Routh_shirtlessroad.jpg Lowballing it? Brandon Routh offered half a million to pose in Playgirl.

road.jpg LIFEbeat cancels concert after objections to performances of homophobic artists Beenie Man and TOK. Keith Boykin: “LIFEbeat also blamed ‘a select group of activists’ for its decision. Actually, it was a worldwide coalition of bloggers, activists, people with AIDS and concerned citizens who wrote, emailed and called LIFEbeat to get them to reconsider their decision. The sad part is that LIFEbeat still doesn’t get it. Their statement fails to address the issue of homophobia and its connection to the spread of HIV/AIDS.”

road.jpg Born to Run: Listen to the full clip of the new Killers song “When You Were Young”.

road.jpg The new Running with Scissors theatrical one-sheet.

road.jpg Arjan hits up the Swedish duo Lo-Fi-Fnk for an interview, but the two remain coy about their sexuality: “I think we are too gay to be straight and too straight to be gay. If you are beautiful you’ll definitely get our love.”

road.jpg Arkansas lightning/rainbow storm better than fireworks


  1. Zeke says

    The picture of the rainbow with the lightning bolts should be made into a poster with the words “Gay Power!”

    In Arkasas, and across the South, it seems that every natural phenomenon is interpreted as a sign from God. I wonder what they make of this.

  2. JOHN says

    It’s highly unlikely that Routh’s SUPERMAN contract w/Warners would permit a Playgirl photo…but it’s more publicity for the movie…smooth move.

  3. xavier says

    I like Agusten Burroughs with the same passion I despise The Killers. Mormon Rock is as big an oximoron as Christian Rock. Can’t wait to see Running with Scissors.

  4. Mike P. says

    Lo-Fi-Fnk’s new upcoming album is titled, “Boylife” for god’s sake…Their lyrics & their whole get up is pretty GAY to me.

    Absolutely LOOOVE their new single “Wake Up.”

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