Soulforce Bus Becomes “Fags-Mobile”


The gay activist group Soulforce’s bus was sprayed with hate graffiti Thursday evening near Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, reportedly by a middle aged woman and a teenager. Doing God’s work, no doubt.

The student activist group is touring the country to protest at universities that discriminate against gays and lesbians. Arrests have been made at their previous stops, Liberty and Regent Universities. They were planning for their next day’s activities at Lee— a prayer vigil in front of the President’s office —when the vandals struck.

Said Equality Ride co-director Jacob Reitan: “The attack on the bus is hate speech, plain and simple, spelled out for everyone to read. But a more subtle form of hate speech happens when students at the schools we are visiting are told they are sick and sinful just for being the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people God made them to be.”

About the pink paint, Reitan added, “We might choose to paint over it or we might leave it on, sort of a display of intolerance.”

Too bad they don’t have Guy Pearce around to paint the whole bus pink and ride atop it in a silver stiletto.



  1. Brent says

    I’m not sure, but I think this is homophobia? I mean, I don’t want to over-react though. I’m sure they are just expressing themselves- it’s their 1st Amendment right.

    Crap like this just burns me up.

  2. james says

    i’m still gay & definitely still proud & happy to know the goings on of the world.

    But really —
    I’m all for people believing in who / whatever they want to believe in — was it really necessary to say “no doubt in god’s name” ?

    Doesn’t that just underline an un-needed divide?

  3. Raymond says

    The Dominionist Theocrats are right wing theocons who know how to rile up the least informed and aware among the Christian faith community.

    There has always been an interesting sociological reality within Christendom. For example, the Roman Catholics reach the broadest spectrum – from the wealthiest and most classically educated, aware and informed, to ignorant peasantry in Latin America and elsewhere in the world.

    The Orthodox Churches reach a similar, if more unaware and uninformed demographic.

    Protestantism in this hemisphere has always had a rather measurable demographic. The mainline Anglicans and Presbyterians ( mirroring the established Churches of England and Scotland respectively) have always been a “country club” denomination of choice among the elite.

    The Lutherans and the Methodists had their audience among Scots-Irish Protestant immigrants in the US and Canada, and the Lutherans in the Midwest followed the Scandanavian and German immigrations – hence the three Lutheran synods today – ELCA – liberal LCMS – conservative and WELS – ultraconservative.

    The Dominionists were most successful when they worked with nominal Anabaptist and Pentacostal groups – often taken from the lower socio-economic and the marginal classes….led of course, by well-educated politically neocon Elmer Gantry-type “evangelists”.

    So from their lips from their Neocon Handlers to the masses…..and the marginal middle-aged woman with teen-age son doing what she truly believes is God’s work in describing that bus thusly.

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