1. James says

    I’m going to get slammed for this, but I’m so tired of that kid!!!! It’s like we trot him out like a trained pony! “Dance for us mentally challenged boy and make us feel better!” Jeesh give it a rest.

  2. Reidlos says

    Oh My God. He looks so “WOW” with this suit, although without clothes would be so much better. And this facial expression in the upper pictures: Soooooooooooooo CUTE!

  3. PSMike says

    James, you might be a cynical ol’ bastard, but god love ya. I couldn’t agree more. Can’t wait for the movie….it’ll be sure to get nominated for awful hammy performance in the Best actor or supporting roles. And then we can overpraise it to high heaven until we collectively turn against it. Almost as bad as sports as a metaphor for life. Or Jake G. remotely being gay.

  4. James says


    Oh my god. I forget. The tv freaking movie!!!! The folk on “the View” will say how much it moved them. Some hack actor (maybe the boy from “The OC”) will yap on and on and on and on and on about his research and how the kid is his hero! Gawd. I can see the tears from Rosie already. Save us all! By the way: you have me pegged me perfectly. I’m a cynical ol bastard!


    Don’t get me wrong. My ire is not at the kid. That would be mean, and while I’m cynical and old I try not to be mean. The kid is just riding the wave. Can’t hate him for that. My disdain is for the culture that needs to make this kid dance like a monkey so we can get teary eyed. Have you heard sports fans talk about this? It’s like Jesus parting the waters!


  5. PSMike says

    LMAO!!!! JAMES, I love you and want to marry you. You nailed it with Rosie..and I think she ALREADY secretly posts here under an Italian name…such depth! so much heart! 😉
    While life will be dark tomorrow, this happened so long ago that a whole book’s been written and awarded about it..ergo jakey at an awards banquet for the BOOK. I have seen this video on ESPN about 1,000X

  6. david says

    god, can we PLEASE stop with the jake/matthew/lance thing? its bordering on offensive now. no wonder actors don’t want to play gay; we snatch them up and turn everything they do (riding bikes, smiling, putting on a suit) in to some gay bait and switch act. grow up!

  7. Giovanni says

    I hear you James but at its core it really is a great sports story (as well as human interest) beating the clock, defying the odds, not giving up etc… but I admit to being biased.

    A while back I spent a summer with a interesting group of challenged kids, some of them were like Jason – others had different but equally difficult conditions – all of them (okay not all – there was one kid that I hated but he was evil – EVIL – I tell you) were amazing in some way and the lessons I learned that summer about courage and the human spirit, though sappy and cliched, have carried me through many difficult times.

  8. James says


    Just a little funkiness: there was no beating the clock in this story. His team had the game under control and the coach put him in. It was pure garbage time. As for it being a great sports story, it is pure cliche. A much better story would have been him taking all those shots, missing every single one, and still being taken off the court as a conquering hero. Granted that didn’t happen, but I doubt the ESPY’s would have even noticed if that was the outcome. It’s the cheap emotion and the way the story has been used that gets to me. But like you I’m biased.


    You have to get out of the house sometimes brother!


    Name the time and place baby. I’m there. Maybe the basketball kid can be our ring bearer! :-) It is amazing how this story just can’t fade away. I want to see a comedy skit where the kid is a mean sob. Think of a riff off of D. Chappelle’s Rick James skit. “I’m Jason McElwain, beotch! Show me your titties”

  9. PSMike says

    James I really really love you now. I’m being demonized, threatened, and job-disparaged on another posting, but here you are, old, bitter, and of doubtful parentage…and yet, I’m singing {{{{You Light up My Life…}}}}, but it’s some weird Englebert version 😉
    I will NEVER EVER be able to see this video again without hearing him say “Show me your titties!!!”

  10. James says

    PsMike: Who is dogging you out baby? I wil not have my baby’s name insulted and disrespected. Point them out to me baby!


    But sweetie….you gotta get rid of the Englebert because that’s going to cause some problems.


  11. Georgi says

    Terrell Owens wrote a book? What does it say? Is it about life or football? I’ll have buy a copy to find out. Is it really worth quoting? Is this the same Terrell Owens the football player? Guess I’ll find out.

  12. Georgi Wright says

    Terrell Owens does have a book called “TO.” What quote did Jake Gyllenhaal quote from the book? The book is very entertaining. A very young Terrell Owens caught growing up in the NFL. Good summer read.

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