Plaza Hotel Holds Massive Garage Sale


Last night, guests arrived at Christie’s for a 40th Anniversary re-creation of Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball, an event held in conjunction with an auction of artifacts from the Plaza, which will be held today.

Among the items up for auction are a parquet dance floor, candelabras, leather club chairs, a Steinway grand piano,and the humidor which used to house cigars in the famed Oak Room. Browse the auction here.

The Plaza Hotel is under renovation and will become a 282 room inn attached to 182 luxury condominiums. Pictured below, Truman Capote prepares for his Black and White Ball in 1966.


Truman Capote’s Past Up for Auction [tr]


  1. Donald says

    I miss the Plaza for the last couple years it had a bar called ONE. Kind of for tourists but I met the most wonderful people there and spent quite some wonderful Sunday afternoons looking over the park and meeting new people. I know the other resturants lost some of their luster but the Oyster bar was always so much fun.

    God I sound like such an old man for 46. But I do love a good hotel bar. Thanks Andy

  2. Raymond says

    I wonder if they invited Hoffman to do a puff piece cameo appearance as Capote. The pseudo-liberals LOVE the effeminate and bitchy queen.

    After all, they are no threat. They do not make baby batter that breeds.

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