road.jpg A woman who knows a thing or two about armor wants it for the troops.

road.jpg Ralph Paul Gernhardt, who founded Gay Chicago magazine in 1976, has died at 72. Associate Publisher: “He was willing to stick his neck out during a time when most publications wouldn’t have the guts to put ‘gay’ in the publication’s name.”

Turner_watercolorroad.jpg JMW Turner is hot. Weeks after the master’s “Giudecca, La Donna della Salute and San Giorgio” set a record for a British painting by selling for $36 million, his “The Blue Rigi: Lake of Lucerne, Sunrise” has set a record for a British watercolour, selling for £5.8m.

road.jpg Vatican calls gay marriage a sign of the eclipse of God: “The causes are diverse but the ‘eclipse’ of God, creator of man, is at the root of the profound current crisis concerning the truth about man, about human procreation and the family.”

Mailboxroad.jpg This month’s Details (Josh Holloway, cover) features an interview with director Bryan Singer and offers up some stills and script pages from Superman Returns.

road.jpg If you’re in the mood to watch spoiled supermodels act out, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency starts tonight.

road.jpg What happens when you combine 200 liters of Diet Coke and more than 500 Mentos?

road.jpg New Scissor Sisters album, Ta-Dah, will drop on September 18 with first single “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin'” set for September 4. Jake Shears: “I’m completely excited. I feel like I’ve birthed a baby! That would be the closest thing, it was very weird and painful but I think my baby is really cute! The old rock cliché is very true, it’s harder doing a second album, but that’s why we took our time with it. I’m really glad we did. I think when a record comes out people remember it if it’s good, they don’t necessarily remember that it came out four months after it should have.” (via newnownext)


  1. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says


    I always maintained that Diet Coke was dangerous….

  2. LiamOg says

    Ach du lieber, Benny’s off his rocker. Eclipse of God? By lowly man? Is that possible? Perhaps it’s the static vision of God that is being eclipsed.

  3. Patrick says

    Singer is “comfortably single”, according to Details? He’s openly gay – see just about every other interview he’s done – so how come Details is using straight-coded phrasing?

    Are they trying to “in” him/ de-gay Details, or both?

  4. Robert In WeHo says

    OMG! Makes you wonder what the hell is in Mentos and Diet Coke that make them react like that. Plus, it’s funny as hell…

  5. Randy says

    Can someone please explain to me why they (most everyone in the religious world) hate us so adamantly? I’ve been trying to figure this one out for years. Being a fairly educated person, I can only assume it is because they simply do not know us. I wonder if the God they serve approves of such behavior on their part?

  6. Bill says

    Thanks to the Vatican for pointing out that gay marriage is THE sign of the eclipse of God. Priests fucking little boys and girls; “The Church” ripping off millions of dollars from the poor; and the massacre of tens of millions of New World peoples in the 1500’s and 1600’s is and was apparently done in the name of God. Fuck the Vatican.