David Blaine at Lincoln Center


No, the 33-year-old magician won’t be performing any tricks on stage. He’ll be living in an aquarium in front of Lincoln Center for an entire week starting May 1st. While this sounds a bit less daunting than fasting for 44 days in an acrylic box suspended above the Thames River (his last quest for attention), it also sounds a bit sexier, provided he isn’t wearing a wetsuit. He also plans to try and break the world record for holding breath. Not for a week, mind you, but as a stunt at the end of his swim with the fishes.

And given the skin-altering effects of water (not to mention the shrinkage factor!) he may emerge looking like a human prune.


  1. Brian says

    I like David Blaine’s awesome sleight-of-hand tricks… he’s really talented, and can perform card tricks that make your head spin… but these big dramatic stunts are just a little bit too “David Copperfield” for my taste.


  2. Scott A says

    OMG, do you guys remember the time when David Blaine ate his own head? Or the time when he founded a cult in order to gain tax-exempt status?

    Cartman: Ma’am, have you ever wondered what David Blaine’s plan is for you?

    Elderly Woman: No, not really.

    Cartman: Oh, you see, that, that’s interesting because… I’m so thankful for David Blaine’s book, and, I’m so thankful that he showed me the way to true happiness that I think about his plan often.

    Kyle: David Blaine is doing a big performance in Denver tomorrow night. [closes his book] We’re sure his magic will entertain and astound you!

    Cartman: He’s going to eat his own head.

    Kyle: How many tickets can we put you down for?

    Elderly Woman: Oh, I can’t go.

    Cartman: Oh, come on, it’ll make you a happy person.

    Elderly Woman: I am happy.

    Cartman: No you’re not.

    Elderly Woman: Alright, two tickets

  3. Rad says

    Blain, schmain. The hottie I would love to see more of is Chris Angel (“Mindfreak”). Not only is he fucking gorgeous (in a Axel Rose/punker/rock star kinda way, tight pants and all), his illusions are INCREDIBLE!!!



  4. Lead says

    Well, Brian at least a standard David Copperfield Las Vegas style show is done and dusted in just under ninety minutes. This scuba stunt will drain and shrivel your own senses for a solid week – seven long days and nights of Blaineomania.

    Not to bring up the awful (and banal) Blaine past escapades, but his stunt here in London went over like a, erm, turd in a punchbowl. I pray that New Yorkers will have enough sense to ask a simple ‘why’ and to discover that similar to David’s other lame stunts examine how he’s likely to pocket well over a cool million in media rights and that none of that is destined to go to a single charity. The irony of starving one’s self for cash in today’s world was not missed by the Brits.

    Perhaps you can take your lip liner and scrawl on the tank ‘STOP THE WAR in IRAN’. If that’s not worth a week’s worth of free front page news coverage then you’ve lost your moxie.

  5. says

    I had a great run-in with La Blaine a couple months ago at Equinox on 63rd& Lex. I had the locker next to his, and when he came in after his workout and tried to open his combination lock, he couldn’t get it to work at all. I could barely suppress the laughter watching “Mr. Too-Cool Street Magician” repeatedly spinning the dial and yanking to no avail on a $5 “Master” combination lock from Duane Reade. I guess that’s why he’s not an escape artist…

  6. Tread says

    Chris Angel’s “Mindfreak” has the most god-awful opening song of any show made for television.

    And that’s after you weigh in “All In the Family”.

    It doesn’t help that the show is completely uninteresting.

  7. The Puckster says

    I find him kinda hot, especially wet– wish he’d do it on Fire Island instead of Lincoln Center. I’d pay a dollar…

  8. Oscar says

    Thank you Andy for letting me know about David’s latest. I’ll be in Manhattan at that time and surely will go to see him. You and Mal/Robbie are the greatest.

  9. Chad Hanging says

    Does he really levitate people as has been shown on (edited) video? How do he do dat?

  10. butta says

    I love this guy and all of his crazy stunts, i’ll make sure to be there when he makes his daring exscape