Mark Wahlberg: “Acceptance is the Key”

Mark_wahlberg_markyThe source of this quote is unclear, but Mark Wahlberg’s gay uncle taught him tolerance of homosexuality according to a report by Contact Music: “My uncle was gay and he was a teamster and a truck driver and he was a guy’s guy, but he kept this secret his whole life. Imagine how hard that must have been for him. I feel so bad. Every time my dad brings it up, he cries because he loves his brother more than anything. He doesn’t care what it was. He was born that way. Acceptance is the key. The only way you’re gonna succeed in life and really grow as a human being is through acceptance.”


  1. Mike says

    Mark Wahlberg was on CNBC’s “The Big Idea” with Donny Duetsch the night before last, he talked about his prosthetic dick from Boogie Nights, and how after the movie guys would follow him into the bathroom to try and see his dick, and he talked about his gay fans and those underwear ads. If you can find the clip you should post it.

  2. says

    Acceptance, to be sure. Of course, building a huge modeling career by playing to a largely gay following without acknowledging same don’t hurt, either.

  3. 24play says

    I don’t know, Jacko.

    When Marky and the Funky Bunch stopped by Bump! one Sunday in the mid 90s to perform a few songs in front of 3,000 screaming queens, I felt ever so slightly acknowledged.

    Of course, Mark did neglect to drop trou, which he had become notorious for doing over the course of their tour that year, but…you can’t have everything.

  4. Scott says

    But posting a current photo would imply that people have worth other than their looks. As gay men, we should know better than to think that.

  5. says

    Back in the day when he was Marky Mark, he gave me a long, hard stare at the Gold’s gym on Waikiki Beach. I thought, am I being cruised? I wonder what he was thinking. Maybe he liked my shoes?

  6. Wayne says

    Jordy, if you were staring at him long enough to know he was staring at you, then maybe he was just wondering why some guy was cruising HIM…

  7. david says

    Those who want a current pic need to get their panties out of a bunch. Who the hell cares! There’s nothing wrong with a reminder of past hotness.

  8. JT says

    Jordy: Pictures, now! If Mr. Wahlberg was staring at you (and not the mirror to your left) than I want to have your photo for my collection.

    Wasn’t Mr. Wahlberg, at one point, on the Advocate’s hall of shame for some pretty homophobic comments that he later retracted?

  9. says

    As mentioned earlier… a current photo would have been more appropriate to go along with the story. Mark Wahlberg has earned that through the body of his work over the past 15 years….and he’s just as sexy today as he was then…but as a mature and talented actor. This photo made me cringe before I even read the article, not because of the beefcake, just because it is so dated, but reading his thoughtful and sensitive words in regards to homosexuality…the photo choice puzzled me.

  10. Donald says

    You are bitching about the picture! Oh for chrissake it is beyond me how nothing can go with out some petty complaint. Let go, life is much easier when not everything is bad. It is just a bloody photo.

  11. Ozzie says

    How about the picture of Marky Mark from Boogie Nights with the GIANT penis? That would be more recent than grabbing his crotch.

  12. says

    Oh My God…. that man does it for me every time….
    And he isnt some vacuous semi ‘celebrity’ spouting nonsense either… he is making a really good, touching and human story based on his real, and somewhat gritty life.
    Now… to me, that is what I call a real star.
    I would still give him wicked head though ~~ 😉

  13. Stephen says

    Acceptance is the Key…………Page 416 Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous. ” Acceptance proved to be the key to my drinking problem.” Page 417 ” And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing or situation- some fact of my life-unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment” Is Marky Mark a Friend of Bill?

  14. says

    I totally believe that was a true story, based on everything I’ve heard and read about Mark over the years.

    Mark grew up as a street kid, and he had that “rough trade” hustler image in the beginning. He made a few anti-gay remarks, but nothing out of character. I’ve always considered him a Gay Hustler turned Pop Star, and now Movie Star. I’d be very surprised, shocked in fact, to find out that he’d never had sex with another man.

    I don’t mean to label him Gay, but that Kinsey Scale covers a lot of territory.

  15. says

    Jordy, if you were staring at him long enough to know he was staring at you, then maybe he was just wondering why some guy was cruising HIM…
    No way, I was very shy & innocent back then and had not mastered the art of cruising. He was also with two huge bodyguards, they scared me…

  16. says

    If any of the guys posting comments to this article saw Mark on “Inside the Actors Studio” you would realize that the person he has evolved to be is so much greater, worldly and tolerant than his days as Marky Mark. Mark reveals how he transformed from a street gang punk to the Hollywood “A” list. And he relates how he goes back to his neighborhood to empower those he left behind to improve their lives. He was quite emotional during this part of the interview. It will run again on Bravo. I found it to be a very moving experience.

  17. Chad Hanging says

    I thought we had forgiven Walhberg for his Marky Mark days. He had crap music and ads designed to capitalize on his gay appeal so he started playing gay clubs, forgot who he was serving and let slip some fag comments. He was punished for this as his gay support vanished, leading him to realize that was all he had. He’s now a legitimate actor, an adult. He’s made a few good movies and I still love those old CK shots.

  18. says

    not only did he make some anti-gay remarks, like supporting shabba ranks for advocating killing gays on a British music show back in the day, but before he was marky Mark he had a police record for violently attacking Vietnamese immigrants. one of them, I seem to recall, was a child. I wonder if his gay uncle got his point across AFTER these incidents, or before. And if it was before, what does that say about the compatability of such platitudes about tolerance with very intolerant violent behavior. just saying.

  19. Chad Hanging says

    Ok…instead of forgiving him and recognizing that he’s come a long way in his development, let’s bring up all the bad stuff he did when he was a troubled street punk 20 years ago. That’s more fun anyway.

  20. Richard Noble says

    I remember going to Book Soup in my Clavin Klein underwear to have Mark sign my book. I was trying to support him when the gay community wasn’t because of a comment made by someone else. After being escourted away I managed to get back in. I got on the counter and we had our picture taken together that ended up on the front page of the callendar section of the LA Times. I was interviewed and did a spin on Mark that put him in great standing in Hollywood amongst the gays. His film career took off. Later on I noticed a mention of it in the book Don’t Call me Marky Mark. Ive never seen him since but Im sure he’d remember me well. So all along he’s been really cool. I like the guy from head to toe. He’s a real shot in the arm.

  21. Richard Noble says

    I guess I won’t be “owing” McCain a thing. Back in his last run I threw myself on the stage in his way as if I had been pushed. He leaned down and helped me up and I whispereed, “Don’t forget about gays in the military. We need your help”! He said to me he’d promise to do something about it. Well, he hasn’t so Im not voting for him. It’s sort of a personal betrayal. Besides,his friend Bush has ignored me all along too. I remember Yelling, “Hey! What about GAY People?”, during his speech at the Museum of Tolerance in LA. I did it twice. Before the Secret Service tried to escourt me out of the building a guy from Newsweek came up and introduced himself and they let me sit threw the rest of the speech. It was the day before California voters were voting on if they would recognize same sex couples from out of state. Remember that? Huh. Lets recognize them from within the state. So they dubbed me as the “heckler”. Boring. It’s OK. I got calls from around the country thanking me for what I did.
    Or was it the night I said on National TV, “Im GAY.” to Arsenio Hall?
    Everybody wants to be seen for this and that. I guess I stirred up a lot of media spins here and there on a National Level. I just haven’t written a book yet and pop in and out of the spotlight. It goes on and ON. But Ive got lots of gay quotes for yall if you’re interested.
    Maybe it was the day I asked Tommy LaSorda why he hasn’t been a spokesperson for young gay men and HIV and help people break the stereotype and get funding. His response on the ball field during dodger day with thousands of pepole around to me was, “Why don’t I shut my God Damn mouth before he knocks my teeth down my throat?” Karen Ocamb wrote about that in the advocate.
    Anyways, Im Richard Noble and accidentally crossed this blog while surfing and just wanted to set the record gay with Mark. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, please stop fanning gossip. He’s a good guy and back in the day he was in the face of adversity and criticism was standing up for gay people and the fight against AIDS with his fundraisers. He took great risks and for good reason. He’s definately on my TOP 10 hero’s list. He should be on yours too!