King & King: Once Upon a Time in Massachusetts

KingkingAnother gay-themed children’s book is under the microscope at a Massachusetts school. King & King, which features a prince marrying another prince rather than a princess and kissing at the end, was read to a classroom and parents weren’t told about it in advance. That made some of them angry. Said one parent: ”My son is only 7 years old. By presenting this kind of issue at such a young age, they’re trying to indoctrinate our children. They’re intentionally presenting this as a norm, and it’s not a value that our family supports.”

Unfortunately for the parent, it’s a value that the state supports. Said school superintendent Paul Ash: ”We couldn’t run a public school system if every parent who feels some topic is objectionable to them for moral or religious reasons decides their child should be removed. Lexington is committed to teaching children about the world they live in, and in Massachusetts same-sex marriage is legal.”

Parents rip school over gay storybook [boston globe]