David Blaine: Seven Minutes in Seven Seconds






It’s unclear whether the pain we see here is from the lack of oxygen or from the throngs outside who had nothing better to do tonight and won’t shut their pieholes.




Finally, he’s out: “I am humbled so much by the support of everyone from New York City and from all over the world. Thank you so much, everybody . . . I love you all.”


Another day, another bizarre chapter in street art ends in New York City.

If that wasn’t enough, you can watch the whole clip here…

(thanks dino)

David Blaine: The Human Prune [tr]
Lincoln Center: The Empire Strikes Blaine [tr]


  1. Brian says

    Yawn. Totally and sickeningly David Copperfield-ish. But it sure did get him some media coverage, so I guess the stunt worked, right?

  2. says

    See, when I was a kid, Lincoln Center was about real art: symphonies, great little plays at the Newhouse, like that. It sure as fuck wasn’t the center ring in a promo stuntfest.

  3. Rich says

    Andy, don’t put stupid shit like this on your wonderful blog! Who cares about this??? Send him back to Bismark.

  4. Michael says

    How in the hell did he do that trick with puling the woman’s teeth out of her mouth only to blow them back in from a few feet away. anyone have link to video of this?

  5. Michael says

    I think its all pretty damn ingenious. besides making alot of money and becoming popular….it obviously brings all the snide and envious people out to badmouth him…..some of you need to go back to watching your Southpark and re-runs of Jackass…its better suiting for those who cant boast of anything else in their lives

  6. says

    I was a little disgusted when they mentioned that his brother graduated from college that day. Let’s see, you only had what, 4 years notice that your brother was graduating and not only did you make yourself unavailable to attend, you made the day all about you. Nice. Let’s hope he doesn’t have a sister planning a wedding.

  7. C says

    I am beyond sick and tired of hearing about this over-exposed posturing asshole

  8. Marco says

    Add me to the long list of peeps who could care less about “look at me! look at me” David Bland.

    For his next “trick” he should wear a bullseye and a t-shirt of the Mohammed cartoon and spend 8 days in Iraq.

  9. john hewett says

    Really! Who the hell cares. Go get a real job and a life
    Andy please erase this non event from the archives.