Pet Shop Boys: Fundamentally Political

Bush_blairThe Pet Shop Boys will use their upcoming album Fundamental as a political pulpit, criticizing Britain’s Labour Party and that government’s plan for national ID cards as well as the close relationship between George Bush and Tony Blair.

The track “I’m With Stupid” lampoons a “love affair” between the two leaders, as one of them questions what he’s doing in the relationship, according to London’s Evening Standard:

The lyrics of “I’m With Stupid” include: “Call you every day/ Fly across the ocean/ Just to let you get your way/ No one understands me/ Where I’m coming from/ Why would I be with someone/ Who’s obviously so dumb?”

The song also has homoerotic overtones: “I have to ask myself like any lover might/ Have you made a fool of me?/ Are you not Mr Right?…/ Is stupid really stupid or are you really smart?/ That’s how you stole my heart.”

The new album drops May 22nd.


  1. says

    >>government’s plan for national ID cards

    Government ID cards are a waste of time and money. What Great Britain, and The United States need is to enter the 21st Century.

    Biometrics are so much simpler, and make so much more sense. Every person in the World has a unique fingerprint and iris scan, and they can’t leave home without them. When the World gets serious about security, we’ll have an international fingerprint and iris database, and everyone will be in it. Then we won’t have to worry about fake ID’s, forged passports, bogus identities, or terrorists with multiple aliases.

  2. Anna says

    We won’t have to worry about all that pesky freedom, either.

    I understand what you’re saying, but the big brother implications of what you suggest frighten me more than any security benefits. Just my feelings.

  3. Tread says

    Did you watch Minority Report? I’d rather not the government be able to track which stores I shop in, where I go at night, and whom I choose to visit.

  4. Hal says

    Did you watch Demolition Man? I’ll just hack off your head and fingers, and then we’ll see what 21st century crime is all about.

    Anyways, love the PSB!

  5. Henry Holland says

    Yeah, the new PSB album sounds very interesting. Of course, they’ll be ripped to shreds here in the States by wingnuts because they dared to criticize The Dear Leader. Should be a lot of fun.

  6. Gilli says


    What’s wrong with biometrics?

    I’m not sure that the American gov’t could afford to place biometrics “everywhere”–as opposed to mainly in locations where high security is needed.

    I’m a bit partial because one of my business friends designs the stuff and has met 2 American presidents in the process. (He has made it clear to me that Nothing is foolproof including biometrics.)

    By the way, we all get so caught up in the movies and temporarily forget that the Average Joe can be tracked down easily.