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Sun-Times Columnist "Disgusted" By Guillen Media Reaction

Guillen_1AfterElton has posted an interview with Greg Couch, the Sun-Times journalist who called out Ozzie Guillen for making his "f*#ing fag" slur last week. Couch talks about the incident and explains how the White Sox "masterfully" turned the discussion away from Guillen's indiscretion and toward the object of Guillen's wrath, columnist Jay Mariotti:

"They effectively used the media to turn it into an issue about Mariotti, and the media and fans went along with it. On the website for the White Sox, the media relations guy briefly writes they don't condone this language, but then talks about Mariotti!

...For several days, Kenny Williams, the general manager, disappeared. But in the past couple of days he has finally stood up and said that Ozzie didn't understand how serious this issue is. He's the only one in the White Sox not trying not to change the subject. He's handling it right. He even brought up the idea that this could lead to the end of Ozzie [with the White Sox]. He said, 'I hope I don't have to go down to his office one day and say we have to make a change.' He's the only one who has made this serious for Ozzie."

This is Ozzie's second derogatory statement about gays in the past year. Three strikes and...

Columnist Calls Foul on the Media and Baseball's Handling of Gay Slur [afterelton]

Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen Caught in Anti-Gay Slur [tr]

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  1. Ozzie's always been a jerk

    Posted by: jr | Jun 27, 2006 4:29:12 PM

  2. C'mon. Mariotti takes constant swipes a athletes and never faces them or is held accountable by his journalistic colleagues like Crouch.

    He is guilty of what Ozzie is accused of: 15 times he has called Frank Thomas "The Big Skirt."

    Posted by: T.J. Smith | Jun 27, 2006 5:41:11 PM

  3. Boo hoo hoo...

    Over blown beyond belief...

    Call him a Spic back and move on!

    Too simple?

    Posted by: Mark | Jun 27, 2006 7:54:49 PM

  4. andy, there's so much more interesting things in the world to post about. for instance: music lists!

    Posted by: jennie | Jun 27, 2006 8:08:20 PM

  5. Fuck the Fucking Fuckers!

    Posted by: vince | Jun 27, 2006 8:37:41 PM

  6. "This is Ozzie's second derogatory statement about gays in the past year. Three strikes and..."

    ...and gays will still try to out him for the thrill of a possible kinship with somebody who hates their guts.

    Posted by: 000000 | Jun 27, 2006 9:40:48 PM

  7. I don't condone what Ozzie said but I'm not surprised either and he'll get away with it like many athletes do. Even if he does it for the third time this year... which he probably will.

    Posted by: OU812 | Jun 27, 2006 10:53:10 PM

  8. 00000



    Posted by: James | Jun 27, 2006 11:00:27 PM

  9. ...he looks like Mike Piazza.

    Posted by: Rad | Jun 28, 2006 10:30:50 AM

  10. Don't play dumb, James. You understood me.

    Posted by: 000000 | Jun 28, 2006 11:49:52 AM

  11. 00000,

    Sorry. I'm dumb. What are you trying to say?


    Posted by: James | Jun 28, 2006 3:36:43 PM

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