1. 000000 says

    That’s what I call idiotic. Or maybe the guy actually wants a bash thrown for him on a regular basis in prison.

  2. Brad says

    There’s a shocker! NOT!

    It wouldn’t be a gay blog without an anal correction. Your headline reads “Boy George issued an arrest warrant for failing to show up in court.”

    Technically speaking, Boy George can’t issue an arrest warrant. Only a judge can.

    So… perhaps a more accurate read would be “Judge issues arrest warrant for Boy George after he failed to show up in court.”

    That’s my gay english lesson for the day!

  3. jed says

    brad, thanks for the english lesson, but the use of “passive voice” is not really uncommon or incorrect. it’s just a style, usually used for brevity. quite popular in journalism. andy’s headline works fine.

  4. aly says

    Boy George issued WITH an arrest warrant for failing to show up in court.
    There you go boys! Fixed.