road.jpg Pentagon acknowledges surveillance of gay groups that oppose the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

Mooncrashroad.jpg NASA plans new trip to the moon to search for water. Collision of spacecraft will be visible on Earth through a telescope. Of course, this is what they’re saying. Bush may just be making a pre-emptive strike to stop those moonmen from acquiring a weapon.

road.jpg Anderson Cooper: most stalked anchor.

Swiss_man_1road.jpg Switzerland offering beefcake for the World Cup.

road.jpg Here! TV to run United Church of Christ’s “ejector seat” ad that LOGO (viacom) and other networks rejected, free of charge. Senior veep: “We will not allow our community’s interaction with various religious groups to be defined by those who do not include us in their houses of worship, but rather by those who welcome us as part of their respective congregations. We strongly support all faith-based organizations that use their teachings to bring people together, not to divide with fear and prejudice.”

road.jpg Due for sentencing on April 25th, Survivor winner Richard Hatch in protective custody away from other inmates at Plymouth House of Correction. Hatch: “I’d just hate for someone to think these are pleasant conditions.”


  1. manchild says

    If the spaceship crashing into the moon is happening because idiot President Bush is pushing for it, then it will probably cause the moon to go off orbit and wind up killing off all civilization here on earth.

  2. says

    Report From The Pentagon:

    Gays have now fully infiltrated the American family in order to subvert the fabric of society and they are rapidly advancing on the Pentagon. An investigation is underway to determine the source of the leak that exposed that the Pentagon is working feverishly to finalize the development of a secret new weapon…a gay repellant spray.

    The spray is reported to have the scent of a Republican and the sensibilities of Pat Robertson. It comes in canisters available in any of the six rainbow colors. An extra strength formulation is rumored to be in development.

    read more observations here:

  3. says

    >>The Department of Defense has indicated that it’s search for documents relating to surveillance of groups opposed to Don’t Ask, Don’t tell continues.

    I think that’s great news. It proves that they are afraid of having to end the ban on Gays in the Military, and that they find Gay groups a threat. It can only mean that the days of the Gay Ban are numbered. Otherwise, the Pentagon would ignore us.

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