Cindy Sheehan’s Side of the Story

Cindy_sheehan_3As an addendum to this morning’s post, Cindy Sheehan has told Buzzflash the details of her arrest. An excerpt:

“I was never told that I couldn’t wear that shirt into the Congress. I was never asked to take it off or zip my jacket back up. If I had been asked to do any of those things…I would have, and written about the suppression of my freedom of speech later. I was immediately, and roughly (I have the bruises and muscle spasms to prove it) hauled off and arrested for “unlawful conduct.”

After I had my personal items inventoried and my fingers printed, a nice Sgt. came in and looked at my shirt and said, “2245, huh? I just got back from there.”

I told him that my son died there. That’s when the enormity of my loss hit me. I have lost my son. I have lost my First Amendment rights. I have lost the country that I love. Where did America go? I started crying in pain.

What did Casey die for? What did the 2244 other brave young Americans die for? What are tens of thousands of them over there in harm’s way for still? For this? I can’t even wear a shirt that has the number of troops on it that George Bush and his arrogant and ignorant policies are responsible for killing.

I wore the shirt to make a statement. The press knew I was going to be there and I thought every once in awhile they would show me and I would have the shirt on. I did not wear it to be disruptive, or I would have unzipped my jacket during George’s speech. If I had any idea what happens to people who wear shirts that make the neocons uncomfortable that I would be arrested…maybe I would have, but I didn’t.”

Continued at Buzzflash…

What Really Happened at the State of the Union [cindy sheehan]


road.jpg Police state works both sides of the aisle: wife of Republican congressman removed from SOTU as well.

road.jpg Bradblog: Women treated unequally.

I’m surprised all the Democrats weren’t removed for standing up and applauding at Bush’s failed plan to destroy Social Security.


  1. says

    “unlawful conduct”—now there’s an Orwellian, Nixon Speak, catch-all-you-disagree-with charge if I’ve ever heard one. And redundant, too. Aren’t all arrests [theoretically] because one has conducted him/herself in violation of a law. Oh, yummy, Mummy. We’ve fallen down the rabbit hole—which started in Crawford, Texas.

    For once, I’m actually glad Lush, I mean Bush, took another cheap shot at us. I feared Rove would be smart enough to say, “Let’s skip the fudge packers this time because it’ll just get ‘Brokeback Mountain’ more Oscar votes from Hollyliberals and [you’re too stupid to understand it, you pathetic puppet, but I know] the more people see it the more they will eventually offset the religious nuts we’ve been spoonfeeding rabid homophobia for the past 30 years.” Too much to hope that Ang Lee will include Bush in his thank you speech, I guess.

    But as long as I’m in a rare good mood, some of the latest from Mark Morford, in response to the State of the Disunion:

    “In one short year, the sneering, all-consuming GOP has gone from master of all domains, from owning every aspect of the federal government and launching multiple failed wars and abusing all laws and spying and wiretapping and torturing and lying, to one of the least stable parties in ages. Scandals, indictments, arrests, Abramoff, Enron, DeLay, thousands of dead U.S. soldiers and nothing to show for it but more enraged terrorists, an economy running on fumes. Regimes built on lies and religious fearmongering never last. It’s like a genital rash — it just SEEMS to take forever to heal.”

  2. thumper says

    What are the people of this country waiting for? When will they stand up as a nation and demand their country back from these people? Will they wait till gay men and women are in concentration camps? Will they wait until all civil rights are taken away and the only law is the one that serves this administration? Lying isn’t enough. 2245 dead Americans isn’t enough. Torture isn’t enough. Spying without warrants isn’t enough. Rampant corruption isn’t enough?

    Hello, America? are you out there? what does it take to convince you?

  3. Tommy says

    Cindy may have been mislead by some and taken advantage of and may even be a bit odd. Whatever. The woman has lost her son in a war that is also killing the soul of this country. Is this who the government is afraid of…the appearance of a sad and angry woman? Is this the “terrorist” that we need to wiretap? At least she has the nerve to do what we all should be doing…Standing up to be seen and heard.

    And Larry, you’ve shown us all how ignorant and selfesh you can be.

  4. says


    This woman went into that room with the intent of disrupting the speech, pure and simple. Anyone paying any attention to her antics over the last year is smart enough to know that. She has been caught in MORE THAN ONE LIE and, obviously, you people running to her defense have NO CLUE how the Capitol police operate or report to – FYI, the DO NOT report to GWB nor do they report to the Republican majority.

    Rules are rules and if you break them, you should expect there to be consequences. That is how THE ADULTS operate. How do you know you are an adult? One clue would be when you can recognize what is appropriate behavior and what isn’t.

  5. Brian NYC says

    Cindy Sheehan was the only one Handcuffed and Arrested and Held Incommunicado for hours after the speech. The kooky Republikkkan wife screamed at the police officer in an unhinged, violent way but was never restrained or arrested because she was a KKKonservative.

    I guess some of the cocksuckers in this website are just used to having two kinds of law — one for first-class citizens and one for second-class citizens.

    They arrested her because she told one truth — 2200 men and women dead — and was disrupting the LIES.

  6. Rad says

    Cindy or no Cindy, the Idiots Belief of the Union sermon last night was nothing more than a string of non-linear talking points tossed out with the hopes that SOMETHING would get people to applaud. I was pleased to see that there really was no a rousing standing ovation for most of it, and even some dissent when the house Democrats cheered the failure of the Idiots social security measures last year.

    I loved, early on, when the Idiot was stringing together nonsense to mixed applause, only to have the camera pan to John McCain looking rather bewildered and confused over trying to make sense out of the speech. Interesting, the contra-programming on C-SPAN1 was a panel discussion about impeachment over the lies going to war.

    And finally, GOP… that 9/11 card needs to be retired. It was a shame what happened in Pearl Harbor, too, but even that went by the wayside after the bomb dropped.

    I think Cindy Sheehan has a valid argument and has made valid statements. It’s a shame she’s nothing more than a post-script to the events of the time. Aside from choking down the bile when the Idiot opened with a tribute to Coretta Scott King, I think what Mrs. King did, and how she did it; not turning from fear, is exactly what Cindy Sheehan needs to embody.

    Some day, someone will actually listen.


  7. Jay Croce says

    Cindy is going to be around a while, I’m afraid. She’s going to be one of those persistent stalkers who shows up in every crowd with a knife, hoping to kill some important person she feels is responsible for her problems. One day she’ll get the nerve to get a gun. She’ll probably make a real assassination attempt on some government official before it’s all over. Hopefully, she’ll be caught before she kills an innocent person.

    You can’t blame the left or the right for Cindy’s problems. She’s just too twisted to know which side she’s on.

  8. says

    BryanNYC – I guess this woman was thrown out for supporting the troops then, if I am following your (and I try to say this with a straight face) logic.

    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. AP —The wife of Rep. C.W. Bill Young, R-Indian Shores, told a newspaper that she was ejected during the State of the Union address for wearing a T-shirt that says, “Support the Troops Defending Our Freedom.”

    Beverly Young told the St. Petersburg Times that she was sitting in the front row of the House gallery Tuesday night when she was approached by someone who told her she needed to leave.

    She said she reluctantly agreed, but argued with several officers in an outside hallway.

    In a telephone interview with the newspaper, Young said she told them her shirt wasn’t a protest but a message of support.

    Capitol Police Sgt. Kimberly Schneider said Young wasn’t ejected from the gallery and she left on her own. She couldn’t provide additional details.

    Young’s husband found out about the incident after Bush’s speech and called it unacceptable.

    Have another glass of Koolaid.

  9. Jimmyboyo says

    Thatsright, larry, and others

    Uhm visit america much??


    jefferson trumps you wingnuts every time

    “To follow the president without question is SERVILE, UNPATRIOTIC, UNAMERICAN, and TREASONOUS” Teddy Roosevelt REPUBLICAN , president, soldier

  10. says

    And on a side-note: C’mon now. The woman showed up to the State of the Union address in a jogging suit. How classless can you be? Didn’t her book deal pay enough for her to put on a decent outfit appropriate for the occasion?

  11. Jimmyboyo says

    “DISSENT is the HIGHEST form of PATRIOTISM” Thomas jefferson

    “To follow the president without question is servile, unpatriotic, UNAMERICAN, and treasonous” Theodore roosevelt (president, soldier, REPUBLICAN)

  12. Brian NYC says

    Robert, no, as usual you pass along a kkkonservative lie.

    What part of Cindy Sheehan got arrested and thrown in jail don’t you understand?

    And what part of Republican wingnut wife was NOT ARRESTED OR even restrained when she went off in a violent and unhinged way at the police — don’t you understand? You cut all kinds of stuff out of that article, it’s been pasted everywhere else with all the details in.


  13. says

    Well, first off, I posted the entire article and posted an additional link to an entirely different article – maybe you missed that while you were falling all over yourself to call me a liar and a kkkconversative?

    Maybe you would be kind enough to back up your accusation with a link to the article I supposedly selectively cut and paste from?

  14. Leland says

    Anyone who has read this far and still wonders why I often “rant,” who wonder why I am so angry that the greatest threats to our LGBT civil liberties are not our straight attackers but others gays who would have been the first to raise their hands to volunteer to be Kapos in the camps of WWII, please read some of the posts above again. Sheehan is not the point, their reasons for attacking her and defending the administration at all costs to the Truth and their human dignity is. Seig heil! Seig heil! “Mein Fuhrer, I can walk!” Boom.

  15. Tom says

    “After the tragedy of 9/11 we were on our way to becoming a fledgling Matriotic society until our leaders jumped on the bandwagon of inappropriate and misguided vengeance to send our young people to die and kill in two countries that were no threat to the USA or to our way of life. The neocons exploited patriotism to fulfill their goals of imperialism and plunder.

    This sort of patriotism begins when we enter kindergarten and learn the nationalist “Pledge of Allegiance.” It transcends all sense when we are taught the “Star Spangled Banner,” a hymn to war.”

    keep flapping your stupid yap, Mother Sheehan.

  16. says

    Cindy makes a great face for the Democratic Party, and you should all keep supporting her as she runs around, trying to evict a respected and sensible Democratic Senator from Congress (Dianne Feinstein), hugging the America-hating crackpot-commie dictator, Hugo Chavez, etc. etc.

    Hopefully the circus that is Sheehan will hasten the self-immolation of a party that is completely controlled by extremist lunatics, and then maybe our nation will have the credible opposition party that it so sorely needs.

  17. Donald says

    Come on Mal. You made a generalized, broad comment about the Democrats. Of course someone is going to respond that the Republicans are also controlled by their extreme. You had to expect that when you posted. Both parties are owned by the extremes.

    I agree that Cindy Sheehan has become a tool but ya know, I still need to cut her some slack. How many people posting here lost a child in a war that has so divided this nation. Children are not supposed to die before their parents. I will not delete my compassion gene from my system.

  18. Chris in SF says

    Someone decided to tie the story about Cindy into a gleeful bash on the “self-immolation of a party”. (Scroll up, and maybe you’ll remember who). Maybe too much of that republican Kool-Aid has already damaged your short-term memory.

    It’s just pathetic to hear a right wingnut complain that the other party is controlled by extremist lunatics.

  19. Jimmyboyo says

    My god……YOU FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    is there such a thing as a gay version of Uncle toms??? You will be the first ones the wingnuts burn at the stake for your sexuality and yet you still defend them. You idiots!!!!!

    Leland AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! The largest problem facing the gay community is not the wingnuts themselves but rather our own gay brothers and sisters who bow and scrape befor them kissing their asses…and thinking that they will not be burned at the stake by Pat robertson types.

    You idiots!!!!!!!!!You gay uncle toms…..they will never accept you.

    STOP kissing their asses

    “DISSENT is the highest form of patriotism” Thomas jefferson

    “To follow the president without question is servile, unpatriotic, unamerican, and treasonous.” Theodore roosevelt (repub by the way)

    “Those that give up a little liberty for a little security get neither liberty nor security” Benjamine Franklin

  20. says

    Jimmyboyo – Prozac much? Don’t worry, when the cattle cars come for me, I’ll shoot them with my gun.

    Q: What did Cindy’s shirt say?

    d) I DID HIM B4 DEMI

  21. Matthew Schooler says


    You compare us to Nazi’s because we don’t take your point of few?!?!?!? What was that line you said to me in that other posting ‘That’s a new level of stupid even for you…’

    Keep getting angry and we will keep winning the fight for more power. Come up with something better and you might have a chance to win an election every once in a while.

  22. PSMike says

    In the mad dash to portray Cindy Sheehan as NOTHING but a nutcase, and Bush nothing but a victim/genius the thoughtfully worded, carefully edited points of some from the Right make a lot of sense. That is until you review and see how often that all the logic, all the validation, and especially, all of the allowances are one-sided. Not that he needs my approval, but I happen to think Malcontent is pretty damn smart. Most of his fellow posters are ill-read simpletons who spout whatever blather they get from their news sources without any critical thought. In the end…they become PeeWee Herman: ‘I know what you are, but what am I’. I’m making this point to try to get Mal to do something (again, I get the presumptiveness of that request, but I’m asking it entirely out of respect): Keep working at the big picture. Try to look at your opinions (or those of the right) with as much clarity as you have for those you oppose.’re usually right on the money on the self-serving nature of much of the left and/or the gay media. Human nature dictates that self-serving isn’t limited by political opinions. The truth overrides ‘political correctness’ from BOTH sides.
    Cindy betcha. She also lost her son. She has the right to that voice. No exceptions. Just as you have the right to criticize and mock her. Mal..I’m disappointed in you over this issue. You of all people should be leading the outcry over her arrest for wearing a t-shirt. We are not yet a fundamentalist state requiring mandated attire for our women.

  23. Leland says

    If Sheehan is such a tool, so deluded, so crazy, blah blah blah, why do elephants like you [pun intended in more ways than one] get so upset about one single, little gnat flitting about? Seems like you are the ones being reactionary, knee jerk, irrational.

  24. Jimmyboyo says

    “bah bah bah…yesum master wingnuts…yesum boss….bah bah bah…let us lick your asses. Oh, you damn us to hell every chance you get… problem master boss. bah bah bah. kiss lick kiss lick”

    gay uncle tom sheep (there has to be a good term for these uncle tom types)

    “To follow the president without question is servile, unpatriotic, unamerican, and treasonous.” Theodore Roosevelt (1 good republican)

  25. says

    I am 35 and have been out since I was 20. Was does it say to you that in 15 years the most intolerant and hateful things that have ever been said to me did not come from Republicans speaking about the fact that I was gay but from Democrats speaking about the fact I am a Republican?

    What does it say to you that my Republican parents and Republican sisters and their Republican husbands flew half-way across the country to spend Christmas with their Republican son/brother and his Republican partner and his Republican parents after never having met them or any person that I have ever dated?

    What does it say to you that my Republican father, the same man that 15 years ago said I was mentally ill and needed help and that he would never accept his gay son hugged my partner at the airport when we dropped them off and said, “next year is at our house” and left me a note saying “We had a GREAT time”?

    It says to me that people like Jimmyboyo (see comments section) haven’t got the first clue what true acceptance, tolerance and diversity really mean and that they are angy – angry at those that refuse to accept them and angy at those they percieve to be the cause.

    “They will never accept you” – True, some will not, no more than people like Jimmyboyo will accept the opinion of a gay Republican. But the people that truly matter in my life already have and maybe, in the end, that is what is missing from the lives of people so appalled with those of us that refuse to simply toe the party line because we’re gay and it is expected.

    To them I say get the mirror out and take a good, long look. You problem isn’t with gay Republicans, the religious right, or anyone else; the problem lies in the image staring back at you in that mirror.

  26. JT says

    “vitriol” – virulence of feeling or speech.

    I don’t know how many of those posting are, in fact, gay, lesbian or straight. I don’t know how many are Republican or Democrat. What I do know is that the vitriol I have just read is proof that there is no “gay agenda.” I will send a copy of these comments to Pat Robertson, Bill Frist and Fred Phelps it ought to help them realize we queer boys and girls are just as fucked-up as they.

  27. Donald says

    What it says is that your family loves you and accepts you as much as my liberal Democratic family (who also struggled for a little while)loves me and my partner of 22 years. I know I am blessed by this and you are too, we are both very lucky. Acceptance by your parents is not a political act, parents are supposed to love you and those that can’t were never really fit to be parents in the first place.

    Or maybe to know us is to love us or at least tolerate us. And thanks for bringing the level of chatter down a notch.

  28. says

    Donald – true it is not a political act and while I use my parents as an example, it is hardly the only instance I can recount where I experienced more intolerance and down-right hatred from my gay “brothers and sisters” than I ever have from the “evil, racist, Nazi” Republicans.

    I also think you are on to something – it may be that to know us is to love us or at least tolerate us. I have no illusions about some of the people in the party with which I have politically aligned myself. However, I have to wonder which approach has the most positive impact on those whose acceptance we seek – the gay Republican that works within for change or the gay activist calling them a racist and a Nazi?

    Some people say that approach won’t work – that I am just kidding myself. Maybe I would believe that if I hadn’t already had a great deal of success at it within the limited circles I travel in.

  29. Jeff says

    Cindy Sheehan should have just worn a Burka. They couldn’t throw her out for that, and she would have gotten way more coverage. Not to mention they are very slimming.

  30. Jimmyboyo says


    Robert 1 I have no proof anything you have posted about your family is true. There is no way to validate it. BUT simply by turning on your tv and or radio….one can validate that the repubs hate us. Every single right wing radio station right here in the washington DC area state that we are going to burn in hell, we are sick, and that we are trying to convert their children.

    If what you say is true…then good for you…i am glad your family loves you. they are supposed to. They are family.

    But do not play the fool on top of the uncle tom schtick. you know that the majority of republicans would rather see us all getting electro shock treatments to cure us. Do not play the fool you uncle tom

  31. Jimmyboyo says

    PS Robert

    A sure sign of your uncle tom status was your going on how wonderful it is your republican family accepts you.

    DUH!!!!!! You uncle Tom….They are supposed to. they are family. Nothing special about them accepting their own flesh and blood. That is what they are supposed to do

    What a Uncle Tom you are…..

    lick bush’s bum you sheep

    “DISSENT is the highest form of patriotism” Thomas jefferson

    PSS I am not a dem….the dems are only slightly less bad…….

  32. Mitch says

    Robert makes the excellent point that we change people’s minds one at a time. Instead of hurling vitriol and hatred and manipulating the system with the courts (which has worked real well BTW) we need to be engaging the people that are opposed to us, one person at a time.

  33. Donald says

    Your right Robert we gay boys can be very mean and hurtful to each other. Try being on of the only guys who leaves his shirt on at the Roxy on a Saturday night. You are made to feel like you are a troll if you don’t have a gym body.

  34. Jimmyboyo says

    Mitch Nice sentement, but I dare you to sit down one on one with a few wingnuts and see how quickly they start quoting that outmoded fairytale book at you and daming you to hell

  35. Jimmyboyo says

    Oh, clutch the pearls girl…someone is using mean words…

    What wusses

    my ancestors fought and died in the revolution against great britan screaming hateful words against the 1st king george. the founding fathers of America said a ton of mean words ……Like Jefferson calling for the death of tyrants……saying the tree of liberty must be fed by blood…etc…

    Put away your doilies girly men and get some balls

    Stop being girly and uncle toms and stand up and be heard

    “Equality, liberty, Brotherhood!!!!!!!” the clarion call of the american and french revolutions you uncle toms

  36. JT says

    OK, I saw the new content from Jeff, Donald and Jimmyboyo after I posted…now for my two cents: Those gay people who continue to adhere to the Republican party only out of honest conviction that a fiscally conservative approach to government is appropriate are entitled to that belief. God, that’s what makes America, theoretically, so great. Those that adhere to the party out of some belief that it represents them, though, seem to me analogous to queer Catholics, So. Baptists or Mormons…why would you want to be associated with a group that says you are intrinsically evil? This political party that now controls the three branches of our government hates us. Read anything written by or spoken by Sen. Frist on the subject of same-sex love. Look at the opposition to the NEA from the Republican side of both chambers. Why, it’s just been discovered that Senators McConnell and Bunning are proposing legislation to change the postal initials of their state to KT from KY because of the obvious connotations (that’s a joke, don’t start an internet urban myth, please).

    This man whom a dubious majority of presidential electors declared President holds, as one of his tenets, a belief that we gays will destroy his apparently fragile marriage if we are given the same rights as he and Mrs. Bush. This man who scoffs at the constitutional separation and delegation of powers feels that he can, in the absence of any declaration of war, invoke certain privileges reserved for time of war.

    I agree, the national Democratic party is a messed-up collection of opportunists like Senator Clinton and former segregationists like Senator Byrd, neither of whom would I trust with gay rights legislation. The party has not, though, aligned itself with hate-filled bigots (read: Religion).

    Stop fooling yourselves, folks, the war that is going on is not with Iraq, it’s between those who feel that America and its government can impose its will on others and those who feel that America and its government must respect and tolerate differences and help those who are less fortunate.

  37. Jim says

    I’ve always preferred calling such white, gay “participatory n-ggers” Aunt Jeminas….
    “Mmmm mmm mmm. Praise de lord! Massa didn’t beat me today. Massa even let me come in the Big House and have some scraps from the table. He say someday he gonna set me free but jus now could I please sing some more of them great show tunes he love so much, and do the Missus hair, and makeover his twin daughters agin. Now I know Massa tells lies about us and keeps people stirred up so that some of them beat us and say he for a law that keep us from gettin married like him and Miss Laura, but he don’t mean it none. Massa luv Jim he do.”

  38. says

    Donald – you can get that experience here too in SF at the End Up on a Saturday night.

    Jimmyboyo – I can’t “prove” to you what I say about my parents, but know that I don’t make it a habit of lying and I posted about it on my blog. Search for “Meet the Shurbets” (no quotes in the search box).

  39. JT says

    Robert: I believe that your parents love you, that your family is Republican (they have to come from somewhere, right?) I also feel that you’ve described what is, unfortunately, only too common among the hate-filled. “You’re different. You’re not like that sick, butt-loving, pink shirt-wearing JT. You’re Robert and you’re different.”

    By the way, unbeknownst to you, your family is convinced that you and your boyfriend are both injured from separate biking accidents and can’t have sex so you’re not really gay in their eyes.

    The topic at hand was Mrs. Sheehan and her right, or lack thereof, to wear a particular article of clothing at an event required by the Constitution and, because of the Constitutional mandate, is one of the few public events that approach the level of “sacred” in our secular nation.

    I am a “West Wing” fan. I love the episode in the first season where President Bartlett gives a royal tongue-lashing to a Dr. Laura look-alike. He says something to the effect of “You’re welcome to dislike me or hate everything I stand for, but in this building, when the President is standing, no one else sits.” It’s the whole “respect the office not the person.” Mrs. Sheehan was wrong to wear the shirt. The folks who escorted her out were wrong in not asking her to “zip it up.” Decorum, my dears!

    Jimmyboyo, when we use every opportunity that comes along to jab the other side, all we become is a pain in the ass. You’re right, there’s no point in talking with anyone who admits to being religious, so we can save our breath on that one. When we walk into the center of our nation’s government, we owe it to the people represented by that government to respect the people, the institutions and the underlying meaning: we are a nation of diverse traditions and beliefs. The only thing that holds us together is a respect for our diversity. Without respect we become Balkanized and will self-destruct in petty bickering and sniping that is only a few letters away from snipering. And that is what happened to so many of those hapless, heroic wonderful men and women who are represented on Mrs. Sheehan’s shirt.

  40. Tom says

    “I have lost the country that I love.”- Mother Shehan

    Would that be the country “not worth dying for”?

    Or is she talking about having to leave Venezuela.

  41. Matthew Schooler says

    ‘My ancestors fought and died in the revolution against Great Britain screaming hateful words against the 1st king George.’


    Over two hundred years later your family is still raising screaming idiots…keeping the tradition alive are you?

  42. Matthew Schooler says

    ‘I wore the shirt to make a statement. The press knew I was going to be there’


    Well at least she has a good PR person! Maybe someone at PMK? Does anyone know if she gets this work free of charge?

  43. JT says

    Oh my, Mr. Schooler, such snarkiness! Is your hostility driven by conviction or some sort of head-rush brought on by being associated in some way with the powerful? It seems your comments on “winning elections” and lashing out at a woman who’s lost a son she dearly loved seem driven by the latter.

    Think, for a moment, how many people have died in this “war”…tens of thousands…and of how many people whose lives have been negatively affected…it’s millions…and then think of the cost-benefit analysis: billions of dollars, millions of lives affected and less security, a passel of hostile countries and a total deterioration of our constitutional protections against imprisonment and torture. Think how Mr. Bush hates gay people and wants to enact legislation against us, just as the party in power in Germany in 1936 did. Think of how Mr. Bush is imprisoning, searching, harassing and denigrating people because of their ethnic or religious affiliations, just as the party in power in Germany in 1936 did. Think of how Mr. Bush feels that the situation is so dire that he must needs seize every opportunity to stop any threat—real or perceived—just as the leader of the party in power in Germany in 1936 did. Think on those things and then you may understand the epithet “Nazi” as applied to the hate-filled monsters ruling our country.

  44. says

    “Equality, liberty, Brotherhood!!!!!!!” the clarion call of the american and french revolutions you uncle toms

    And we all know how the French Revolution turned out, boys and girls. And I’m an Aunt Patti. It fits better.

    Just wanted to note, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism,” isn’t an actual Thomas Jefferson quote. Urban legend. Stop perverting our forefathers for the sake of ideology. They were perverted enough all on their own.

  45. Matthew Schooler says

    I think we should stop the terrorists at all costs. I think Muslim extremists are the cause of the war not the President. I think that we need more security measures to keep us safe from these Muslims who want to see us all dead. I believe in GOD and I go to (a liberal) Church. I think that we should round up people that don’t agree with us and lock them in jail (like the Democrats did in the first two World Wars) I think dissent is a road that leads to anarchy. I think we should take emergency action and grant the President unlimited terms until we have won the war on terror. Does this make me Patriotic or a Nazi?

  46. brent says

    Both women were removed because they wore t-shirts and now the Capitol Police are saying they made a mistake based on “outdated rules”, so everyone can stop their commenting and go back to being gay nazi republicans or gay looney democrats, which is what you’ve all been calling each other.

    When are we going to look around and realize we are all in the same boat with this government? Everyone’s up in arms about the t-shirt that Cindy Sheehan wore, yet no one says anything about, once again, the gay marriage issue being inserted into the SOTU. Wake up.

  47. Leland says

    Actually I did reference his exploitation of the marriage issue in the very first post in this thread. The insanity is that, despite that repeated demonization of us, and by us I include all those boy kissing gay Republicans, too, the latter still are more concerned about a single woman and her dangerous, indecorous t-shirt [“You say decorum. I say dickhead.”] that the fact that their hero just nailed their dicks to the national chair again. We are NOT in the same boat—they are in the water, holding onto the other boat, dog paddling like mad to keep their GOP shit-stained noses aloft, while helping push it along, the Ship of State-sanctioned inequality. The issue of Sheehan’s shirt is very much related to the issue of perpetuating our second-class citizenship. To quote Mark Morford again:
    “As soon as people begin realizing there’s more to this brief little slice of existence than hate and war and the constant drumbeat of fear, there’s always resistance, a reactive sneer at the idea that people might be waking up, even a little, and it’s all in the name of protecting the status quo and defending the power base and not upsetting any of those carefully wrought prejudices, about making sure everyone stays quiet and doesn’t ask any difficult questions of the Authority…..we have this relentless neocon spiritual death wish, as evidenced by the imminent appointment of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, yet another dour white male judge who, by all evidence, will do everything in his power to keep America’s spiritual, humanitarian and sexual progress — you know, the exact kind of universal awareness illuminated by intensely intimate movies like “Brokeback” — locked in the ironclad box of anti-women, anti-gay, power-über-alles conservative thinking for the next three decades or more.”

  48. Jimmyboyo says

    Mathew……….this screaming idiot along with all the others got you the rights you currently enjoy… hypocrite. When act up was out in the streets screaming for equality and recgontition you were probably in your closet screaming for secrecy. yet you now enjoy all that those screamers , rebels, revolutionaries fought for. Hypocrite…….is thy name

    Robbie… are actualy wrong. Jefferson did say “DISSENT is the highest form of patriotism” along with “The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants”….as well as many things on religion like “The priests of every age are the enmies of liberty” etc ad infinitum

    I live near Monticello (Jefferson’s estate if you didn’t know) If you want, come here and I will gladly take you there where they have an extensisive collection of jefferson’s writings and quotes. Come for a visit.

  49. Jimmyboyo says



    15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were saudis (not 1 single iraqi), al queda is 97% saudi per the pentagon, al queda is financed by the saudis per the pentagon…prince Ahkmed was (before his death)the point man between the royal family and al queda….Prince Bandar’s own wife who has visited the white house often is a known funneler and launderer (spell check)of money to al queda per the CIA……Yet bush walks through the flowers holding their hands

    Wrong war!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the saudis not iraq…….

    All the while osama runs around free while Bush was a buisness partner with bin laden’s brother in arbusto oil and bush sr sits on the board of carlyle group with bin laden family members

    I admire your desire for justice against those who atacked america, but it is so misplaced with this war

    please read some BBC news articles and educate yourself since 75% of US media is owned by only 8 companies all contributors to bush iin 2004 (no fair and balanced truth in the us media)

    Peace, child

  50. says

    Jimmyboyo is obviously as unbalanced as Cindy herself. I guess we need wackos on both sides of all the issues to clarify that the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.
    I’m no republican, but I’m certainly not a democrat either. Neither one gives much of a shit about any of us, other than what feeds their own self-interest.
    And I’m perfectly okay with them kicking anyone’s ass out of the SOTU address who wears a message on their shirt. It’s about hearing what the president says, not about what other people think. They have every right to stand their butts outside and shout their free speech at the the top of their lungs.

  51. Matthew Schooler says

    I was never in the closet…sorry wrong guy. I have always been out to my parents to my friends to anyone who wanted to know. I also marched in the streets for AIDS funding. I even went to protest against GOV WILSON (R) CA in front of the plaza hotel in Century City. Watching the cops on horses come down the streets was a real rush….but thanks for screaming on behalf of this closeted hypocrite.

    Your right about Bin Laden and the Royal Family. America has always enjoyed a close relationship with the Royal Family. It is probably the source of resentment that caused Bin Laden to hate America. He wanted the home land to embrace his radical ideology and his family did not want to give up their lucrative business dealings with America. Do you blame them? This is the same resentment that fueled the radicals of 9/11. Bin Laden would like to see our relationship with Saudi Arabia end. They want to see a war between these two friends. They want to take back their country and turn it into a radical state of oppression. That is the primary goal of their terror

  52. Jimmyboyo says

    Tony……..I am not a democrat….

    ad I pity you that you prefer remaing comfortably numb and dumb in front of the boob tube. We have had how many STOU speeches from the dimwit??? You already know that he will lie (promised in 2002 STOU to invest 200 Million in alternative enrgy research and yet only 15 mill has gone to it….less than 10% of his promise..etc etc etc)

    Remain comfortably numb and dumb in front of your boob tube

    mat…..the ROYAL family is radical…ALL…every last single saudi school book recieves the royal stamp of approval and each and everyone says that americans and jews are dogs….

    The saudi royal family is the instigator of the radicalism that you so vent about. They finance it…they empower it….

  53. Jack says

    The House of Representatives has long had a rule against the display of political messages in the House galleries. The rule was established long before George W. Bush became President and long before the GOP acquired a majority in the House.

    During the Clinton Administration the wife of a Republican Congressman was removed from the galleries prior to a speech by President Bill Clinton because she was wearing a shirt against Clinton — I think it was in favor of his impeachment.

    So Cindy Sheehan was not singled out.

  54. Michigan-Matt says

    JT, it’s less important to me whether Jefferson said it or not… for me what’s important is that some liberal activists seeking to add credibility to their insubordinate and unpatriotic speech hide behind the writings of a President best known for “cutting and running” when the British threatened to capture his tall but scrawny ass in hiding in the hills of Monticello.

    Later, his #1 protege, then President James Monroe, followed the lessons learned at his mentor’s side and “cut and run” when the British marched on Washington in 1812.

    It seems that “cutting and running” is something liberals have a historic penchant for… ala the latest proposition for an “alternative strategy” in Iraq by Dean and others.

    Cut and run Jefferson. Cut and run liberals. Cut and run Walter Cronkite.

    Thank God you guys aren’t in power making the big decisions. Hell, you couldn’t even stop Alito.

  55. JT says

    Michigan-Matt: I agree that the original source is not necessarily important. What is probably more important is the fact that the quote has been attributed to any number of Founders. Any number of the Founders “cut and ran.” Your own precious presidential pretender “cut and ran” as did his principle handler, the vile vice-president, during the 9/11 crisis. Perhaps you were not in the military and don’t recognize the fact that there is no military value to civilians…especially politicians…engaging in heroics and pretending to be soldiers. Their bloody bodies mess up the battle field and they are often used as hostages to try to extract concessions. Messrs. Jefferson, Adams, Paine, Revere, Morris et al, were civilians. Some of the Founders who served in the Continental Army were George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe…by the way, it was James Madison whom you accuse of cowardice and he was a civilian politician. Those young military leaders, leading rag-tag groups of volunteer soldiers did not “cut and run;” rather, they retreated when necessary…and it was necessary an awful lot for several years.

    I have been forever shocked by those who did not serve in the military…and I am assuming an awful lot implying that you did not…chastising others for perceived cowardice. For the record, I served during the end of the Carter administration and the first three years of Reagan’s. The vile vice-president castigated Rep. Murtha. The hate-filled presidential pretender, who served (but it should be noted that he served gin and tonics with greater regularity than his country) but never saw battle, provided his imprimatur to the “swift boat veterans” lies about Senator Kerry and even called into question the patriotism and bravery of Senator McCain during the campaign preceding first coup d’ etat.

    It is this same hypocritical sanctimony that is reflected in this thread by you in your vituperation against liberals and by Mr. Schooler and Larry in their attacks on Mrs. Sheehan. Calling for withdrawal from a pointless, illegal and unwinnable military engagement is not “cutting and running” it is declaring the obvious: This is something in which America has mistakenly involved itself. This is something from which we must extricate ourselves before thousands more innocent men, women and children are killed. This is something for which we, as a nation, must be ashamed.

    If you’d like to talk about this in person at Esquire, in Lansing, give me an e-mail.

  56. Matthew Schooler says

    My comments have more to do with the exploitation of a woman in obvious pain. Left to her own devices she would still be sitting in a tent outside of the President’s Ranch in Crawford. Somebody is giving her money. Ask yourself who stands to gain if this woman continues to make the President look bad?

  57. Chris in SF says

    The criminal idiot who currently occupies the White House needs no assistance in looking bad. He does it all by himself.

    Strange that your panties are in a knot about the “exploitation” of Cindy Sheehan, yet not a word from you on the exploitation of the entire country by Bush and Company to sell us his war in Iraq.

    So what if someone is giving Sheehan money ? Lots of corporations gave money to Bush. What do you suppose the corporate agenda is when they give money to Bush ?

  58. Matthew Schooler says

    Nothing is wrong with giving money to CS. But it does make her convictions less noble. She becomes a pawn for the purposes of political gain. Most politicians are pawns and the President is not an exception. I happen to agree with the people who are financing this President. If Hillary (God forbid) was in the White House you would be agreeing with the people financing her Presidency.

  59. brent says

    That last post is so flawed I don’t know where to begin. You admit that the President is a pawn, but at the same time you say that giving money makes convictions less noble, and that you agree with the people giving money to this president. HUH?

    Many of the people that are financing this President would like to see you shut inside a closet forever.

  60. Matthew Schooler says

    The people who financed this President are big business and they don’t give a flying fuck about what we do as long as we keep buying the products they are selling. I have been to fundraisers for the President…and I have not met one person who wanted to lock me in a closet. NOT ONE. There are a bunch of Religious freaks that have risen to power in the last election but they are still not in control of this party. I can assure you…this country is still run by the power of money. Of the massive campaign money raised by BC04 only a fraction was raised by the religious right. A lot of money came from financial companies and individuals who stood to benefit from the tax cuts.

  61. JT says

    Mr. Schooler: Of course they don’t want to lock you in a closet. That would be against the law. What they want to do is ensure that the law is either changed or interpreted such that you have no alternative but to lock yourself in the closet. The conservative agenda to actively discriminate against us was given its biggest boost by President Clinton’s “don’t ask don’t tell” policy for gays in the military, a misguided attempt at compromise with the military brass who were all promoted by the Reagan and Bush 41 administrations. That same notion of “don’t ask don’t tell” is the spirit behind the moves to prohibit sexual orientation from being included in civil rights protections. “As long as we (any body who’s hate-filled) don’t know you’re a fag, you can work here. The minute we find out, though, you’re toast because you’re nasty and we don’t hire nasty people.”

    So, Mr. Schooler, your friends will use you to spread their gospel of hate. “See, you degenerates have nothing to fear. Just look at our dear queer Matthew. Nothing’s happened to him.” But when any hope of civil protection or equality is stripped from you and you are faced with the choice of holding the hand of the man you love in public or pretending to be something you’re not, you’ll choose the latter and your friends will rejoice in your good sense.

    And please try to be a little more honest with yourself or try to learn a little bit more about how campaigns solicit funds. Asserting that the religious wingnuts have only contributed a fraction to the hate-filled compared with big business is not only silly, but reflects a total lack of understanding of the law. Religious organizations with tax-exempt status cannot contribute to or openly advocate on behalf of any political party. They would lose their lucrative 501(c)(3) designation. Instead, they imply…as you can see on the TV on any Sunday…that Satan is knocking at the door of the White House to try to get in and good Christians need to bar the door and keep him from desecrating the hallowed, God-established Presidency. The result is that 32 “homemakers” donate a combined $834,000 to BC04! (see

    You’re right, big business doesn’t give a flying fuck about us…or anyone else…they do give a fuck about whom the voters choose to be President. Big business wants to make sure its interests are secured. The hate-filled know that and pander to the business lobby and do so better than the Democrats. The result is a hate-filled pretender. You, I, Leland, Robert, and BrianNYC still have to buy our shampoo, carpet cleaner and dog food. Individuals and their rights don’t matter to corporations.

  62. Chris in SF says

    Another big chunk of money came from Oil and other corporations that directly benefit from the war in Iraq.

    To sum it up, Matthew Schooler, you’ve said that you propose locking up anyone who disagrees with the President, you want to grant the President unlimited terms, and all you really want is a break on your taxes.

    Oh, and you wonder why people think you’re a fascist.

  63. JT says

    And another thing! Speaking of taxes, if that’s the thing that attracts Mr. Schooler to the hate-filled, he must make a holy shit-load of money! I make between $75-$90 thousand and the Bush “tax cut” has had only minimal impact…I’m talking less than $100.

    I would gladly pay more taxes if the money were used for social services, health care, quality education and a national train system. Yes, I am a socialist and neither Republican nor Democrat at heart, although I do belong to the DNC just because I want to give as much money to the Howard Dean as I can…I love that guy!

  64. Matthew Schooler says

    We are talking long term tax breaks that will be beneficial to all of us. In things like capital gains…the death tax and yes income tax. I would hand over my finances to the government if I felt they could handle them better! It is the role of the community, family, church, and civic organizations to reach out and help those in need. If you see someone who needs your help… please help them. Don’t rely on the government to take care of the problem. That is lazy and just a way to put the problem onto someone else.

    To pay a few extra bucks a year in taxes is a way for most people to sterilize their lives from the problems of society. They live inside of a bubble and pay taxes with the knowledge that someone else is taking care of the problem –they don’t have to be confronted with the nastiness of the issues. I would rather help someone on a personal level, give of my own time and money. Know where my money is going. It is more of a commitment but it is my duty as a citizen of this country.

  65. Chris in SF says

    Uh-huh. We’ve seen what a fabulous job church organizations do with HIV and AIDS, to name just one problem. How do suppose “community, family, church, and civic organizations” will begin to pay for HIV medications for those in need ?

    You’re right about one thing – someone is in fact living in a bubble. While you salivate over “long term tax breaks that will be beneficial to all of us” your president and the republican majority congress are incurring huge deficits to pay for a war that was based entirely on lies. And eventually, someone’s going to have to pay the bill. With taxes.

    You are naive and foolish beyond belief.

  66. Matthew Schooler says

    What are you doing about the problems of society besides complaining? People like you are the reason people like me hate socialism. You sit back crying – waiting to see what you can get out of life. Why don’t you help someone else instead of sitting on your lazy ass? My guess is you have been cut off from a social program and that makes you resentful. There are organizations out there to help you. You don’t have to rely on the government. Don’t let your personal hatred and history keep you from getting the help you need!

    Yes there have been huge financial burdens on the country – the war being one – the other two – the ones that are longer term and will cost more – relief for hurricane victims and Prescription Medicare. Which one do you want to get rid of first?

  67. Chris in SF says

    Well, let’s see. I spent 13 years in the Army. My guess is that you never spent a day in the military, but are all gung-ho about someone else heading off to war.

    I’ve been working in an HIV/AIDS organization for the past ten years. I donate free time and money to AIDS organizations in my city.

    Perhaps you’d care to fill us in on all the people you’ve spent your “own time and money” on and how it turned their lives around.

    Your suggestions that I am lazy or “in need of help”, or have been cut off from a social program have no basis in fact. I presume you mean them as an insult, but they only illustrate how truly ignorant you are.

    You failed to answer how commmunity organizations or church groups will be able to pay for HIV meds for those in need. You fail to come up with any suggestions to pay for the “huge financial burdens” on this country, but still want a tax break. Worse, you also advocate locking up people who disagree with the President, and letting the President remain in office until the so-called “war on terrorism” is over.

    People like you are the reason people like me hate republicans. You sit back spouting your nonsense, and when someone points out that you’re spewing nonsense, you resort to attacks, and never offer anything to back up your silly-ass, simplistic, and very dangerous politics. My guess is that you’ve led a sheltered life, and haven’t the slightest clue about anyone from a less advantaged background. Don’t let the incredible breadth of your personal ignorance and history keep you from pulling your stubborn head out of your ass.

  68. Matthew Schooler says

    When I was 18 years old I tried to join the Army but I had a heart problem and they said I would not be accepted…but thank you for your service and the insult you prick! As for helping people out -I am head of the community outreach of my CHURCH. We spend countless volunteer hours raising money/awareness for causes like, homelessness, AIDS, runway youth, children affected by WAR or famine, helping those who suffer from alcoholism or mental illness and these are just a few things we are involved. I sit on the board of directors for an agency that helps children who are physically challenged. These are kids who don’t have any other options. I am part of a city wide volunteer effort that involves over 8000 people and raises awareness of different non profits in the area. I give personally of my own funds to many organizations and not just to attend the fancy parties or the show me your dick pool parties. So I too give of my time but unlike you I don’t get paid for my charity work.

  69. Chris in SF says

    Are you doing anything for the gay community besides helping the right wing bash them ? There’s a heart problem alright, and a brain problem too.

  70. Matthew Schooler says

    That the best you can come up with Chris? You must be tired…No I dont to damn thing for the gay community. Except the G&L Center, APLA, Participate in CSW and some other civic minded activities but other then that I try to stay away from them…you know because of my internalized homophobia.

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