About the Banner #5


The last banner came from a photo you may have seen before on the site. It’s from my Top of the Rock series. At the top of the Rockefeller Center the glass windguards are built with camera-sized openings. They may be there to diffuse wind sheer at high altitudes, but they make clever slots for inserting digital cameras. Screens on the backs of digital cameras are the new viewfinders. Gone are the days of tourists holding cameras up to their faces and squinting through the tiny hole to get a good shot.


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  1. says

    Not to sound like an echo… but I am also intrigued by the current banner.

    It took me a while to figure out what I was seeing at the very left end of it. At first it just looked like a random mess of flesh (and not in a good way… more like a freak-show way.)

    Now I think I have an idea, but does that guy on the left have no ear and the sharpest jawbone ever? And is that a vein about to pop or a scar on his neck? …or am I seeing things?!

  2. erikzed says

    Hey ANDY, they are ALL great and really well done. But, I must confess the Top of the Rock is probably* my favorite.

    *Hey! I’m a Gemini, so that’s the way it is 😉 I can’t help it.

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