Club Unity Burns in Montréal


Montréal’s largest gay club, Unity, was badly damaged by a fire that broke out on Friday when the nightclub was closed. Firefighters battled the blaze for four hours.

Fire Department Chief of Operations Michel Denis says the fire, which apparently began on a rooftop terrace, was “probably an accident.” Employees of Unity watched Friday as their workplace burned. Said performer Mathieu Montpetit: “I was woken up today by a call from my manager telling me not to come to work tonight, so I came to see if it was really true.”

The three-level nightclub sustained at least $1 million in damages.

Above photo by Yannick et Francis (flickr)



  1. says

    I live only a street away, it was quite something. There are, of course rumours it was not an accident, but why any club would do this before the big summer profits and before the gay games would be hard to explain. Between this and the cafe Press building about to crash to the ground, 2 village landmarks will be missed by the tourists this summer!

  2. Ryan says

    maybe they forgot to pay the bike gang protection bill this month – seriously, a bar in montreal burning down is not exactly unusual.