road.jpg Team Garbage welcomes Boy George. New York Department of Sanitation spokesman Keith Mellis: “He will be part of our team. We won’t know exactly what he will be doing for several weeks, though.” Incidentally, the Boy and his agent are being sued by Miami HIV/AIDS organization Care Resource for taking nearly $15,000 in payment and then backing out of performing at the White Party following his New York drug bust. Kind of ironic pathetic considering George has been moaning about doing work for people with AIDS as his community service rather than rake leaves.

Roddick_tongueroad.jpg Wimbledon hottie Andy Roddick feels threatened by the man purse: “I have seen some guys walking around with man purses here in London…. anything bigger than a money clip or a wallet is to be left to your girlfriend / wife…and just so we are clear you should not be able to throw your “wallet” over a shoulder…if you have a man purse, the wall is waiting.” Perhaps Andy should look inside the man purse to see if that’s where his mojo is

road.jpg Brace yourselves for Round 2 of Truman Capote. The second biopic on the writer, Infamous (formerly called Every Word is True), will open the Venice Film Festival at the end of August. The film stars British actor Toby Jones, Sandra Bullock, Daniel Craig, Lee Pace, Peter Bogdanovich, Jeff Daniels, Hope Davis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Isabella Rossellini, Juliet Stevenson and Sigourney Weaver. Now that’s a cast.

road.jpg Pierre Cardin making comeback…at 84.

Spidey_backroad.jpg Spidey’s back and Spidey’s got back

road.jpg Rapper Busta Rhymes, who was involved in a homophobic incident at a Miami Beach diner earlier this year, has been busy criticizing his former girlfriend and the mother of his three children, Joanne Wood. Wood apparently lost custody of the children partly because she is a lesbian, and she’s not happy with Rhymes. Said Wood: “His ego is definitely hurt. If he’s being emotional, then let him just be emotional – that’s like the bitch in him.”


  1. brian says

    “…the wall is waiting”. What does that mean? Tanking in the rankings and facing stiff competition at Wimbledon, Andy R. seems to be channeling O. Guillen.

  2. Jim Winsor says

    It seems to me what Boy George (and his agent) were attempting to do was pull a fast one on everyone, and kill two birds with one stone…settling his debt with Care Resources and fulfilling his community service at the same time.

    He probably intended to offer a make up date to Care Resources for next year’s event. And (perhaps) thereby keeping the DJ fee (which would explain his failure to repay). And THEN tell the court it was “community service.” And (perhaps) not tell the court he essentially collected $15,000 for this “community service” the year before!

    All speculation of course, but reasonable speculation given the circumstances here I’d say.

  3. stephen says

    Yeah, what the hell does “the wall is waiting” mean? And how does Roddick feel about fannypacks?

    btw, Andy, I love the new banner. Makes me think of The Great Gatsby.

  4. says

    What a torture – May 2007 !?!?! It should be illegal to release a teaser that far in advance. I saw the Spiderman 3 teaser before Superman Returns. It rocks.

  5. OU812 says

    Why is Andy Roddick trying to act all macho about the man purse thing?! He’s a tennis player.

  6. SC says

    andysounds a bit homophobic to me. you guys are right, what’s ‘the wall is waiting’? he has lost his ability to express himself AND play good tennis???

  7. Tread says

    Roddick needs to focus on his tennis playing and stop being a mealy-mouthed wanker. He nearly got knocked out by Janko Tipserovic, an outsider from Serbia.

    PS. I was cheering for Tipserovic the whole time because he’s 10 times hotter than Roddick.

  8. Jacko says

    The banner IS nice. But the defining aspect of the Gatsby dock was the green light, for Christ’s sake.

    Re Roddy: dude is cute but clearly an asshole.