George Michael: Dazed and Accused in London

George_michaelThe British 80’s gay pop establishment are being taken down one by one on drug charges.

Found slumped semi-conscious in a Range Rover at Hyde Park Corner at 2am, George Michael appeared “dazed” when the police found and questioned him, before discovering GHB, cannabis, and an assortment of sex toys.

George_smallA witness told The Sun tabloid: “George was completely out of it — he was all over the place. He was found with his head slumped against the wheel. No one could rouse him. He was virtually unconscious. When the police came he could hardly speak.”

Michael was arrested, taken to the West End Central Police Station and examined. He was deemed fit to drive but the drug possession charges aren’t going away soon.

Approximately eight years ago, Michael was arrested by an undercover police officer in a public toilet in Beverly Hills for lewd conduct, for which he served 80 hours of community service.

Last November, Michael announced plans to marry his longtime partner Kenny Goss, who was not on the scene at the time of the singer’s arrest.

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  1. Bill says

    It takes a pretty grounded individual not to fall into these traps caused by fame and wealth. If this had happened to, say, Tom Hanks I would be surprised. But not by George Michael.

  2. Brian says

    It’s so easy to dog George. He’s the male Liza. That said, if you’re a celebrity and you want to “pnp” (stupid idea but whatever), then perhaps you should either have the young gentleman to your house, or get a hotel room for the night. Don’t try to drive home after having a GHB fueled “festival of insertion”.

    Poor thing. Every time he screws up, the press just seems to be right there on top of it. He can’t catch a break.

  3. JT Stout says

    Ok, the cops said they found illegal drugs. Great, report it, it’s a crime. But why the heck is it important to say anything about anything else that isn’t illegal (the sex toys and masks)? Simple: to embarass the guy and everything about him. This just shows how people in power positions can use those positions to discredit those the dislike.

  4. Rad says

    Wow… I actually feel… genuinely sorry for George Michael. Concerned. Being stoned and alone is not a good sign.

    I wonder if the new layer of stress about marrying Kenny Goss are too much for him? This action of his is that warning bell I’ve witnessed in a lot of men (gay and straight) when there was someting going on in their lives that they just could not handle. Even at times in my own life, I’ve turned to alcohol or drug abuse to numb what ever it was I did not want to deal with.

    I admire GM. In my early adulthood, I adored him in “Wham”, always attracted to him (I have a thing for men with high hair and tight shorts…). When he got busted in the mens room, and made his coming out official, I danced. So happy that he was not some “arc weld that closet door shut” celebrity.


    Hope he makes it through.


  5. gabe says

    If you know the police are going to make a big deal out of anything remotely illegal that you do, why put yourself in the same position again and again?? This is what I don’t get. I know it’s easy for us who don’t do drugs and who don’t travel around with sex toys in the trunk of our cars to get all self-righteous but c’mon George!!!

  6. Michael W. says

    I’m most appalled that he was behind the wheel of a car. He’s lucky, LUCKY, that the worst thing that happened was that he was busted for possession and being under the influence. He could have very well killed someone.

  7. PSMike says

    lord….you aunties act like this wouldn’t happen to you or any of your friends on any given weekend. I think his response has been pretty good….he fucked up, blames only himself, and is more than a little humble. Oh wait..that’s why all the ‘holier than thou’ comments! Nothing screams gay better than gossipping about/trashing a friend.
    [and no..I don’t use G or weed (anymore)…somethings ya do outgrow…lol]

  8. Chad Hanging says

    With the number of times the US has given Robert Downey Jr all of his second chances, George ought to be afforded the same amount.

    I’ve never understood why these super rich people don’t have their drugs brought TO them. I understand why he couldn’t use a lacky for lavatory sex since that’s one of those ‘you have to be there yourself’ kinda things but why not be smart and have a limo drive you around while you’re doing drugs? He can afford it.

    Now we know why he wears dark glasses all the time, because his eyes are what show his age most.

    Bless him, this is not the end for him. He’ll always be a personal favorite of mine. Such great talent.

  9. says

    Even at 40, Robert Downey, Jr. still looks young and cute. It’s easier to forgive him for “youthful indiscretions”. GM looks like a wasted, old reprobate, and he gets treated like one.

    It’s “lookism”. You do get judged by your appearance. There’s also the fact that Downey’s arrests were in CA, where Hollywood Stars get preferential treatment. If he’d been busted in another state, he probably wouldn’t have gotten off so easily. I guess being a former star in London doesn’t get you anywhere with the cops.

  10. Chad Hanging says

    That’s clearly a subjective matter because I think Downey has looked like shit for the past 3 years virtually non-stop whereas Michael was able to hide his aged appearance behind those glasses until right about….just now.

    I always thought Ridgley was the cute one and thought Michael looked like a sick, hairy squirrel lurking around the hamster cage turning tricks for free. But as far as fashion, being well kept, well groomed, etc GM has that over RDJ hands down.

    They’re respective talents still rival one another. If they were both artists of the same medium they’d be contemporaries. They’re both very talented. Too bad about the drugs.

    Even with this arrest, GM still doesn’t come anywhere near going down as a drug addict of the ilk of RDJ or Boy George. Sure his bathroom thing was stupid but I didn’t throw him over my shoulder for it. With RDJ, I got fed up with that after about the 3rd or 4th time.

    Another sad aspect is that now he’s in the company of Boy George who was playing that low-rent Elton John act of taking swipes at other performers who we all assume he’s been friends with. Elton did does it because he’s a tempermental bitch but at least we can’t accuse him of doing it due to an addiciton to drugs. Now we can’t say the same for the two George’s.

    Pity the whole thing but it could have been worse. He could have been caught passed out in his car during morning rush hour bent over the back seat naked with the head of a Bert puppet up his ass only to be awakened by snickering kids taking pics with their cell phone cameras.

    Close though.

  11. Chad Hanging says

    P.S. A gearshift could be a sex toy if you’re high enough so I don’t give too much credence to that bit of it. That picture of him wided eyed and tweaking is what bothers me most.

  12. Gregger says

    It looks to me like George Michael and Boy George are students of the Michael Jackson School of Fame course: “Better Negative Press Than No Press At All”. Would a three-way with these guys participating be called “Boy George Michael Jackson”? Now there’s a disturbing image.

  13. g s says

    i feel sorry for him.we are all humans and everyone is the same.nobody is perfect ! everyone should look into their own lives.he paid his price already having his “busted” picture published in every magazine. leave him alone. Thanks!

  14. SHERI says

    HOW DARE SOME OF YOU TO KICK THE MAN WHEN HE’S DOWN.He has some problems and because he’s a famous person you feel that you are so much better than him, HA truth is you have your OWN DEEP PROBLEMS! I am a strong supportor of Mr. Michael, I pray that he seeks out rehab and finds a better way to manage his pain. I also hope that his partner supports him durning this time, as well as all his family and close friends maybe get together an have a group INTERVENTION for him before it’s to later. Your in my thoughts and prayer’s George and please get the help you need, I love you so much and I want you to get better… hugs and kisses, Sheri xoxoxoxoxo

  15. dana ryan says

    I feel very bad for George Michael. He is obvioulsy in alot of pain he cannot deal with. I do hope he gets help very soon or we are not going to have him around for very much longer.

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