Bryan Singer: Superman is Not Gay

Superman_4Warner Bros. must be really worried about how Superman’s gay image will affect box office if they’re sending Bryan Singer out to make statements. The director came out late last week and said that Superman “is probably the most heterosexual character in any movie I’ve ever made.”

The studio doth protest too much. As does DC Comics: “Paul Levitz, president and publisher of Superman owner DC Comics said: ‘We were all scratching our heads. He’s not a gay character.'” I haven’t read a single story that has said that Superman is gay, but there’s no denying that the character, with his secrets, his tights, the fuss about the size of his package, his jazz hands, and his co-stars, gives off a distinctly gay vibe, and what’s wrong with that?

Warner Bros. should just shrug off the worry and move on. They’re only fueling the gay flame by allowing the movie’s gay director to continue commenting on it.

Superman ‘Not Gay’ Says Director [bbc]


  1. Barton says

    Brandon, while extremely attractive, just doesn’t vibe hetrosexual. He comes across as a man who has a secret he’s trying to keep. No issue, except he’s playing SUPERMAN. Poor guy.

  2. Giovanni says

    I dunno maybe it’s me but I just don’t get this “gay vibe” thing. Where did this little bit of wishful thinking come from other than the minds of rival studio execs?

    What’s suddenly so “Gay” about Superman as compared to any other member of the Justice League? If I were Bryan Singer I would definitely be annoyed to find myself in the “not that there’s anything wrong with that” position.

    Have you ever heard anyone say that Jaws or E.T is too Jewish? Yet somehow Singer’s status as an “other” seems to “taint” Superman.

  3. says

    my 2Cents:

    I dont see what the big deal is. If Superman comes off as a little “gay” its mainly because the vibe of the character is stil “All American”

    But the problem with that is that the “all american” ideal is a little antiquaited.

    THe whole “I have great power but i wont use it unless you make me” came about after WWII and the Big Bomb. Americans seem to be caught up on appearing like benevolent minded bully beaters.

    Maybe if Superman wasnt so kind and gentle… Or maybe if he made more rash, testosterone fueled decisions instead of all this altruistic gobbledy-goop…. Maybe if he’d just come out and tell everybody how great and fabulous he is, instead of wasting 8 hours a day pretending to be just a shadow of the person that he is.

    recap: Being a Great guy who saves the world with little thought to his own well being?: Gay

    Big bad tough guy with a chip on his shoulder and an axe to grind who will shoot first and ask questions later? : Hetero-acceptable

  4. Leland says

    Just more evidence that those who insist industry attitudes towards homosexuality had nothing to do with “Brokeback” losing Best Picture Oscar to the inferior “Crash” [based on a comparison of their initial reviews by critics alone] have their heads, uh, in the sand. The national “Gay Is Bad” campaign, now officially led by the Commander in Thief, was sure to make the amoral whores in Follywood more blatantly duck and cover when they began to fear their potential income threatened. The most ridiculous example before this was Oliver Stone defending his Alexander’s bisexuality on the big screen then deleting it from the DVD—not just cowardly but stupid as it was too late for it to make a difference with those who cared. Trivia footnote: we assume everyone knows that the actor who played Jimmy Olsen in the original TV series is tres gai, and was a pal of James Dean—but then there are those who knew Dean who insist he wasn’t gay/bi either. The more things change the more……

  5. Robert In WeHo says

    I’m not so sure that this whole “Superman is not Gay” thing isn’t part of a cleaver reverse psychology PR champaign being run out of Warner Bros. Pictures. I put nothing past the marketing machines at the studios these days. And if I wanted to get both the Gay community (a natural constituency for a buff guy wearing tights) as well as the right-wing “Rah, Rah USA” crowd, what better way to gain their attention. The right-wingers will go to support an American Icon from all that “liberal homosexual slander” trashing a true American Hero while at the same time getting the Gay community to go in order to get a good look at that package! Think I’m wrong? Don’t bet on it.

  6. Bill says

    In the inevitable sequel, Warner Bros. will probably attempt to bring back the “gay panic” defense. You know, it will be the excuse for when some “fag” comes on to our super hero and Superman kills him. That this is even an issue is pathetic, but apparently the studio is some kind of panic already. Straight people are strange.

  7. Lee-Yin says

    I think the focus on the supposed gayness of Superman really is almost insulting to Brian Singer as a director. As someone pointed out, are Spielberg’s adventure films Jewish films automatically? Many African-American filmmakers have spoken out against the perception that any film they make are “black” films because this prevents them from getting directing or writing jobs on film projects that don’t have largely African-American casts.

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