Nascar’s Carl Edwards


It’s always fascinating to see purportedly straight male-oriented sports magazines just go straight for the beefcake, which ESPN has this month. I’ve never been a huge fan of NASCAR racing but I’ve got a feeling they’re about to get a bunch of new fans because of this trip to the body shop.
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  1. Donald says

    Jeff Gordon has a huge gay following. As a result there is a backlash against him with a group called FAG Fans Against Gordon. This guy is hotter

  2. Tim says

    Ok! I know alot of Whitetrash like Nascar but this guy WOW! Ok I will go ahead and put my hill billy ass so Mr. Carl Edward can put his stick shift to my trunk.

  3. says

    ESPN has a huge female audience. I did some clerical stuff for EPSN related to their 2X Anniversary and, it is really amazing to see what ESPN’s fan base is like. I mean, women saying the first thing they do when they wake up is to check ESPN?

    As I recall, all of NASCAR is essentially controlled by one family. I’m thinking that the Photo is directed at women in an effort to move NASCAR beyond its current base of fans. As I understand it, pretty boys don’t do well with the NASCAR male fans. I heard so much hostility towards this one young good-looking driver (Jeff Gordon I think) on ESPN video tape of male NASCAR fans and, it all seemed based on the fact that the guy was good looking (and young).

    If anything, a beefcake photo of a driver will hurt a driver with the male NASCAR guys.

  4. Kyle Childress says

    I have to say that I like NASCAR a lot. When I lived in Alabama we would go to Talladega for every race. It was always a blast; much better in person than on TV. If you ever get the chance to go, try it, especially if it is a restrictor-plate race.

    And, oh my yes, Mr. Edwards is welcomed to the track. They didn’t have folks like him when I was going. Actually, the people watching was just as much fun, but for the opposite reasons. Some of the strangest, ugliest folks you’ll ever see.

  5. Bill says

    Yes, NASCAR has a white trash, redneck following, but it also has a big gay following. And, not just because of Jeff Gordon. I run an online discussion group for GLBT fans of the sport and the tastes in drivers runs the gamut. But yes, Carl is certainly one of the most popular. Glad to see Andy took the time to post his pic, as well as shed light on an oft overlooked sport and it’s gay connection. Thanks, Andy!

  6. Rad says

    I lived down near Daytona Beach for a while. NASCAR people creep me out; nothing more than stoopid white Hooter-loving trailer trash. Them and this new age of idiot bikers that need to emblazen OCC everywhere.

    I knew several gay men who followed Jeff Gordon, always lamenting that the rainbow he painted on his car had the wrong sequence of colors.

    Welcome to the Bush base.


  7. says

    Andy? Is your mom a big NASCAR fan, or is she trying to marry you off?

    My mom keeps suggesting “older, professional men” for me. Never anybody hot.

    LOL @ mothers. Gotta luv ’em.

  8. akadrenalinegirl says

    As the only female DJ at a country station it was learn to love NASCAR or leave. Now I go to at least 2 races a season, usuall with “hot passes” which allow you into the pits with the cars running and the drivers in the garages. These men are nummy! You should see some of the guys working behind the scenes! No wonder it’s one of the fastest growing spectator sports in the country! Give me some sunscreen, and I’m set!

  9. danny says

    ok I hate to break it to you people who think that all nascar fans are white trash, but anyone who has envested any money in the sport is loaded, I live in charlotte, and the richest people I know, the classest people I know from there are all nascar fans/are invested in the sport, so not white trash( and going to every race like most fans here do is not cheep) and damn Carl is hot, check out some of the other drivers too, there is a whole new hot generation.

  10. CNW says

    Oh yeah whew Carl Edwards! He is one sexy man and one of my favorites. My #1 favorite just happens to be Jeff Gordon, I disagree, he is just as good looking!

  11. Charlotte n Memphis says

    I’ve been a Nascar fan since before I could walk. Last year my driver decided to retire so I had to pick out someone new. I liked how Carl handled himself and his race car.
    Then I seen the magazine cover… If I hadn’t been a fan anyway.. I’d have had to rethink it!
    Yum E!

  12. NASCARfan20 says

    gay people shouldn’t be allowed at NASCAR events…now you are going to be NASCAR fans. fuck that. you stupid fags ruin everything. this is obviously a gay site so I’m going to leave.

  13. sweetpearacer says

    Very late, but I wanted to voice my displeasure with NASCARFAN20. I’m heterosexual, but I don’t appreciate asshole redneck Klan members coming to a place like this to keep people from enjoying my favorite sport. The NASCAR family is big enough for everyone, regardless of race or gender or sexual orientation (and the list goes on). So, NASCARFAN, you can fuck yourself (and get rid of the 20, because I don’t want my favorite driver associated with a bigot like you), and the rest of you can all hang out and share in the sexy Carl Edwards luvv anytime you please!

  14. Jenny R says

    Hey all! I ran into this blog somehow, I typed in a google search for Carl Edwards and this blog came up, looked interesting and decided to stop by. Boy am I glad I did! I love the fact that boys think Carl is sexy too! I’ve been a fan of his since he first came on the scene at NASCAR in 03. I’ve met the guy twice, he’s the biggest sweetheart and southern gentlemen you’ll ever meet! I think if he was made aware of his gay following he would be flatered by it and supportive! So everyone is welcomed to the tracks! Cheer him on and have fun! Oh and if you see a cute Latina 5’4″ with a JLO butt, its me, Jenny so say hi!

  15. 3WideOutside says

    Great to see this thread. Especially the comment from SweetPeaRacer – apparently NascarFan20 has some deep issues. One thing I am certain of… those who shout the loudest against gays are the most likely closet queens. I grew up around stock car racing, proud to be a licensed NASCAR driver, and love my gay buddies. But are you SURE Carl is the sexiest??? Okay. Carl is hot. Carl is great. Go Carl! We love you. ;-]

  16. ford88man says

    I think NASCAR realizes it has a significant gay fan base, but is not sure how to market to us because of southern societal and sponsor pressures. I am a classical musician and huge race fan, go to 3 races a year & love Carl E. and Matt Kenseth. Yea, there are a lot of trident redneck fans, but they just gotta learn to deal.

  17. lbcandide says

    What a sexy, sexy man! He definitely is my favorite NASCAR driver, and I hate NASCAR! : ) Particularly because of people like Nascarfan20 being a predominant force in their fan base! However, I’ve always though Jeff was sexy, but he can’t hold a candle to this fox! He could be on the cover of a Falcon box looking like that, so I find it funny that he’s on the cover of ESPN. What is a straight guy supposed to think when he gets that in the mail? I need to run to the gym? There’s obviously a little homoeroticism going on at ESPN these days! More power to it!

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  19. Laurens says

    Sorry, but Carl Edwards has the nastiest temper in NASCAR and he’s not a nice guy at all. Hell, he’s not even a very good driver. Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon are the two hottest men in NASCAR, followed very closely by Clint Boyer. As for the fans, NASCAR has ALWAYS had a large gay following in the south.