Singer Kevin Aviance Hospitalized After Anti-gay Attack

Kevin_aviance_2Singer Kevin Aviance underwent jaw surgery last night after a group of men shouting anti-gay slurs attacked him at approximately 1:30 am Saturday morning in New York’s East Village, leaving him unconscious. Two of the men, 20-year-olds Akino George of Townsend Avenue in the Bronx and Sears Jarell of Newark, along with 16-year-old Gerard Johnson, and Gregory Archie, 18, have been arrested and charged with first degree assault as a hate crime.

Aviance, whose songs “Din Da Da” and “Alive” were chart-topping Billboard dance hits, performs in drag but was wearing his everyday street clothes and carrying his performance outfit in a bag when he was attacked after leaving the Phoenix bar on E. 13th Street.

His publicist Len Evans gave a few details to the NYT: “They dragged him to the curb. There were pedestrians everywhere. No one helped him. They kept using these words. They said, ‘You’re not diesel.’ He didn’t know what that meant.”

BeatingAviance told the New York Daily News that the men shouted after him: “We’re going to kill you, faggot!…We’re going to get you, faggot!” He added, “I thought they were going to kill me. I was thinking ‘Is this the way I’m going to die?’ I’ve been doing this for 15 years and I’ve never been harassed. If anything people approach me with warmth.” Of the gang who attacked him, Aviance said, “They were not human.”

The six or seven men who punched and attacked Aviance also stole his cellphone and wallet “and threw objects at him, including a spray can that one of them had fished out of a trash bin.”

Aviance was scheduled to sing at next week’s Gay Pride events in NYC, but those events have been cancelled as his “jaw is now wired shut.”

Towleroad sends best wishes to Kevin for a speedy recovery.

Drag Queen Beaten in E. Village Horror [nydn]
3 Arrested in Attack on Singer on East Side [nyt]


  1. Kevin says

    Still more evidence that the constant drumbeat of hatred pushed by the Right seems to give permission to these street thugs to attack people at will. . .

    I am increasingly becoming aware of why there are growing numbers of gays joining organizations like the Pink Pistols.

  2. Chad Hanging says

    It’s not just the straight right either but the gay right who lends itself as a tool of hate by making the suggestion that this type of beating has as much to do with the overt gayness of the victim as it does with homophobia. Plenty of gay people contribute to the vilification of the gay fringe by speaking against drag queens, Transgenders, queens, butch dykes, etc. because they too have been influenced by homophobia much of which is likely subconscious. But don’t think for a minute that there aren’t plenty of gay people who saw this story – along with the pictures of the victim that accompanied it – and thought to themselves, “Well look at him. He’s a total queen. What do you expect?”

    Not that I’m blaming the gay right for this beating or holding them culpable in the development of homophobia in our society. I’m just making a correlation.

  3. Patrick says

    I’m with Kevin on this. Though I’m not a member of the Pink Pistols (yet), my “insurance” against thugs like this is a Glock 9mm. Thank god Florida allows concealed firearms. I’m definitely renewing my license next year.

  4. Jefferson says

    “But don’t think for a minute that there aren’t plenty of gay people who saw this story – along with the pictures of the victim that accompanied it – and thought to themselves, “Well look at him. He’s a total queen. What do you expect?””

    Um, who’s saying that? Maybe it’s just me, but that comes off as projecting.

  5. Andrew says

    To Chad (hanging himself), never blame the victim of a hate crime. You make No valid points. Whether you are ‘feme or a football stud, if you are pummelled because you are gay, is a HATE crime. NO excuses. The people involved in the assault should be sent away for a very long time. Maybe in prison, they will get to learn what ‘man love’ is all about.

  6. Steven says

    Utter shock.

    I wish I was there to give Kevin a huge hug. In the meantime, I will cry out with rage.

  7. Andrew says

    Chad, my apologies. I re-read your post (several times), and I do get it. I agree. The self-loathing, and bashing withen the gay community has caused a backlash in the ‘straight community’. They cite quotes from our own community to back up their hate. My apologies for reading it incorrectly the first time around.

  8. J.C. says

    Equally disturbing is the news that no passers-by bothered to try and help. I realize that a fight involving seven violent young men can be frightening, but…no one? NO ONE tried to help in some way? What does that tell you about the people in that neighborhood and their sense of powerlessness? We’ve got a lot to do, folks.

  9. Joe T. says

    Another homophobic attack in NYC by a group of blacks against one guy. Which is what most NYC anti-gay attacks involve. Which is why blaming Republicans for this is ridiculous (I bet those thugs don’t even vote or read). Which is also why the politically correct activists won’t harp on this as much as if they were white attackers.

  10. Chad Hanging says

    Thanks Andrew. I re-read it too after being surprised by the reaction to my post and I guess I could have done a better job of articulating my point. Thanks again for keeping an open mind.

  11. Chad Hanging says

    P.S. Joe, I didn’t say “gay republican” and I said “gay right” and I wasn’t “blaming” them. I was simply making a correlation.

  12. Anon says

    As a New Yorker, I was shocked and disgusted when I heard the news on the radio last night. I can’t help but think that this atrocity is directly related to this week’s FMA circus and the Macy’s fiasco.

    Dear Lord, is Kevin Aviance the neoStonewall’s Judy Garland? How very postmodern…

  13. Charles says

    Re: Joe’s racist comment:

    I am so not surprised that someone had to go there, conveniently forgetting that, well, according to that picture, Kevin Aviance is *black*. Which makes me amazed that this is even getting press in the mainstream gay press, except for the fact that Aviance is an entertainer and that makes him palatable. This is happening all the time, it’s often black on black gay/lesbian crime, and the mainstream white gay press and community could give a crap about it. Unless the victim is young/white/good-looking/affluent, it’s like gay bashing doesn’t exist.

    So maybe this is progress.

  14. Joe T. says

    Charles: That’s true too. But I also think the gay press covers stories at length, not only because of the victim’s characteristics, but of those of the attackers. Too many gay activists (especially those left over from the Civil Rights era) are still trying to set up the battlefield like this: racist, homophobic, Christian, white, heterosexual males against blacks, gays, Mexicans, non-Christians, etc. (who should all be united against the first group!) The world is FAR from working that way, no matter how much they wish for it, no matter how much the activists are always praying, wishing, hoping for a high profile attack by white males, white males they hope are racist AND homophobic. Of course not all gay activists are this illogical, but there is a trend for them to lean that way. It will be interesting to see how they react to this case. (And we all hope Aviance heals completely, and soon).

  15. says

    My best wishes for a speedy recovery. Its appalling that things like this happen, and hope that those involved get put away for a long time.

  16. James says

    Last summer, the Anti-Violence Project put out a report about anti-gay violence. Sadly, like Charles said. most of the crimes are straight black folk beating up on black gay folk and the cases are rarely covered. Hopefully Aviance will heal quickly, but at some point we are going to have deal with the level violence too many of us have to face. And Chad Hanging’s comments are right on target.


  17. K. says

    I’m just getting sadder and more disheartened by all the reports of violence against people these days: hatred because of religion (a nauseating irony) & violence against homosexual men and women all around the world, more shocking in my own NYC!

    I can’t help but think things are actually getting worse. That’s no way to view the world at my age – 32, is it?

  18. Charles says

    They won’t get covered because it’s fairly obvious that white gay men don’t give a shit about you and whether you live or die if youre not white or maybe a hot latino. If it’s black men in danger from other black men, it’s no big deal as long as it doesnt come into *my* neighborhood-which is another reason I think this is news, it took place in the E. Village, not in East New York.

    And to Joe T.-again, to me, this seems like you are getting off on the fact that “it’s those blacks again-it’s always them.”

  19. Joe T. says

    Charles: If I am “getting off” on it, I bet I’m not getting off as much as some gay activists did when they heard one of the Duke University accused might be guilty of a homophobic attack too. Ohhhh, they salivated, a white Catholic (almost as bad as Protestant) athlete who is racist and homophobic! Hooray!!! (wrong on both counts, so the now the activists just…hushed away). I agree with you, though, about the gay press reacting to gay black-on-black crime, but isn’t that sort of reflective of general media as a whole? White on white crime (or inter-racial crime) they consider more interesting to their readers, while black-on-black crime is seen as just business as usual. Which of course isn’t fair.

  20. Joe T. says

    P.S.: On a core level, though, this REALLY ticks me off: the thought of 6 bullies together ganging up on one queen. Real tough guys, huh?

  21. Chad Hanging says

    Why are we suggesting that the pretty-missing-white-girl syndrome is unique to the gay community? It’s not. All you need to do is trip over the remote and let the TV turn on to see that fucking Natelle Holloway all over the place. The next time you hear the TV announcer mention an upcoming story about a missing woman you don’t even need to watch it to know they’re talking about a white girl. That’s the standard value we place on human life in this country. If anything, it’s much less so in the gay community. Gays are hyper aware of racism because they know the anti-gay discrimination they’ve experienced comes from precisely the same mindset that racism comes from.

    Once I saw in the Castro a shrine to Mathew Shepard with flowers and cards on this bulletin board and such. Around this time there was a story of a young black girl who was raped and murdered (maybe the one in Las Vegas) and the story was all over the news for weeks. Someone put up a card on that bulletin board that said, “Where are all the cards for the black girl who just got murdered?” so I put up a card that read, “Where are all the shrines to Mathew Shepard in the black community?”

    Given the degree to which those in the gay community are expected to lend themselves as an advocate to discrimination in general, particularly racism, I would have been called a racist if I had been caught putting my card up.

    As I mentioned, I recognize the degree to which the media reflects the value we place on human life (age, gender, beauty, ethnicity, class, etc.) but I absolutely object to any suggestion that this dynamic is as prevalent in the gay community than it is anywhere else. No other community spends as much time & effort being all-inclusive in their anti-discrimination awareness as we do.

    The gay community is no more racist than the black community is anti-gay.

  22. Charles says

    Well, a lot of the black gay guys I know (not me, since I am a suburban black gay guy) are *tough*-they *have* to be to survive since they don’t have the cushion and support of a gay neighborhood to live in and a too large number of them dont have support from, well…anyone-a large chunk of their families, the thugs in the neighborhood that see them as easy targets, the gays in Chelsea or the Village that dont view them any differently from those that bash them-they can fight because they wouldnt stand a chance if they couldnt. So maybe those thugs thought they needed that many guys to attack this one guy.

  23. Charles says

    “the gay community is no more racist than the black community is anti-gay”

    Ok, then, I guess we shouldn’t bother with either problem since they are equal.

    “Gays are hyper aware of racism because they know the anti-gay discrimination they’ve experienced comes from precisely the same mindset that racism comes from.”

    Let me guess, youre not a minority. It could be seen another way-gay men have been so stripped of privilege that many of them might cling to the only privilege they have left-the privilege of being white.

    “but I absolutely object to any suggestion that this dynamic is as prevalent in the gay community than it is anywhere else.”

    Huh?! Where have straight people been mentioned? If gay people and our issues are being mentioned, it’s because this is a gay-issues website. This sounds like a “no problems with gay people are to be mentioned ever” deal.

  24. 000000 says

    If the gay community is no more racist than the rest of society, it matters not. If gays are “hyper-aware” of racism, then they shouldn’t be racist in the first place! Or maybe someone could provide me with a better example of the compassion one minority group should have for another. Knowing what Aviance has achieved on the dancefloors of the club world, let’s see if his misfortune rates a place on the cover of HX, for whom men of color are essentially an afterthought. Even moreso, what will the black community do to overcome the lies of religion that whites have long since begun to abandon, and not use them to validate violence against gays?

  25. James says

    I’m not sure we are really going to get anyone saying which community is more or less than the other. Which of course does not mean that there are not issues that need attention. Now.


  26. mepmaw says

    There were pedestrians everywhere. No one helped him.

    How NYC. It reminds me of the (fictional yet real to life) episode of Sex and the City where Carrie is mugged, screams this in a NYC shop, and no one cares.

  27. FML says

    Hate to say it, but I doubt the reaction of the pedestrians failing to help is unique to New York City. Probably would have been the same in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or any other large city.

  28. Chad Hanging says

    Where I live, everyone knows that making yourself a “witness” is a risky prospect.

  29. says

    I’m kind of surprised no one has pointed this out yet: Kevin said that the attackers said, “You’re not diesel.” Does anyone else think that maybe the thugs thought they were beating up VIN DIESEL? There is a bit of a resemblance, from what I can tell in the smaller, out-of-drag picture. Plus, Vin Diesel has been dogged by gay rumors and maybe this was a gay bashing with mistaken identity.

  30. Giovanni says

    When my bf and I first moved to chelsea we used to hang out in The Break where Kevin was a host (before he became a glamazon). He was funny and kind – really the sweetest person(he used to get us free beers all the time) and we were so stoked to see him realize his dreams in the city and then the clubs of the world.

    Thankfully he is alive but it’s a still a shock to hear this as well as to know that we now live less than block from where this attack occured (man I wish I could have helped him). If it could happen to him…

    It’s funny , I don’t so much worry about myself (am pretty tough – but then again so is Kevin – despite appearances/opinions to the contrary) but when I think about someone trying to hurt the one I love most in the world – it makes my head spin.

  31. Giovanni says

    “Does anyone else think that maybe the thugs thought they were beating up VIN DIESEL?”

    Hmmm, where to start? Where to start….

  32. Anonymous says

    “Diesel” means muscular, strong, tough. It can also be slang for heroin, but I’m pretty sure the first definition is what they meant.

  33. Chad Hanging says

    The only frame of reference I have for the term Diesel is Diesel Dyke which refers to the more tough, masculine, mechainically inclined lesbian. Not that these punks would adhere to or even be familiar with the meaning.

  34. Robert In WeHo says

    This is what happens when you have a bigot for a President who’s thinly veiled gay bashing inspires ignorance and action on the part of right wing vermin. This is a direct result of Christian Hate speech. I hope Kevin is okay. He’s a great person who didn’t deserve to be treated in this manner.

  35. Joe T. says

    Robert in WeHo: In this case, considering the bashers, I think we can more safely assume it’s Farrakhan Muslim hate speech, or..more probably…hip hop hate speech.

  36. zed says

    I am a big fan of breeder bashing.

    Seriously though. How much can people take? Look at Eastern Europe? (Poland esp.) Why are people surprised that this happened in the E. Village? Stuff like that happens all the time in Boystown. In fact, sometimes I am more nervous there than downtown because people actually target the ghetto.

  37. Jim says

    You should hear local news anchors butcher Kevin’s last name each time they bring the story up. Bet Anderson would pronounce it correctly.

  38. James says

    Funny side note, they wired Kevin’s mouth closed. He’s actually on many local news stations (by phone) giving a full account of the attack.

    I do wish Kevin a speedy recovery, both physically and mentally. I also hope it doesn’t change the energy he brings to his performances.

  39. James says

    Joe T and Robert,

    While I have no love for either President Bush or the Minister Farakhan, I think it is a stretch of logic to put this attack at their door-steps (no matter their homophobia).


  40. Giovanni says

    “In this case, considering the bashers, I think we can more safely assume it’s Farrakhan Muslim hate speech…”

    Um … what? why would that be exactly? (at first glance this would seem dangerously off topic but me thinks maybe its not).

  41. says

    Not that discussions of race/homophobia within the gay community are not valid talking points, but perhaps it’s innappropriate now? Just a thought.

    The wierdest thing about it for me was that it happened in the E. Vill. I love chilling in the E.Vill and Phoenix is one of my fave spots. Besides that, the E.Vill is usually super crowded with college kids and bridge n’ tunnelers. I realize a gang of black kids beating down someone might look intimidating but, not one person could intervene? I imagine a witness called the police, however, which is very decent. Don’t rag on NYers because people didn’t jump in automatically. To be honest, I don’t know if I would’ve either. Totally honest, here. But I would’ve verbally intervened and called the police.

    When I was in HS, we read this story (and this is from like, NY in the 60’s or 70’s) about a woman in the outer-boro’s who was brutally killed in her own neighborhood. She had been screaming for help. People heard her. No one helped. No one called the police. People looked out the window, and went back to bed. THAT’S appalling. What happened with Kevin isn’t, because many witnesses have already stepped forward.

    The E. Village is gay as heck. It just goes to show you, you’re never safe. It doesn’t mean to live in fear, per se, but instead to realize the reality. I doubt it has much to do with Bush or whomever. There have been, and always will be, a**holes out there. And whether you’re ANY minority be it woman, black, gay, fat, intelligent–whatever, you gotta constantly watch your back. It’s a sad reality. Let’s not forget this and pigeonhole or victimize ourselves. We’re people just like everyone else and just like every other minority in this world, we deserve to be treated fairly.

  42. says

    FOlks.. ya’ll are crazy and a little short sighted.

    The reason that the media picked up n the story is the same reason that the present day media picks up on stories: to get ratings.

    They push all the buttons- racial, economic, sexual , to getr you to watch and maybe follow a story.

    KEvin is black, and the attackers were black. It only makes since since most violent crime is committed within racial lines. (i.e. black on black, white on white crime)

    People, if you allow something as antiquated as “Im black, u arent – u must hate me” step in the way of REAL progress then you are allowing that game (ratings) effect you way too deeply.

    basically, lets not fight each other – thats not what its about

  43. says

    And i can spell, jsut not the best typist.

    and to the guy who thinks that those young guys were following Louis F. — i doubt it, since he hasnt been a major player in the African American community since the 1990’s. Basically, black folks dont listen to him, or buy his cassett tapes, bean pies, or ragged news papers.

    THese youngsters were probably hyped up after a night of drinkin and smokin and came accross what they thought was an easy target. I dont think it was pre meditated or (lets beat up a gay guy) or even thought out.

    They’ll learn tho.

  44. Lee-Yin says


    Gay-bashing happen all over the country. The focus on African-American homophobia is pretty sad in that there seems to be this underlying theme that homophobia amongst Caucasians has all but ceased to exists. Moreover, it represents a condescending view that African-Americans are backwards in comparison to the progressiveness of Caucasians. Hmm? James Dobson and Fred Phelps don’t seem like the types to join a pack of Pride Parade supporters.

    Comments about Farrakhan? Come on. Only some one very ignorant of African-American culture and harboring a smidgen of bigotry would say that. Sorry but the Nation of Islam is minor subculture amongst African-Americans. No one cares about Louis F.

    Homophobia is a part of American culture. Towleroad has published story after story of ignorant homophobes around the country and the world (Poland, England, & Russia) who act out violently against gays.

    The “gay community” is a subculture of the larger culture and has its racists, anti-semites, etc. So statements like “No other community spends as much time & effort being all-inclusive in their anti-discrimination awareness as we do.” are inaccurate (you might want to read some of the articles about racism in the gay community; Atlanta’s Southern Voice did a series on the segregated state of gay life).

    What happened to Kevin A. was horrible but do you really think that gay kids in high schools across America aren’t getting harrassed or beaten up? As for hate crimes, New Yorkers, wasn’t a young white guy just convicted of taking a baseball bat to the head of an African-American man while screaming “nigger”?

  45. Joe T. says

    Note that I never said the attackers were following Farrakhan, just that I’d more safely assume they were following Farrakhan or hiphop than Christianity or Pres. Bush (which I find totally farfetched). I also left out that Jamaican music about killing gays.

  46. Joe T. says

    Lee-Yin: That guy convicted of saying “nigger” had caught three career criminals outside his house in Howard Beach who were there to steal cars. They totally admit that, but….now everybody knows you can defend yourself and your neighbors against criminals, just DON’T use that word. (Even though they all use it themselves).

  47. James says

    Joe T,

    “Note that I never said the attackers were following Farrakhan, just that I’d more safely assume they were following Farrakhan or hiphop than Christianity or Pres. Bush (which I find totally farfetched).”

    Why are you making this assumption? Gay bashers do not follow Christianity? Please stop making assumptions.


  48. says

    Joe T. — the guys werent outside his house.

    The Rasict fattie that attacked them was driving around LOOKING for someone to attack.

    He found them, jumped them, and used racial slurs while doing it.

    He had no clue that the group of black guys he was attacking was out to steal cars.

    He just did it to do it. ALl the rest of the biz came out when the poice interviewed the victims and they told the WHOLE TRUTH and not some self serving lie like “i have black friends, they say it, so it must be ok”

  49. Joe T. says

    Aaaaargggh, James, I’m not saying they were definitely following anything. I’m just saying that if they WERE following something (aside from their own criminal impulses) I believe there are far more probable culprits than Christianity or Pres. Bush (that have been proposed by others).

  50. says

    Oh yeah, Jamaican Music spouting anti-gay lyrics is about as relevant as Midwest rockers calling anything non-cool as “Gay”

    Do they speak for all the white folks in mid america?

  51. Joe T. says

    Dexstarg: I think you’re mistaken about that, but I will review that story and if you’re right I’ll come back and….grant you that. (But…do I detect a hatred of fat people..? Just kidding)

  52. Joe T. says

    So…Dexstarg…you actually believe it’s the fault of Bush, Republicans, and Christianity that those guys attacked Aviance?

  53. Chad Hanging says

    Don’t use “fault” or “blame”. You have to lay out some dots to connect and then use the word “correlation”.

  54. says

    Joe T. From the looks of Kevin’s attackers, I’d say NO since most African Americans thought on Bush is that he doesnt care about us.

    Republicans havent been on the side of the African American since Reconstruction, and no black person with any kind of dignity or self respect would claim otherwise.

    And as far as Christianity is concerned, African Americans dont gay bash in the name of Christ. Just not our steelo.

    The fault lies on the attackers solely. To get caught up in a racial debate is uneccessary.

  55. Joe T. says

    Dexstarg: Well…yeah, I pretty much agree with you there. I think it’s just criminal behavior too. I only mention Farrakhan, hiphop, Jamaican music, etc., because I think they would be the more likely influential culprits in a homophobic assault in this case than the Bush, Republican, Christianity influences that others are definitively putting the direct blame on.

  56. Joe T. says

    James: Because of Farrakhan’s claim that homosexuality is a corrupting influence promoted by Hollywood Jews. Etc.

  57. says


    take it from an African American: If you want continuity, clarity, or transparency , dont look toward Louis Farrakahn.

    African Americans are breaking away from the herd mentallity that worked so well for us during the civil rights movement, but has been exploited by our so called “leaders” in decades since.

    Farrakahn is a self serving JOKE (him and Rev Al.) who will jump on any platform that will get him heard.

    he is a liar.

    you wont find too many people -who werent in jail in the 60’s – 90’s who will actually LISTEN to him.

    if you are looking for a reason for their ignorance, look toward the obvious like enviornment and education.

    then blame Bush for under funding schools and blame the Christian right for reinforcing all the things that they DIDNT learn in school.

    think about it

  58. James says

    Joe T,

    But you act like these guys might only be inflluenced by things that are black, or described as black. Your assumption is based on the idea that their world, such as it is, is not penetrated by things that are perceived as white. So you mention Farakhan, a black guy. That is my problem with your rhetoric.


  59. Giovanni says

    Not only did Farakhan invite gays and lesbians to march with him in the anniversary of the million man march he also publicly asked them to help organize it btw – a cynical attempt from a fading crackpot to harness the media skills of politically active glesbians perhaps but not exactly a club to the head either.

    I am still not sure what this has to do with what happened to Kevin Saturday night but on a more positive/relevant note at least the story is getting the national recognition it deserves – in all forms of media and this is a very good thing as is the news that Kevin left the hospital today.

  60. Joe T. says

    Well the Million Man March didn’t do too badly. But I’ll believe you if what you’re saying (in this roundabout way) is that so few blacks listen to Farrakhan that I should never assume that culprits such as in this case were influenced by him.

  61. Joe T. says

    Giovanni: And as soon as Boykin and those gay activists arrived he betrayed them and wouldn’t let them speak or anything. Most sensible gay activists say Boykin was a fool to even have wanted to be associated with nutty F. in the first place.

  62. Joe T. says

    ( I looked up the summary of the Howard Beach case- which I hadn’t followed too closely- and although the victims were criminals it does look like that might not have been the primary reason they were attacked. So Dexstarg’s report on that case really is more accurate than mine ).

  63. Chad Hanging says

    Joe, I have no lost love for Farakhan. He’s said so many vile things about so many people from which he can never redeem himself and yes he used Boykin and then betrayed him. I struggle between viewing Boykin as optimistic and terribly naïve. But it’s quite a stretch to suggest that the thugs who beat up this drag queen felt empowered by the teachings of Farakhan. They were far more likely influenced by insecurity, general stupidity and a cheap, low rent rap cd.

    Where I live we’ve had NOI tear up stores in the name of their religion to make a point about how beer is killing their community and those acts can be directly related to Farakhan’s teachings. But these kids sound like they were just punks. Luckily, Farakhan is fringe and not a single black person I know has ever been interested in following him once they get a full view of what he is, no matter that approximately 12% of what he says may be accurate or beneficial to the community. He’s as nuts as Falwell & Robertson as far as I’m concerned.

    You’ll not find a gay politician or community leader coming out against the plight of black people while you can find a plethora of black politicians, community leaders, pastors, etc. who have very fervently spoken out against not only gay marriage but homosexuality in general most notably during the past two years and beyond. The problem is that it’s too subjective – and sensitive – a topic to discuss in our current environment since the gay community as I mentioned before is far more influenced by and sensitive to discrimination in general than our larger society. As has been pointed out, the gay community being largely a white entity you’re therefore more likely to find “white guilt” in the gay community than you’ll find “gay guilt” in any other community since no such dynamic exists anywhere in our society outside of a couple of high school semesters of a Gay-Straight Alliance group. I do think it’s fair to ask to what degree the black community through, its leaders & representatives, makes overt homophobia acceptable and therefore you could make a correlation between the comfort with which a gang of homophobes may attack a drag queen and the historical lack of repercussions – or even rewards – that any potential attackers may face since society at large has made great use of subtle homophobia thereby avoiding the claims of overt homophobia for the most part. But even that again delves into the realm of subjectivity.

    Oi, I’ve had a long day and I’m very sleepy so be gentle.

    P.S. I hope Kevin Aviance heals quickly enough to benefit from the upcoming festivities where he’ll be heralded with as much love and support as his community can give him.

  64. James says

    Chad Hanging,

    Sorry to hear about your bad day; However, your whole comment is based on two false assumptions: a) you assume somehow the gay community (a loaded phrase anyway because when most people use it they usually mean their social circle) is more atuned to discrimination and the black community (another phrase that needs not to be used for 100 years) somehow tacitly supports gay hatred. I think the issues are much more complex than you make it. Dealing with the black community, you are right there is a social conservatism that is not supportative of gay marriage. But as the Pew Research folk found out a few years ago, blacks are much more likely than whites to support anti-discrimination laws that include gays and lesbians. How do you account for this chasm? How do you also answer that all of the mainstream black political organizations (NAACP and Black Caucus come to mind) have issued statements supportative of gay rights. Finally, who can forget that Coretta Scott King, even when people told her not to, voiced support of gay friendly legislation. I’m not trying to dismiss the number of black folk who have joined the antigay marriage band-wagon, but your reading of “the community” is not nuanced.

    We do agree on this much: hopefully Kevin will have a speedy recovery and his attackers will be brought to justice.


  65. SMH says

    Chad Hanging said:

    “…since the gay community as I mentioned before is far more influenced by and sensitive to discrimination in general than our larger society…”

    ORLY? I’m a straight black woman sympathetic to the plight of gays and lesbians, but from what I’ve seen from this and other gay messageboards, gay folks are just as racist, classist, and willing to stereotype as everyone else is. No one gets a free pass here. Everyone is just as guilty as the other.

  66. Joe T. says

    Just a thought: Why should it be expected that homosexuals should be any more or less racist, anti-Semitic, etc., than anyone else? Historically they’ve been pretty varied: from Ernst Roehm to Allen Ginsburg, from Nero to Hans Christian Anderson. (But, yes, I’ve heard Kevin Aviance is a nice person, so let’s definitely wish him a “get well soon!”)

  67. Giovanni says

    SMH – I think at one time or another everyone who surfs the web feels that same sense of dull surprise once they discover what lurks behind the shield of anonymity – the human condition.

  68. SMH says

    Not sure if you directed your last comment to me or not Joe T., since I don’t presume gay folks to be any better or worse than the rest of humanity… but I find it funny that you argue against a gay ‘monolith’ yet paint black people with the same broad stroke.

    Also re: “Another homophobic attack in NYC by a group of blacks against one guy. Which is what most NYC anti-gay attacks involve.”

    Please to stop pulling crime statistics from out of your ass. Muchas Gracias.

    Giovanni- yep, anonymity emboldens quite a few and will bring out the unvarnished truth of who some people are. And is it ever ugly at times.

    P.S. Joe T.- I really would recommend getting to know or perhaps even *gasp* befriending some black people if you’re going to be presuming what they think/feel/believe. Minister Farrakhan? Hip-Hop hate speech? I’m not sure if you could be any more out of touch.

  69. Chad Hanging says

    What I’ve learned here today. Gay people tear things apart like it’s a competitive sport particularly ourselves, rip to shreds anything related to their “community”, make any manner of unqualified personal observations about ourselves and each other, even invite outsiders to pile on top of us to do more of the same in the name of inclusion but make a similar subjective personal observation about the black community and you’re a racist.

    Thanks a lot guys.

    Take care.

  70. James says

    Chad Hanging,

    Who called you a racist?!?!?!?!? Stop being so sensitive. You act like no one can disagree with you. You made a comment and people responded. I will make this as clear as I can: yes there are too many black people who are anti-gay, but you have yet to make a case that those anti-gay feelings are in anway different from other anti-gay feelings in other communties. I thought we were debating this without any name-calling; however, it looks like you think otherwise.

    peace to all

  71. Ana Maria Da costa says

    I’m very sorry about what happen to Kevin Aviance …this is just got to stop we need to put our foot down my husband and I we always talk about unsafe the world is anywhere gang menbers should face death penalty so they will think about it first becoming part of a gang and useless to the society .. defetnetly people should have guns (now this is tricky I would rather not for people to use guns .. but to many bad guys have them .. so until we clean up the garbage people should have then .. look what happen to the mexican family if they might of have a rifle ,they would probably still alive ,if kevin had gun .. he would be fine .. or that old couple don’t remenber what city a few weeks a go .. were going to get kill by a person who has mental problems and threaten he was going to kill them and discribing how he was going to kill the wife etc they were 60 near 70 yrs ol .. and the old man had a gun and didn’t shoot the guy but hold him there till police show up .. if he didn’t have that gun they will be dead .. since that guy had try to kill before ..(he forgot his medication ) very sad … same thing for woman getting rape .. people we need to get involve we can let the politicians just keep taking decision .. they have to hear our voices .. I know this will be happening soon … because as evolving human that we are … we know we can let our future in others people hands … it just doesn’t work for our best interest.. why keep killers alive in jail .. is not a good thing if you kill because you are sob murderer ..should die too …
    we need competent people to work in the criminal system ..also many innocent have been charge with false statements … yes there is a lot to do .. but .. we can start by targeting gangs .. this is just crap we shouldn’t take this (english is my third language sorry for my grammar )

  72. Joe T. says

    Chad Hanging: Somehow some of these posters missed school the day reading comprehension was taught.

  73. James says

    Jpe T,

    I was there when reading was covered. Maybe Chad missed out (or you too). No one called him a racist. We disagreed with him. And unlike Chad I brought up examples to prove my point. Heck I even agreed with the man on some points.

    Keep your attitude to yourself please.


  74. Argon says

    Get well Kevin. Hate is a crime. Love to you from Australia. Remember that the people who don’t like you are the sick ones. I can only think that as a society we must teach people to tolerate (if not embrace) each others differences, from the earliest school age. Karma will take care of the rest.