Ian McKellen: Gay Actors Can Play It Straight

Ian_mckellenAnother statement from Ian McKellen on being out as an actor. The actor has hit out at an unnamed film director who said that gay actors should keep their sexuality hidden from the public, and brings up Heath Ledger again:

“Acting is acting and if that were true Heath Ledger wouldn’t be allowed to be in Brokeback Mountain because he’s presumably a happily married young man who doesn’t have a gay bone in his body…And couldn’t you just tell?”


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  1. Rad says

    I love Ian! I hope when he retires, he starts naming names (I observe the respect he has for the individuals at the moment).

  2. MT says

    We seriously need to elect him as our official spokesman. If anyone can prove that gay people are intelligent, articulate people it’s him. The accent doesn’t hurt either.

  3. strikefour82 says

    Given the reality of being a gay actor in the scope of this so called uber liberal media, it’s always nice when someone points out how 1 = 2 when it comes to the brokebackish roles for hollywood heteros and the vice versa. bravo!