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Video: Jeff Gannon Visits the Log Cabin Republicans

Jeff Gannon attempted to make a few funnies for the Log Cabin Republicans in NYC last night. Here's a preview. If you're a masochist, you can download the rest of it.

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  1. ...and he's a boring speaker, too.


    Posted by: Alan | Jul 14, 2006 3:10:09 PM

  2. My head hit my keyboard half way through...

    Posted by: Cory | Jul 14, 2006 3:16:16 PM

  3. If you need proof that the Log Cabin Republicans are a bankrupt organization, there it is.

    Posted by: sam | Jul 14, 2006 3:26:31 PM

  4. What a cock-smooch!

    Posted by: Blair | Jul 14, 2006 3:32:22 PM

  5. I don't have anything against the guy, but wow - that clip is booooring. And those jokes - not very well written and SO badly delivered. Yikes!

    Posted by: Cyd | Jul 14, 2006 3:35:47 PM

  6. did he charge the LCR the same rate he charges when he's whoring?

    Posted by: dc-20008 | Jul 14, 2006 3:40:33 PM

  7. That should have followed him with that other great comedian, Mary Cheney.

    Posted by: DAN | Jul 14, 2006 3:41:40 PM

  8. YAWN! sorry, why does this guy have a mic in his face? Oh right, has to have something phallic by his mouth all the time. I get it. I guess when you're that boring the only other thing you really have to offer is your cock...for a price of course.

    Posted by: ric | Jul 14, 2006 4:15:56 PM

  9. Sam,

    That bankrupt organization did not support President Bush in 2004 because of FMA. You can hate them all you want, but you have to give LCR props for that.


    Posted by: James | Jul 14, 2006 4:32:31 PM

  10. I always thought that a gay Republican was an oxymoron. Am I the only one......?

    Posted by: John | Jul 14, 2006 4:57:44 PM

  11. I always thought that a gay Republican was an oxymoron. Am I the only one......?

    Posted by: John | Jul 14, 2006 5:00:43 PM

  12. Sort of gratifying in a way to see him ineptly delivering his moronic jokes to what sounds like a microscopic audience of fellow deluded nutbags and even THEN only getting one or two paltry laughs. It's like seeing an untalented and abusive celebrity wind up doing dinner theater in Podunk.

    Posted by: JOE 2 | Jul 14, 2006 5:14:59 PM

  13. Jews for Hilter.

    Gays for bush.

    This HYPOCRITICAL WHORE for the White House is still trying to milk his "5 minutes of fame?"

    We still don't know why he was going to press conference throwing softball questions for the White House? Was he sleeping with former press spokesperson McMillen? Rove? Or hey, bush?

    Meanwhile, the White House recorded his visited so many times, and yet in this CORRUPT government we still don't know the answer.

    Having this FAT, bald, former male prostitute speak to Gay RepubliCONs tell me everything I need to know about them.

    Gotta go.

    Finishing up my book, "Conservatives without Conscience" by John Dean

    Posted by: FunMe | Jul 14, 2006 6:24:01 PM

  14. I think Mr. Gannon is a pretty stupid guy. However, FUNME calling someone FAT and bald is pretty stupid too. First, not much you can do about going bald except buy a pricey toupee and who wants to glue the damn thing on. Second, there are lots of nice, liberal FAT gay guys in this world. Let's focus on Mr. Gannon/Gukkert's character and not his physical characteristics.

    Posted by: homer | Jul 14, 2006 7:20:32 PM

  15. "I always thought that a gay Republican was an oxymoron. Am I the only one......?"

    I'd like to think of a gay Republican as a plain ol' moron! ;)

    Posted by: joney | Jul 14, 2006 8:09:10 PM

  16. Funme,

    Not the Jews for Hitler analogy. That's so tired. I'm still unsure why people get so pissy about gay Republicans. What's the big deal. Doesn't the search for freedom mean allowing people to make choices you would never make? And before you go crazy: I'm a flaming liberal.


    Posted by: James | Jul 14, 2006 10:09:40 PM

  17. Gannon is a tiresome bore, but enough with the "Gannon likes dick" jokes.
    That is not the problem, and it's homophobic to suggest that it is.

    It's as misdirected as the jokes about Ann Coulter looking like a man.
    Hurtful and childish and way off point.

    Posted by: Bill Dollinger | Jul 15, 2006 12:37:29 AM

  18. Will this group of internalized homophobes ever realize they're diong so much damage to GLBT people by providing the political party of morons with validity they are so undesevring of? Every time I see anything to do with the LCR, I cringe to think that a gay person would be so self-loathing as to actually think being a gay Republican is an okay thing when the party is assailing the rights of GLBT people more and more everyday.

    Posted by: Dr. Christopher Blackwell | Jul 15, 2006 1:52:14 AM

  19. James,

    Your "Can't we all just get along and live and let live," argument is exactly the kind of relativistic argument which conservatives have so successful exploited and tarred liberals with as lacking any “moral compass” and boundaries of acceptability. Now I realize that this is commonly Conservatives favorite argument against Gay rights and I also realize that relativism is a sham, no one believes (for example) that murdering anyone is acceptable. Having said that, however, I also believe that we need to make our limits of acceptability clear to people and one of those boundaries needs to be the idea of aiding and abetting our (GLBT Peoples) enemies which Log Cabin Republicans are doing. They argue they’re trying to change the Republican Party from within and that having their voice is more important and valuable than not having it. My response to that argument would be that it’s pretty hard to change an organization from within when they aren’t listening or even willing to listen to what you are saying. They don’t take the Log Cabin Republicans seriously and the Log Cabin Republicans intrinsically know this. Which raises the question ‘Why are they really doing what they’re doing?’ and which in turn returns me back to my original point on relativism and anything goes acceptance of people’s actions. The Log Cabin Republicans are making a laughing stock of the legitimate fight for gay rights and blindly accepting that their willing support and collaboration with those who, for both political expediency and personal bigotry, want to limit and eliminate our legitimate claim to equal rights simply cannot be considered acceptable. If we won’t take a stand on this issue, where do we draw the line on what is acceptable?

    Posted by: Robert In WeHo | Jul 15, 2006 2:56:22 AM

  20. Well said Robert. It is no different than those gay priests, or gay catholics in genera,l who say that they are trying to change things from the inside, when the Pope and the Church make their homophobia very clear.

    And Bill Dollinger,
    It is a problem that a male gay or straight hustler gets access to the White House when real reporters can not, and those who do are afraid to ask real questions for fear of being blacklisted. Mr. Gannon "liking dick" is how he got inside, who's dick is the real question. He not only made it into the press room, but inside the White House itself, over 60 times before it his the press. Interviewing people like Rice, Rove and other top officials.

    As for Ann Coulter looking like a man, I agree. She doesn't look like a man or a woman. I do think after hearing quotes from her book she has some set of balls either way.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Jul 15, 2006 8:12:27 AM

  21. How lame the Male prostitues must have been in DC that gannon could actyally get someone to pay him for sex. He's not the least bit attractive and his dicks only about 8 inches. He's really kinda FUGLY

    Posted by: Will | Jul 15, 2006 8:25:37 AM

  22. Robert,

    I think you are mistaken. The LCR did not support President Bush in the 04 election because of FMA. The LCR has said the GOP has been hijacked by the religius right and goes out of its way to support Republicans who are supportative of gay rights. No "willing support" there. Now if you want to critique them because they Republicans, that's fine; however, your whole argument is based on the idea that ideology equals sexuality, a dubious equation at best. Just cause somebody likes dick, or pussy, does not mean that leads to the Democratic Party. And let's be honest: it's not like the Dems are all aboard on the gay rights train. By the way: I'm from the Malcom X school when it comes to the two major parties. Neither can be trusted.


    Posted by: James | Jul 15, 2006 9:40:12 AM

  23. Kudos to the filmmaker for managing to secretly videotape this...

    Posted by: Jeff | Jul 15, 2006 12:09:39 PM

  24. The LCR needs to know when to cut their money and run. The time has past to try to change the wingnut republican party from the inside. If they were smart, they would withhold withhold withhold and stop propping up trash bags like this. The time is now to take the moral high ground. Or at least show a little less gusto as you're lapping up the dumpster water LCR.

    Posted by: Zack | Jul 15, 2006 12:57:17 PM

  25. How is it homophobic to say that Jeff Gannon likes dick? The man is/was a gay male prostitute. And considering that he lied about it, masqueraded as a legitimate journalist to deceive the public, and worked against the gay community -- all for pay, one might easily understand how referencing his sexual history instantly negates him.

    More proof that once a whore, always a whore.

    Posted by: Anon | Jul 15, 2006 3:38:49 PM

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