Stephen Dorff is a Swinger

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Last week, Stephen Dorff said that he’s surprised he’s not gay considering his predilection for watching women dress: “Since I was a young boy, I always loved watching ladies get ready. I figure I would have been gay or asexual, if I didn’t want women the way I do.”

Dorff doesn’t seem to have masculinity issues, but given his recent run-in with Jeremy Piven it would seem he’s not immune to the occasional bout of chest-puffing. After Piven tried to stop Dorff from cutting in line for the bathroom (“No, no, no. You are going to wait in line like the rest of us, you privileged, spoon-fed son of a bitch.”) Dorff replied, “You are done, see you in line for my next movie.” The two practically pulled their manhood out to measure up against one another.

So what is Dorff’s next movie? He could have been referencing the upcoming World Trade Center but he also may have been referring to Shadowboxer, due in July.

“My movie is ghetto, Euro and homo,” says Shadowboxer director Lee Daniels in the latest issue of Metrosource. It’s Valley of the Dolls meets Scarface. I knew that the African-Americans would freak out for it, and I knew that gay Americans would freak out for it.”

Why would gays freak out over it? Daniels reveals that Dorff has plenty to offer in the full-frontal department:

“We got swinging dick from Steven Dorff. Big swinging dick. We had three versions of Steven’s penis — semi-erect, fully erect and sort of flaccid. So we went for the semi-erect. The director’s cut is going to be off the hook.”

Your move, Piven.

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