Cristiano Ronaldo: Team Player


Last week I brought you some virtual images of this Portuguese football stunner, but there’s no beating the real thing. Here, Cristiano Ronaldo gets very, very excited after Manchester United’s 4-0 win over Wigan in the Carling Cup final on Sunday afternoon.

Cristiano2_1 Cristiano3_1


Just a little excited. Enough to remove the shirt but not the pants.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe Jeans [tr]
Cristiano Gets Comfy After the Game [tr]
The Thighs Have It [tr]


  1. Rad says

    Very, very, very nice way to start a Monday. Thank you! Morning cup of coffee and shirtless athletes!


  2. Jimmyboyo says

    the boy has NO chin

    check a profile pic…they are rare…because his handlers know he is freaky when looked at from the side

    the boy litteraly has no chin

  3. Brian says

    Ay papi…

    Oh please… he does too have a chin. I work with head/neck cancer patients. You wanna see someone without a chin? I’ll show you someone without a chin. Christiano’s chin is just not very prominent, just like all the rest of his somewhat delicate features. I bet he’d look great in drag.

  4. JT Stout says

    So what is it about this lucious boy that makes me think he’d look great in drag, too? Brian, I think you’re on to something. He has such a feminine swagger (swish?) but such a fabulous body that he’s the perfect cocktail of estrogen and testosterone.

  5. ricardo says

    good morning andy….
    thank you for the mixture of additives….in most cases, enjoying the read, then if interested in comic relief or disbelief i can check some aspects of the commentary gallery. wonder if there’s a coed team, yet, they’d probably start screaming gender politics.

  6. whatwouldjanicedickinsondo says

    congratulations. you now officially share the same taste as my mother, who deemed him attractive during the 04 Euros when he played for Portugal.

  7. says

    Man, a few months ago I didn’t think he was attractive at all, but I seem to have come around to the thinking of much of the rest of the readership of this blog. Well, he is yummy…

    [META] Now we need but wait until Cristiano’s screaming, illiterate, female, and teenage fanbase descends on this post like they have so many others (;, and start hurling homophobic abuse at each other. The most embarrassing thing about it is that I’m pretty sure most of them hail from the UK, same as me. Something about they way they (fail to) express themselves. Sigh. [/META]

  8. steve says

    Jimmyboyo, MikeLa2 and to whom it may concern. If you don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say anything at all. He’s nice looking, better than most, maybe not the best? Don’t know him personally either, so don’t know anything about his personality. He seems to get along well with his teammates and coach. He’s certainly an attention-getter too. whatever your tastes may be.

  9. JOHN says

    He can bury his chin in my pubes any time he wants. Relax, Jimmy, you should be so lucky.

  10. lewis says

    this guy is 1 of the new properties into the world all ma mates fink he is poo part from 3 ov dem i fink hes mint

  11. says

    Cristiano Ronaldo! You are the Best Boy in the world.. so sweeet, so handsome, so talented, my beloved! :)

    I cant speak english, i come from poland :(
    But i very like You ..

    ..can You send to me e-mail? PLEASE ;( :*

  12. kirsty says

    safe safe!!!!!!!!!!! go on portugal and england we out here supporting you big up man dem livin in bedford, london, luton and leagrave rep ur endz yeh!! peace out bless!

  13. nika nakz says

    safe kirsty! wa gwan u no we reppin our enz safe 2 all ma gangstas livin in luton, london, leagrave and bedford hol tite bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. nik nakz + kirsty says

    hi sloncee how cum u sayin u cant speak english yet u writin in english foolish ass

  15. Eva Valentino says

    wait i dont get this is this a gay website not that there’s nothing worng without i just want to know becouse i think my brother will be intrested.




  17. Macaulay and corey says

    you cheater. i hate you. you got rooney sent.we all seen you wink and your in the papers with bad comments i hope you brake your legs so you dont play football no i hope you die. BYE

  18. Bob says

    whoever made this is gay because of the things down the side it is to do with gay men and i hate Ronaldo fo getting us out of the world cup! Cheats we cld have won if Roons didnt get sent off!

  19. Bob says

    whoever made this is gay because of the things down the side it is to do with gay men and i hate Ronaldo fo getting us out of the world cup! Cheats we cld have won if Roons didnt get sent off!

  20. matthew hall 24 eilleen gardens kingshurst birmingham says

    ronaldo u cheating scum u shud never plai in england agen and watch if you coome back to mancheter united rooney is going to snap you like a twig.
    ye hell shank u like a bitch.
    also u f**king gay t**t not only am i going to kill you but i hope you get aids from a man who rapes you in a ally.

  21. suga baby says

    All of you who said that Cristaino cheated are assholes.England lost fair and square.yall are just sour losers, go home back to ENGLAND and stay there…and rooney is an asshole also who is way to aggressive i glad he got sent off…don’t be angry because you got knock out of the game…it’s not cristiano’s fault that he is such a great player and england can’t shoot penalty kicks…aww how sad isn’t it…and by the way you all have a great day…cuntholes.
    p.s losers

  22. suga baby says

    Cristiano is a great player and he will make it very far than most players his age all he has to do is keep playing good football and keep his head up and by the way he is really hotttttttttttt.

  23. nerves says

    This is to reply to SUGA BABY !!! You are a fuckin’ bitch !!!! Did you see the semi final against France??? Ronaldo is a fuckin’ twit with a big piece of shit as brain. He looks like a duck. He’s just a cheater and a diver. He could even get an Oscar for play acting…. Figo is the same. I’m no England fan… but the fuckin’ bastard is just a cheater… CHEATER !!!

  24. Anonymous says

    I fully agree with Nerves… That fucker is just a diver… I’m so motherfuckin happy that Portugal are out of the World Cup !!! that will teach the fucker to dive next time. Whatch out Ronaldo… you’re getting bad reputation. Already on the news, thousands of fan interviewed say they booed Ronaldo each time he touched the ball. He’s just a stupid chick-looking diver. FIFA should ban him from playing football forever…

  25. CAR says

    Well… I’ve got something inteligent to say in the middle of all this…
    (it’s a pitty I can’t say it in an intelligent language, but whatsoever…)
    Let me see… I finally found the reason why some american people are so dull… because they are your cousins!
    Is that because you have tiny tomatoes? Well, I dunno, but one thing is for sure… you haven’t any gentleman sense! Look at this! You can’t get the message that your football isn’t even worth a BM (in portuguese it’s a very funny thing, hope many of us come here to read it). Yeah, it seems like you’re all as Rooney: fat flacide pieces of people, spoilt childs and so on… I never thought you english people were so dull! Never in life!
    I’m proud of being portuguese, at least we didn’t tell to the world to hate France or so! I like France and think Zidane is a great player, indeed!
    I would recommend you some great sites but they are in spanish, so I doubt you could ever read it. But I challenge yourselves to search for it… if you get a good translator maybe you like them… just a litte suggestion for a perfect afternoon…
    Ronaldo is a great player and we are a great team. Just think about Rooney and Becas and you’ll see the difference between we and you… Even Ricardo is better than you in penaltys, right?
    Just get a life!

  26. phil says

    To Car, a Portuguese national attempting to speak about being a gentleman has be laughing off my chair. Your country has disgraced itself this World Cup. I speak four different languages and have a masters in Linguistics, but language has nothing to do with this argument. What is comes down to is that you are dirty, rotten cheats. Simple.

  27. wC says

    both Rooney n Ronaldo ar wrong. Rooney should’ve controlled himself but he didnt… n wut Ronaldo did was yes selfish n cheap. but i believe all of u hv or has done sumfin at least ONCE in ur life jus ta benefit urself. wut Ronaldo did was jus like standin up for a fren… n ders no wrong in it. regardless of Ronaldo bein rite or wrong… dun u fink his punishment is kinda harsh? yes u guys can hate me for writin dis shiit or wut so ever… but i’m jus pointin out dat Ronaldo cant affect wut da ref finks… so stop bein stupid.

  28. Sweety says

    I was glad Rooney was red carded!! He very well deserved it. Stamping the player in his groin. Stupid fool!!! English are real bad players and bad losers. Ronaldo did the best thing in supporting his team!! Cheers Ronaldo. You are the best player Portugal has. don’t lose spirit.

  29. PortugueseBaby says

    yea Wayne Rooney deserved tat red fouls Portugal like tat..
    n 4 all u grl who think Cristiano is hot n sexii..well your rite he is..wat can i say he Portuguese n Portuguese guys r hot n sexii…
    Portugal 4EVER #1

  30. vijay says

    c.ronaldo u son of a bitch..u screwed rooney…u screwed england….u bastard….u incited the referee to give rooney a red card….u ass hole….u better screw off to la liga next season…u ass wipe….i don wanna see ur face in EPL next season

  31. humz says

    u lot get over it i doubt it woulda made any difffrence whetha fatty woz red carded or not england admitted dey wer 2 tired dey would lost anyway atleast wayne can look on bright syd he can sit on tha bench or whereva n eat sum mo piez! so leave ronaldo alone he didnt do anythng wrng atleast he aint fuckin’ ugly as rooney so we wont get 2 c his ugly mug 4 couple of gamez!

  32. bips says

    h8az out der dat wana get rid of him 4 good sum how u can h8 all u want buh he ain’t gonna budge coz of those losaz out der i’m tellin’ u he’ll leave when cristiano is good n ready he myt looklyk a cry baby buh he is stronger thn dat look beyond those tearz! england wer neva gna make 2 tha final n coz of dat liverpudlian meatball ronaldo is puttin’ up with shit when it should b da otha way round he let HIS team down so ITZ HIS FUCKIN’ FAULT!

  33. admin says

    Well…Time to close this thread I guess. Nice debate but we’ll gather two thing from all this week’s event… 1. FIFA did not give Ronaldo the World Cup Player of the Year because they said he cheated too much… this to close all you Ronaldo lovers’ mouths. 2. Ronaldo does not want to come back to England and wants to go to Spain instead… if he was so innocent, what has he got to be afraid of???

  34. alla says

    i just want 2 say that you were amazing in all your matches and go ahead and stay as you r and i love u

  35. alla says

    i just want 2 say that you were amazing in all your matches and go ahead and stay as you r and i love u

  36. lutimuss maximuss says

    ronaldo was a cheating little prick. the portuguese fans loved him for it. english berated him for it. which fans care about the sport?