    Thanks for all your comments on Brokeback, and for assembling all these resources into one convenient place.

    Just to let you know, I have a review coming up on January 1 at Green Man Review. I’ve put a link to an advance posting at Hunter at Random (, where I’ve also been blogging it to death.

    There are also several reviews at, including an earlier one from me.






  22. MIKE says

    Not all gay men were born in New York City or San Fransisco. Many of us come from small townsand went to conservative churches. Our dads may not have been ranchers but they probably were not interior designers either. BBM is like my “It’s A Wonderful Life”. It tells a story of what my life might have been like had I not left my home town and bible church in Illinois. It’s one thing to leave home because you want to and another to leave partly because you have to. Ennis and Jack couldn’t for a varity of reasons take the risk and hope for a better life. It is not without pain to take the risk and we all know there are sacrifices to take that risk.

    I couldn’t help but realize I have been someone’s Ennis and I have been someone’s Jack. Now I’m thankfully somewhere in between in a happy healthy relationship and I can’t figure out why I am somewhat well adjusted given where and how I was raised.

  23. shayna says

    it’s interesting – i never had to “come out” – people just assumed my sexuality based on the length of my hair and nails – and usually incorrectly. A few years back I fell in love with a woman while living in the Balkans. It wasn’t the first time for either of us but there were many “firsts” in that relationship. It was the first time I felt shame and the first time she felt pride.

    As an unmarried woman, she lived with her parents, as was custom there. Her parents, brother, cousin etc. would come into her room in the morning for a myriad of reasons – open the window, look for the iron, steal a cigarette…Sleeping in the same bed with a female friend was not culturally strange. They accepted me as one of their daughters having know idea what was going on between me and their daughter. And yet…It was the first time since I was 15 that I could not fall asleep holding the person I had just made love with/fucked. It was the first time that I had to make sure that “when we were done” we put on our clothes and slept in opposite sides of the bed, possibly stealing some hand holding under the covers but no more for fear that we would be “exposed” in the morning. It was the first time that I felt shame and fear based on my sexuality – based on my love – and the fact that at 25 this was the exception rather than the norm made me realize how “lucky” I was.

    Things were different for my girlfriend – although she had slept with many women before me, I was the first one who was “out” and my fear, of cultural difference and ostrocism, made no sense to her, “What’s wrong with you – I thought you were the liberated American?”

    Brokeback Mountain, set in a different time, space and genre, brought back that shame…not of love but of feeling that one needs to hide truth.

  24. Elisabeth Walden says

    It’s the first movie in i can’t remember how long that i felt i had to see again the second i stepped out of the theater. It is incredibly sad, and moving, and i can’t get it out of my head. Gay, straight, red state or blue, black, white or orange, anyone can appriciate the power and beauty of this haunting film, because we all can intuit how it is to love so deeply it tears at your insides and you have nothing left, and to not be able to do an goddamn thing about it.

  25. says

    Saw the movie on it’s opening day in the UK, after waiting with great anticipation for months, glued to all the news that Towleroad and others have been bringing to us. One of my fears was that I would be consumed by the film, and would be in floods of tears before it ended. I was somewhat relieved that this did not happen, but less than 36 hours later, my fears have proven real. As I was warned by reading previous viewers comments, I am consumed by a sense of loss, both for the characters in the film and for myself, for something I feel I have lost but know I have never held.

    The film is beautiful, elegiac, stunning, painful, moving, sad. It cannot be more highly recommended than it already has, by thousands of people worldwide.

    I am sure we will all return to it time and time again, and for those of us who hurt for the characters and for moments in our lives that mirror those in the film, I hope that it will help us to come to terms with our demons, our loss, and that the film will help break down barriers that still exist in our (one) world today.

  26. Brenton says

    A lot of people are falling deeply in love with this film for the raw emotions.

    I would highly suggest to everyone who enjoys this film read a book titled “Holding the Man” by Tim Conigrave. Get a copy from where ever you can. This is based on a true story of two guys from Melbourne, Australia.

    It touches everyone whom I’ve know has read it.

  27. Gilli says

    Proulx’s SHORT STORY is REALly AVAILABLE AT Unlike so many others, this IS a WORKing link! You really can get the story here.

    Hi there,

    DAVID LETTERMAN OPENly encouraged people to go see Brokeback Mountain last night!

    Today will make the 3rd time I’ve seen the movie, trying to answer lingering questions… For example, had Jack given up on Ennis at the end? From reading Proulx’s short story, I cdn’t determine the answer to this question either.

    However, Proulx’s short story did explain which character actually had the ending’s “murky” or “ambiguous” flashback (as I’ve read it described). The film did not.

    Otherwise, I’ve bn listening to the soundtrack repeatedly. I may even like country music now =).

    Towle, you have bn extremely helpful to me in my internet research. The movie has stirred up deeply latent emotions that had nothing to do with my gender.

    ‘Bye for now,


  28. Lady Heather says

    Gilli, I still think the ending in the film is still “murky”. Was it Lureen’s vision or Ennis’ that we are seeing, despite the conversation?

    I saw this film when it opened in Calgary on Dec 23. I saw it 2:30 in the afternoon. I was amazed that the theatre was almost 2/3 full, despite the time of day. (There was no poster outside though. A wonder if anyone knew it was playing there!)

    My only “complaint”, if I can call it that, was I recognized too many Alberta landmarks, which is why I had a hard time seeing “Wyoming”. I really had to let that one go.

  29. Gilli says


    At the end of the movie, several Alberta towns are thanked. I lived in Edmonton for a decade, but only recognized the name Bieseker. None of the others. Of course, you do live closer to the Brokeback set.

    In the story, Lureen was described as “saving” Jack from gay rumours by marrying him. Possibly, she didn’t wish to save him anymore if he wanted to leave her.

    To a certain extent, we’re supposed to make up our own minds about the ending. It was defined by Ennis’ imaginings and Lureen’s cold-as-ice voice. Like you, I didn’t get that the imaginings were in Ennis’ head. I had to read the short story to find this out! Otherwise, I wd have thought that Ang Lee wanted to show us what really happened to Jack while Ennis and Lureen were communicating.

    Ennis was explained to be not believing her explanation of Jack’s situation at all. He decided on the gay-bashing alternative.

    What I found confusing was Jack’s picking another guy to shack up with–shortly after going away with Ennis–when he and Ennis had spoken of plans for a November trip. However, if you really look at the desperate hunger in Jack’s face the last time he sees Ennis drive off, he really cdn’t take their situation anymore. If he did find another guy who agreed to shack up with him, I find it hard to believe this replaced his love for Ennis. The story doesn’t explain why Jack made this decision.

    Have you read Stephanie Zacharek’s disappointed-but-still-supportive analysis @ ?
    Personally, I DO wish that Ang Lee had given his audience credit for showing up and NOT softened the ending for us.

  30. says

    i have not seen this movie before but i am glad that films like this r made for the world to know that gay guys r not crazy people but human and when i watch the film ill get back to u guys

  31. Lady Heather says

    “What I found confusing was Jack’s picking another guy to shack up with–shortly after going away with Ennis–when he and Ennis had spoken of plans for a November trip. However, if you really look at the desperate hunger in Jack’s face the last time he sees Ennis drive off, he really cdn’t take their situation anymore. If he did find another guy who agreed to shack up with him, I find it hard to believe this replaced his love for Ennis. The story doesn’t explain why Jack made this decision.”

    Gilli…he may have given up on Ennis to actually LIVE with, but not Ennis himself. If you recall what Jack’s father said about Ennis going to come and help run the ranch with Jack, then it was some “ranch neighbour a his in Texas…But like most of his ideas it never comes to pass”

    I took this to mean one of two possibilites: 1) the rancher chickened out 2) Jack chickened out. And if Jack chickened out, it was because he didn’t want to move in with him, because he didn’t really want that. He wanted to live with Ennis! Maybe he would settle for bits and pieces of Ennis, rather than move in with someone he didn’t love.

    Who knows.

  32. Lady Heather says

    I might also add something here. Annie Proulx once said her inspiration for the story was observing an older gentleman..looking in his 60’s…in a bar, staring at some younger men. A cowboy. And wondering if he was “country gay”

    I have often wondered if she actually MET that man, and if he was the template for her story.
    Just a thought.

  33. Gilli says


    Wow. I’m embarassed to say that I totally misunderstood Jack’s Dad’s statement. I thought that idea of Jack’s “didn’t come to pass” because, uh, he died(!). Oh brother. Who wd believe I’ve seen the movie 3 times? Thanx Heather. Aside: I also thought Jack’s gay-bashing was also a left-his-wife-and-child bashing.

    Remember how Jack was “puttin’ the blocks to” LaShawn, the talkative woman he asked to dance with instead of Lureen? I wondered if LaShawn’s gay husband was the guy Jack’s Dad had referred to as his potential post-Ennis shackup mate.

    Annie Proulx: Yeah, she said she wondered what it would be like to be country-gay. And, how difficult it was for her to “get into” the minds and souls of a couple of young gays.

    Since I read this, I’ve bn researching how the great authors “get into” their characters. [I don’t know if you’re interested, but sometimes they claim that a character “writes itself”. Actually, the process of an actor getting into a character vs a writer getting into a character is reversed.]

    I wonder if the fact that Annie Proulx is straight has helped to cause a bigger impact–as this is so suprising to the general public. Look at the constant mentioning of Heath’s and Michelle William’s relationship to “reassure” us that he’s not gay.

    I may go see Capote this weekend. I want to see why PSH is expected to receive awards over Heath.

  34. chet says

    Here’s an odd trivia:

    In the scene showing Jack Twist driving his kid around in a tractor, the brand name painted on the side of the tractor is VERSATILE.

  35. patrick says

    I am glad that the movie is drawing this much attention, my biggest fear was that it would be both a disapointment when i saw it, it was not, and a failure at the boxoffice, it is not. The fact that it is raking up award nominations as well as great reviews is a testament to both Mr.Lee and the cast and writers.

    As a gay man from NYC who came out at the age of 21 in 1980, only to find himself in the begining of the AIDS crisis, I recall the first three major gay stories of our times. The Boys of the Band and the stories of the gay sons on Dynasty and Soap.

    We have come a long way since then but like those stories, and the effect of Queer Eye and Will & Grace, we will not feel the full effect for years to come, but the next generation of gay youth will. For that and that alone I thank the cast and crew of this wonderful film.

    I have lost so many friends in my life but the prospects of the future never leaves me. I am not envious of the blessings they will gain from this film, only warry of the mountain they still have to climb.

    patrick, nyc

  36. Lady Heather says

    “I wondered if LaShawn’s gay husband was the guy Jack’s Dad had referred to as his potential post-Ennis shackup mate.”

    Most likely. Randall (the husband) was the guy who talked about a cabin a “friend” lets him use. Note that Jack does not respond.

    And go see Capote. Great film. PSH was excellent. I saw it at the Calgary Film Fest in September. He totally deserves an Oscar nom.

  37. Gilli says

    Thanks. So, what you’re saying is that Jack was busy with both the wife and her hubby. How the plot thickens…

    Yes, will go see Capote Tuesday.

    Speaking of Film Fest’s, I saw Transamerica at Toronto’s. Felicity Huffman is definitely an Oscar nod. The (Toronto) guy who plays her son (a victim of abuse) was quite amazing as well. You’ll like it. There are endless ironies in this film.

    Here’s another interesting tidbit:

    “In an extraordinary shot, Jack hangs his head while Ennis washes naked in the background in a soft-focus blur: we sense that Jack is aware of him, but he in no way registers Ennis’s presence, and that speaks more eloquently than any gaze of unbridled desire.” (

    Did you get this? I was surprised to read this as I thought the whole thing was just a beautiful shot.

    So, the planned Utah theatre is refusing the movie. I wonder, did corporate sponsors and donors put the fear of gawd in them?

  38. Bad Buoy says

    No, just another radical right wingnut who happens to own a theatre. He’s breaking his marketing contract so I would hope that a lawsuit is in his immediate future.

    If tossing a piece of literature for an immoral story line was valid, then the masterpiece containing ‘sex with one’s mother’ would have been tossed millennia ago. Thank goodness the fundamentalists don’t control the arts else Oedipus Rex would be long gone.

    Yes, the scene you speak of [Jack peeling potatos while Ennis bathes] is matched by an earlier one in which Jack urinates while Ennis pays no mind. This movies is full of such scenes which speak volumes and not a word voiced.

    This tale of two teenagers falling in love [Ennis being a virgin, at one of their first campfires Jack speaks of being a sinner and Ennis states “I ain’t never had the opporunity”] is made all the more complex and unfathomable to them both since they both avow “I ain’t no queer” [very apropo as I don’t believe the word “gay” was coined yet].
    Unfortunately it takes Ennis over 20 years to come to the conscious realization of his love but by then all he has is the memories and a lonely life.

    Truly a literary and cinematic masterpiece!

  39. jr says

    I’ve recently revisited a song from a couple years ago that’s haunting me… with images from Brokeback. The lyrics don’t fit exactly, but its country sound & the overall clandestine theme of the song seems almost perfectly tailored.

    So, I highly recommend checking it out: Wait Until Dark by Kelly Willis.

    Here are the lyrics & an itunes link

    The stars will be fading soon
    We’re losing our love with the moon

    Kiss me and say goodbye
    before we have to lie to our hearts
    Be strong until it’s late
    ’cause our hearts will have to wait until dark

    Remember the words that we say tonight
    But don’t say a thing once we’re in the light

    We have to waste the day
    We have to hide the way that we are
    Tell me it’s not our fate
    that we will always wait until dark
    We’ll wait for the dark

    How many hearts will break
    if we don’t wait

    Kiss me and say goodbye
    before we have to lie to our hearts
    Be strong until it’s late
    ’cause our hearts will have to wait until dark

    We’ll wait until dark
    We’ll wait for the dark

  40. Lady Heather says

    “Thanks. So, what you’re saying is that Jack was busy with both the wife and her hubby. How the plot thickens…”

    Um, I didn’t think he was “busy” with Randall’s wife, he just asked her out to dance. At least that was my impression.

  41. aajjtt says

    I don’t think Jack was “busy” with Randall’s wife…it was like he was comparing notches in his gun with Ennis when he was talking about “throwing the blocks” to the waitress. I think as long as they talked as if they were having flings with women (in Ennis’ case true) it was ok. But with other men was too close to home.

    I thought the scene with Jack not even glancing towards Ennis while he was washing was a little off…can’t think of any red blooded gay guy, particularly stuck up a mountain for weeks on end who wouldn’t take a look at another attractive guy nude and washing himself just over there. And in the short story, Proulx writes: “Well, I’m gong to warsh everything I can reach,” he (Ennis) said, pulling off his boots and jeans (no drawers, no socks, Jack noticed)…

  42. jason says


    Personally, I find that the fact that Jack was not looking at Ennis bathing makes the scene even more powerful. It shows how much they had to repressed their desire.

    If you ever find yourself in a situation that you do not want anyone to suspect that you are “queer”, you would have learned to repressed your desire. Truth is, a straight guy would probably not have cared to see another man naked, but a gay man (in the 60s) would have done all he could to hid that.

    And regarding the ending of the bashing scene… If you pay attention to any of Ang Lee’s films, you would know that he never makes the ending very clear. He prefers to let people’s imagination to tell the stories.

  43. Butch says

    I have seen BBM about four times. This fourth showing it dawn on me that Ennis had the same kind of truck that Jack had when he pulled up at the start of the movie. I think this says alot that he always had Jack on his mind. The fact that he could hardly take his eyes off Jack and not look at Alma says alot without saying anything. Things stay with you, and this film is one that will stay for a long time.

  44. says

    Wow! I am so glad BBM won Best Picture Drama @ the GOLDEN GLOBES but I am very bummed that HEATH LEDGER did not win!! :(
    I think his performance as Ennis is the best performance by an actor put to film in the last 50 years! CAPOTE was great & so was Phillip Seymour Hoffman but HL created his part basically out of whole cloth! I could probably play CAPOTE if I watched enough CARSON & MERV GRIFFN re-runs or watched MURDER BY DEATH 1,000 times! But HEATH, oh HEATH…My God!!!

  45. Pablo says

    Please, does anyone know what Jack says to Ennis in the scene after shooting the elk. Ennis says something like “I’m tired of your stupid ass missing (the shot). . .” Then Jack says something but I can never make out what he says. What does Jack say?!

    Also, great catch Colio about the trucks. I’m not sure but Ennis may have gotten Jack’s trucks over the course of their relationship. It’s interesting to think that Jack would have been helping Ennis out financially by giving him his old trucks.

  46. says

    Well written, thought provoking, a very sad and tragic story.

    Still, today, I know of so many gay people who have gotten married, heterosexually, like the two characters in Brokeback Mountain, even though it isn’t, what could be called, their true “bliss path.” The term “living life as a lie” is so common.

    Spouses and kids suffer as well in these “marriages that shouldn’t be.” It’s sad all the way around.

    One can’t blame the Brokeback characters for not really knowing what they wanted, after all it was Wyoming in 1963, before Stonewall even. Their gay relationship was troubled, at best, as they suffered a lot of internal ambivalence over it, not to mention the threat of getting one’s head bashed in with a crowbar for not toeing society’s line.

    A friend of mine wondered why they didn’t just “drive their trucks out to California,” San Francisco for instance, to a better life. Back in 1963, it is easy to believe that they wouldn’t know anything about gay life anywhere else on the planet.

    The film followed their unhappy existences for 20 years, basically up to 1983 when more open gay role models could be found, but there was no hint of this in the film. The two main characters led insular lives seeming to have no knowledge of a larger gay world, or the news outside their own little worlds. They were focused on making a living, families, relationships and so forth; like a lot of people I know.

    Good thing it was just fiction as this was such a sad tale, but many real people do seem to live these kind of “shadow lives.” Living in the closet can be hard.

    Following one’s true “bliss path” is better, but it isn’t always easy to know what that is, or to live it given society’s pressures.

  47. patrick says

    I agree with your coment about not knowing if there was even a gay life anywhere in the country. I also believe if they had heard later on Enis would be hard pressed to move to any city, both these guys were small time cowboys, not a great market for those cowboys in any city.

    I grew up in NYC and did not know anything about the Sonewall riots until i came out and moved into Manhattan at the age of 22. The first time I discovered the gay village I was driving with my straight buddies into the city three years earlier, nervously sitting in the back seat as they made jokes about the fags,that was in 1979, only three years before i moved there from Queens, which is only a few miles away.

    Up until then I had no idea there was a gay neighborhood, let alone in my own back yard. So you could imagine how hard it would have been for those guys out in the middle of no where.

    patrick, nyc

  48. Jeb Goodcarver says

    I haven’t had the opportunity to see the movie, and I doubt that I will. However, I searched the web looking for the original text of the story, and was dissapointed to find that the New Yorker archive was unavailable. However, the Dec. 10th issue of Left Behinds carried the full text of it, and I am grateful for that. Go read it….

  49. Bad Buoy says

    And they were great, though Ann Hathaway never seemed to smile at Jake [Is there some problem there?]
    Thankfully Oprah noted but did not persue Ann’s airhead comment implying Oprah’s stupidity. [Oprah had asked about the ending which she and others were wondering whether Ann’s character knew or didn’t of Jack’s secret affair[s]. Anne’s response of it being evident to most people did not sit well].
    In all, a good interview ending with Oprah telling everyone to see the movie.

  50. rvanv says

    Pablo: According to the screenplay, Jack responds, “Let’s get a move on. Don’t want the Game and Fish catch us with no deer.”

    Re: Jack not looking while Ennis is washing up. For me, whose best friend eventually became my lover (I didn’t know enough to identify as gay at the time), it was just so powerful, so poignant to watch Jack literally swallow his desire. My partner did that for months, not knowing if I was even gay–that’s how discreet I was.

    That scene is a nice counterpoint to the scene outside Aguirre’s trailer after Jack first notices Ennis and you barely see his half smile under that hat. Jack is so confident and louche there. But his desires have progressed from basic cruising to something much more imminent, potentially dangerous even.

  51. willie shing says

    Greetings from little Singapore.Yes Singapore! This movie is universal in its message of gay love .It could happen anywhere in the world (yes even in rural Asia during 60s or 70s or 80s).The film hit real hard on me on a very emotional level from both Ennis and Jack- as poignant situations in reality that I have experienced myself.Knowing someone who but DID not have the courage to agree with his partner on long term bliss.
    Arrh ….the film is just too painful reflecting real people.

  52. bill says

    I’m not sure if the film would create a profound impact on the hearts of hetero men.
    But Brokeback blew the very soul of gays. I’m positive the film would garner Oscar’s Best picture. ………..And I hope to meet an “Ennis” one day.

  53. Rad says

    My partner and I went to see Brokeback Mountain this evening, and quietly weeped through the ending. What an awesome… wrenching… honest… movie.

    Thank you.

  54. Jack Rance says

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    The ad campaign was started by members at the Ultimate Brokeback Forum as a positive way to deal with their emotions surrounding Brokeback Mountain’s loss for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Instead of responding in anger, members wanted to find a way to thank the cast and crew of the film and to find a way to highlight Brokeback Mountain’s unprecedented string of Best Picture wins.

    The disparate group quickly decided to start an ad campaign, and soon word spread to other sites, and donations started to pour in from around the world. “I think most fans of the film were stunned by the Best Picture surprise, which raised the question of how and why the Academy could have been so out of sync with virtually every other organization that awarded Best Picture honors,” site organizer Dave Cullen said in explaining why so many diverse people worldwide were donating to the campaign.

    According to industry watchers, no movie has generated this sort of fan response after a loss for Best Picture. Fans are happy their support for Brokeback Mountain is becoming part of industry lore. They hope that others looking for a way to honor Brokeback Mountain as the Best Picture of 2005 will contribute to the campaign, so more ads can run to help raise awareness that the film garnered nearly every Best Picture award bestowed for 2005. “Only one major organization did not name Brokeback Mountain as Best Picture,” says campaign chair Peter Greyson.

    In part, this one snub for Best Picture was why those involved with the campaign wanted to send a clear message that Brokeback Mountain was embraced by people around the world as well as highlight their gratitude for the film and remind people of the spirit of the film as expressed by Ang Lee: “[Jack and Ennis] taught all of us who made Brokeback Mountain so much about not just all the gay men and women whose love is denied by society, but just as important, the greatness of love itself.”

    The organization spearheading the ad campaign is the Ultimate Brokeback Forum, hosted at The forum has 2,500 members and in only three months of operation is averaging 12,000 unique visitors each day and over 200,000 page views. For more information you can find them on the web at

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  55. says

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  56. Fherddy Talusan says

    I love the movie, it penetrating to my whole personality. I know I am a man but I have a special feeling within. Like Jake I really do. Pls. Understand me, my situation and our feelings. Brokeback Mountain very relates on my part.


  57. Victor Gilbert says


  58. Yurely says

    I really liked Brokeback! Reading reviews of it and such has helped me understand the movie more, but was the last line supposed to be kind of funny? I actually started to tear, while everyone else around me was chuckling. I was like, this is sad, what the hell!, What’s so funny?! Did I miss something? Also, did Jack really get killed or was he in an accident? I feel like this is one of those movies that were left with some unclear parts here and there, just so it would make you want to watch it again. I feel like I will be watching it many more times…..who wouldn’t want to see Jake ten katrillion times? He’s fucking gourgous!

  59. Lorrie Chandler says

    I didn’t understand the last line Ennis said either. I am glad that I am not the only one who couldn’t understand what Ennis was saying. I finally had to Google to find out. Jack, I swear. I don’t understand what his meaning was. Jack, I swear??????

  60. says

    >>I don’t understand what his meaning was. Jack, I swear??????

    I could be way off base… but on their last trip to Brokeback, Ennis swore he’d kill Jack if he ever found out he’d been with another man.

    By the end, when Ennis buttoned up Jack’s shirt and said “Jack, I swear..” he already had suspicions about Jack in Mexico, and he knew that before Jack died, he was planning to bring the rancher up to his parents’ place in Lightning Flats to live with him.

    Maybe, in a way, Ennis was hoping that Jack had been faithful to the end. And he was renewing his threat to Jack, even though he was dead, that Jack had better be faithful to him forever. It was the strongest way he had of telling Jack how much he loved him.

    I don’t know anything else it could have meant.

  61. Aaron says

    “Jack, I swear…”, to me, is simply Ennis at a loss for words, expressing everything he knows how to express with words that mean everything and nothing. It’s love, confusion, sadness, longing, pain, regret, memory, joy and sorrow.

    I think that this line (also in Proulx’s short story) is a masterpiece unto itself, and I really don’t know that Proulx or Lee intents for the reader/audience to attribute one specific meaning to it. That’s my guess, anyhow.

    Praise to this film, which sits enchanted and sacred in my mind, a painful and beautiful wake-up call.

  62. Dave says

    “I swear” used to be a collquialism in common usage in mid-20th century America. It was an expression that allowed the user to imply something within the context with which the statement was being made without actually stating it, and it allowed the listener to fill in the blanks. Ennis could have been saying to Jack “I swear, if only I could turn the clock back” or “I swear, you were the only one I ever really loved”. There are endless possibilities. It would have been nice to have heard whatever was on Ennis’ mind spoken, but the “I swear” expression permitted him to vent his emotions openly without explicitly stating them – a form of expression that apparently is falling into disuse today. I’m from Jack and Ennis’ generation so I speak from experience. It’s a sign of a good writer when they take care to use the language in vogue at the time and place which they are writing about.

  63. says

    I guess the effect of the movie and the story will stay with me for some time. I love Ang Lee for his directorship, I thank Annie Proulx for her amazing writing skills and Gustavo’s beautifully haunting sound tracks. I cried and cried for the day after i watched the movie. I re-read the story and cried again. I am single atm and I am very concerned if I am never going to feel the love and loss Ennis goes thru. I want to feel the pain, vulnerability and unability to feel my loved one when he’s not there (anymore).

    Everytime I listen to Gustavo’s composition, my emotion just float to imaginary plane with the cowboys. I wanna be the shirts.


    I like the movie very much. I want to see Heather Ledger especially the one when they are together i wanted to see more of then having sex i wish you make a part two of this story i will want to see Heather Ledger

  65. tjones says

    Perhaps bigots did not kill Jack. Maybe Fate, which ,with its cruel indifference, placed them together on Brokeback Mountain, where they , in the words of a critic from Arizona, “experience an Eden that will haunt them for rest of their lives,” and then parts them forever from each other, this Fate ,with a flick of its finger, decreed that Jack would die in a simple accident. A Greek Tragedian would know that what they should have done is stay together and treasure the time that they have alloted to them, but now Jack is dead, and is too late–the knowledge comes too late. “They suffered as men must,” said Herodotus, who knew like all Greeks that knowledge always comes too late.

  66. marc says

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the brokeback mountain ‘For Your Consideration’ original score? It’s a rare piece and would TRULY like to obtain it. I’ve tried e bay but was sold. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You.

  67. marc says

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the brokeback mountain ‘For Your Consideration’ original score? It’s a rare piece and would TRULY like to obtain it. I’ve tried e bay but was sold. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You.

  68. Trent says

    I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to post this, as I love towleroad, Brokeback, and anyone who appreciates both. If anyone is still actually reading this thread, I thought some of you might have wondered how the tagline from the poster originated.

    Brokeback is a rare film in that if affected me both personally and professionally. At the age of 38, in the middle of a divorce and custody case, someone dropped the short story on my desk and told me Focus was making it into a film. I created movie advertising for a living. Not only was the story profoundly moving, it couldn’t have been more relevant. I had just (that very week) come to terms with my homosexuality. Never before have I worked on marketing a film with such passion. I’m happy to say my theme line, “Love is a force of Nature”, was used in the print advertising campaign. It came from the heart, and I hope it in some small way contributed to the success of the film. Let’s hope there are many more like it to come.

  69. says

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