Tom Ford Fluffs Jake Gyllenhaal

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Fluffer. In the professional, stylist, haute-fashion sense, of course.

These are caps from the “Tom Ford’s HollywoodVanity Fair issue portrait sitting of Jake Gyllenhaal. Annie Leibowitz is the photographer. For you Gyllenhaalics, it’s another few minutes of Jake being Jake, just enough to satisfy until your next fix. Tom Ford seems determined throughout to insert himself and sex things up. I guess if you can’t get the boy naked, you do what you gotta do.


As a postscript to some earlier news, the shirts that were being auctioned for charity from Brokeback Mountain finally sold for $101,100.51…

Vanity Fair B-Roll [vf]

Tom Ford Takes a Bite Out of Hollywood [tr]
Just What is Tom Ford’s Hollywood? [tr]


  1. JT Stout says

    I live in a vacuum and first heard about Tom Ford on Towleroad a few months ago. I don’t think I “get” him. I certainly envy him, though, in these shots. Mr. Gyllenhaal is utterly irresistable, even if he is a bit (well a LOT) too young for me.

  2. Gilli says

    Jake looks terrible in this shot! It’s like they took the worst possible photo and said, “Yeah, this one’s it”. He looks much more appealing in Tom’s “fluffer” shots.

  3. JT Stout says

    After watching the video, I’m convinced the look says “Why can’t I just get back to acting?” He appeared genuinely uncomfortable with all the hullabaloo.

  4. says

    While I still wish the money The Shirts brought were going to a specifically LGBT youth group like GLSEN or the Trevor Project [who average 1000 calls a month from kids considering suicide], the absolutely staggering amount they brought is going to charity rather than another greedy Hollywood props dealer and will, from the news stories the sale itself will generate, draw even more people to see the film or at least consider its positive message[s]. The latter is a sociopolitical/cultural phenomenon that even those it left cold can appreciate. BTW: less common advertising items for the film, while bringing nothing like the $100k, have tripled and quadrupled in price in the last two weeks.

    As much as Ford makes me go “EEEWWW!”, I’m sure Jake got used to photogs copping a feel even before BBM, and, at least, Ford is honest about whom he wants to be fucked by unlike the ubiquitous and lecherous Bruce Weber, as much as one appreciates what his coy lust has produced over the years. While this Ford photo is a loser [why make someone LESS attractive except to fulfill your own fantasies of street trade?], more revealing photos of Jake are inevitable as there are so many shirtless in existence already. He may not be the narcissist Reichen is, and, like him, never go Full Jakey, but he knows he’s hot and that that is a part of his success [while it’s Reichen’s only one]. I wager a posed shot including the ass that Heath immortally thrust against will be gracing Towleroad in but a year or so.

  5. Darrell says

    As a person who once thought Tom Ford was “Hot” he just looks “Sad” working his hands over Jake who understandably looks a little put out over the manhandling. It looks like Tom is trying to recapture some of his lost allure after leaving Gucci, by hitching a ride to Jake’s Wagon…. no pun intended.

  6. Leland says

    PS: Diana Ossana reveals in the latest “Advocate” that it was entirely Heath’s idea to reverse which shirt was within which for the final scenes. That symbolism was one of the most powerful parts of the film for many, me include, and further evidence of the insight, creativity, and alchemy Ledger brought to the project which has led the author Annie Proulx to actually say HIS Ennis is better than hers, and another reason why HE DESERVES THE GODDAMN OSCAR FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! Beats mimicry [even of a gay literary icon]in my book any year.

  7. Tina says

    The switched shirts was so very powerful for me too. What a smart guy. I still wonder what was at the end of “Jack, I swear…” Annie’s story doesn’t elaborate either. So, we’re left to guess. “I swear I loved you” or “I swear I wanted things to be different” are probably the gist anyway. And man, oh man, Jake is hot. I second JT Stout at the top who says that Jake is a little (well a LOT) too young for him. He’s way too young for me too, but I can look can’t I?!! Thanks for the post and Tom Ford is indeed eeewwww.

  8. JT Stout says

    Mr. Gyllenhaal’s gulping and dry mouth when the lovely (naked) Ennis was behind him was, for me, one of the classic scenes and is worthy of an Oscar in its own right. Now you tell me that Mr. Ledger is every bit as gifted in understanding they psyche of a gay man! Both these fellows should give lessons to gay men. Incredible!

  9. Tina says

    I like to think the switched shirts symbolized Ennis wanting to take care of Jack – or hold him forever. Very powerful stuff. I cried harder at the switched shirts than anything else. And YES, Heath deserves an Oscar – NO QUESTION. All of the things that aren’t said in the movie are as powerful as the things that are said…

  10. samguy says

    wow, tom ford, what a fucking genius to make jake look so hott!!!!

    sorry, i just dont’ get him. when is he going to move into that fucking adobe mansio in alberquerque?

  11. San says

    “Jack…I Swear”. I can only guess what Ennis meant and it probably was he’d scatter Jacks ashes on Brokeback one day. I wonder why I find Heath devastatingly gorgeous?

  12. John says

    The last line of the story/movie is intended to be all encompassing: I swear, we made a mess of things, I loved you and should have shown it, Things would be different, I swear you were the love of my life, and perhaps a promise to reveal his true feelings, we’ll meet again. In short, it is an amazingly intense line to end the greatest story of all time. With a story as powerful as Brokeback Mountain, certain viewers and readers (Myself) need an open ending to keep them sane. Lets face it, if the story ended with Ennis just looking at the shirt and jacket and crying, with no “Jack, I swear” several of us would be on a prescription anti-depressant or in an insane asylum. Anne knew that she took on a great responsibility writing this story and knew the impact it could negatively have on the softhearted, therefore leaving the story with “Jack, I swear”. When all else fails, we can tell ourselves that it had to mean
    Its NOT over.

  13. says

    I have always thought Ennis’es shirt inside Jack’s in Jack’s closet [literal and figurative] to symbolize, to both him and the reader/viewer, their sexual relationship. The short story and the movie make clear that it wasn’t just with Jack that he liked anal intercourse, but Alma, too. Perhaps too obvious, but not a syllable was left to chance by Annie Proulx who went through multiple drafts before releasing her story to the world in which she wrote, “his shirt…stolen by Jack and hidden here inside Jack’s own shirt, the pair like two skins, one inside the other, two in one.” And the reversal, Ennis’es shirt surrounding Jack’s, that Heath created, perhaps, symbolized to Ennis that he was, belatedly, protecting his lover whom he imagined having died after being attacked.

    “I swear….” is a common expression in the Midwest by itself. It means, essentially, in reaction to something that strongly affects the speaker, that he/she can’t find the words, beyond that, to express what they’re feeling. A similar expression was common in my family: “Well, I’ll be!” Unless one is speaking existentially, “be” requires an object. Similar to the complete, in obsolescence, and, of itself, absurd expression, “Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.”

    My belief is that Ennis, who was often at a loss for words [though had great power sometimes when he found them], was simply expressing that he could find no words to describe all he was feeling about what had gone before. That he had taken the shirts, reversed them and revered them, placing them beside a postcard of Brokeback he’d tracked down, said it all. As Tina observed: the ultimate silence as powerful as any of the dialogue.

  14. NYCer says

    Some very insightful interpretations of the two shirts and “Jack, I swear…”

    That is the brilliance of “Brokeback” is that it doesn’t spoon feed you the answers. It makes you think and question it long after you have seen it.

    Back on topic, the final picture of Jake in the actual V.F. is great. They have Jake and Heath’s pictures side by side, with the same background. So it looks like they are in the same shot.

  15. says

    Who won Jake’s shirt? I came across this article from some message board:

    LA Times:

    Brokeback’s shirts will hang in Gary Cooper’s home

    Where will Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist’s overlapping shirts — seen in the final scene of “Brokeback Mountain” — spend the rest of their days?

    Fittingly, the shirts will hang in the historic Beverly Hills home of iconic Hollywood western film star Gary Cooper, now owned by venture capitalist-philanthropist David Bohnett, who purchased and restored the Cooper family home that was featured in Architectural Digest magazine last year.

    Bohnett’s partner Tom Gregory bought the “Brokeback” cowboy shirts — still on their single hanger — from the Ebay auction that ended Monday, Feb 20.

    His winning bid? Just $100,100.51, a portion of which will go to Variety – The Children’s Charity of Southern California and will help build a new Boys & Girls Club in Boyle Heights, Calif.

    A longtime film still collector, Gregory (63 signed photos of classic film stars decorate his home’s walls) knew the value of the shirts as an investment.

    “They’re the ruby slippers of our time,” Gregory explained. “It’s the most significant prop in modern film history.”

    But they are even more culturally significant, says the actor-philanthropist-collector. “The minute I saw the film, I wanted those shirts. I’m just grateful for having the ability to buy them, and I’m honored to be the steward of these shirts that are such an important symbol for our time and the gay culture. I didn’t want them to end up in the hands of some right wing zealot who might burn them as a political statement.”

    The shirts are arriving this afternoon and Gregory plans to take them to his framer friend to design a fitting display.

    “I’m thinking a picture box frame for them that will give the effect of being inside a closet.”

    But there’s one thing that would make the shirt display complete: the postcard of Brokeback Mountain that Ennis taped inside his closet door in the film.

    “I would die to have that,” admits Gregory. “I’m trying to find out who has it.“

    Hey, another 100 grand and he might just get it.

  16. Tina says

    John and Leland, I enjoyed both of your interpretations of “I, swear..” very much. Such smart men. John’s response goes straight to the heart and Leland’s straight to the mind. I love this sight. It is my favorite. Since this string is now in archive, I don’t suppose we will continue. But I would love to hear your take on whether Jack did in fact quit Ennis in the end… I like to think he did not. Would he have met Ennis in November if he hadn’t died?…

  17. Shirley says

    Some of you people are truly idiots. Tom Ford is not fluffing or manhandling Jake Gyllenhall — He is doing what EVERY stylist on a photoshoot does. WAKE UP MORONS.

  18. Chad Hanging says

    I doubt it. We still have to explain our in-jokes to them.

    Anyway, I’m so dissapointed I couldn’t afford those shirts. I would love to have bought them for my man.

  19. Patty says

    Hi all. I agree with Leland with the “I swear” comment. I’m from the south and we also use that expression when we are confronted with something so overwhelming that we are at a loss of words. I also think the “I swear” was also tinged with a bit of anger. I’m straight and I enjoyed the movie immensely. I think he would have met Jack in November. I think Ennis was finally ready to get serious about the relationship. At least that’s what I hope. The people who say they won’t see the movie because of the homosexuality are missing out on a great movie. Their loss!!! Yeah…Jake looks hot in those “fluffer” pics..not crazy about the actual shots though.

  20. Jan says

    I see Jack as a Christ-like figure – he is shown early on carrying a lamb and the iconography of the good shepherd sprang immediately to my mind – then at the end his death redeems Ennis in that it allows him to acknowledge love both for Jack and for his daughter – the important question, as he can see only at that point, being,”Does he love you?” I don’t think he’d have got to that point while Jack was alive. Isn’t that the point of the tragedy – that we only know too late and can’t change till what we love has gone?

  21. Ennis says

    I agree with the comments about the expression “I swear”. it is two words that speak to a situation too overwhelming for words. once, while a college student in Texas, at the DFW Airport, in 50-degree temperatures outside, I heard a Dallas matron, cuddling up to her real fur coat from Neimans, upon entering the terminal, yell out, “Ah swe-aaar, ah feel jes lahk a piece of ass!” maybe Ennis was only saying how much he wanted another piece of Jake’s ass at this point in the movie. which is totally understandable! who wouldn’t? yeah, it’s true, don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

  22. CRAIG says


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