Hong Kong Superstar Andy Lau: “I’m Not Gay”

Andy_lauAndy Lau, a popular singer and the star of over 100 films in Asia, has told a Hong Kong media outlet that he’s not gay, although he describes his relationship with gay fans as “very direct.”

Said Lau: “I’m not, but if you say I am, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Maybe my attitude has caused misunderstanding. I’ve never pronounced loudly I’m not gay, and I don’t think there’s the need to do so. I have gays friends.”

Though he’s not well-known in America, he has had the opportunity to star in Hollywood pictures. Lau once turned down the lead role in the film M. Butterfly because he says he found a scene offensive: “I asked the director if he could change that scene. I said I’m a superstar in Asia. This movie factors in the Asian market too. If I do that, it will affect my image.”

Some things never change.

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  1. says

    Ummm, maybe THAT’s why the guy is a superstar in Asia, because he knows how to market himself to that market.

    Take a look at the first Transporter movie. Every actor in that movie is a superstar in a different maket. I think the lead actress is only known in Asia and she doesn’t seem to actually speak English.

    If you are going to USE an actor in your movie because he can deliver a certain market for your idiot movie, the least you could do is to consider the fact that that person knows more about his market than you do.

    Btw, wasn’t BD Wong in M Butterfly? What audience did BD Wong deliver? After he held up the Miss Saigon production because he wanted to star in it, is there anybody BD Wong hasn’t pissed off?

  2. noah says

    Uh, aren’t you assuming a lot about the concerns that Lau had with the role in M. Butterfly? M. Butterfly was a flop. So, I don’t think that Lau was wrong to have concerns for the role. How many people actually remember the movie?

  3. jack says

    oops, just to clarify….asian fans(i.e teenage girls) is rabid about their idols, they wouldnt allow their superstars to get married period, man, woman etc…hence, andy is hiding something, just not what u think

  4. Matt says

    I read the magazine. The scene that he described is actually an essential scene in the movie. His refusing to do it shows that he is more of a movie star than a true actor. In most of his movies, it seems that he is more concern that “he has to look good, he has to look like a star” instead of how to dive into character.

  5. honey child says

    Oh puh-leeeze, girlfriend has been denying it for DECADES, but the rumour is still rife and alive, so go figure.

    And that alleged “wife” that he’s supposed to be secretly “married” to? No one has EVER seen them together; “wifey” is even more elusive than Suri Cruise!

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