1. Rad says

    What was that line from Rosy O’Donnel’s “Exit to Eden”…?

    Rent boy: “I’ll do anything you want!”
    Rosy: “Okay, go paint my house.”

  2. Donald says

    Soylent Green is people, people.. he cried out as he died in the form of a cross. He is the kind of furniture that looks quite comfortable to sit on.

  3. Arnie H. says

    Didn’t Cary Grant already make this movie? – “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House?”

  4. says

    There is a lot more to the ad than meets the eye. Barbara Corcoran, the owner of Corcoran Real Estate Group makes regular appearances on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Cable show – Your World. Cavuto regards her has one of the most successful residential real estate brokers in NYC. During a recent appearance, Cavuto asked her about the health of the condo / apartment rental market in New York and she said it was quite healthy. Then he asked her the demographic of the group buying and renting the most number of units. Without hesitation she said “hideway units” are far and away the most in demand. She further explained that successful executives wanted units for both girlfriends and boyfriends. Cavuto seemed rather shocked at the boyfriend part. Her response was that units for execs to comfortably lodge their boyfriends is a very large segment of that market. He asked her the average price of a 1/1 for such a purpose and she said $2,500 per month and up. Corcoran said the unspoken truth about he purpose of the unit is revealed when they are given instructions to send all paperwork to the office, never to call their home and the wife never appears to inspect the unit. The pictures on her website reflect exactly what she said on Cavuto’s show. She has effectively covered all of the bases.

  5. reurrect says

    not being from NYC, is that the look that Chelsea boys are into these days? I thought that scene was all about the muscles … this one appears so waifish. What do NYC queens go for these days?

  6. Jay Croce says

    Since the earliest days of Madison Avenue, we’ve been assaulted by scantily clad females, posed suggestively upon automobiles, furniture, lumber, and home appliances. It’s about freakin’ time we got some hunk-o-licious revenge.

    Bring on the beefcake!

  7. says

    I’m with Resurrect (there’s a missing ‘s’ there, right?). Chelsea used to be about big gym bunnies. Are they all displaced now, pecs colliding in a couple of jammed Noho lofts, forced to share scantier cupboard space unable to accommodate more than one jug of designer whey?


  8. Hedi Slimane says

    I’d hardly call this hunk “waifish” but yes, big roid muscles are out. Leaner, more modelesque bodies are in.

    Try telling that to the tired old circuit queens though…

  9. Mark says

    LOL Damon…I think that lady is most obviously in the market for a 5th floor studio walkup in the East Village. haha