News: Apple iPhone, Heath Ledger, Transgender Fish…

road.jpg The Indian government’s AIDS/HIV body is pushing to change a law set in 1861 by British Colonial rulers that criminalizes homosexuality. Under the current law, anyone found practicing gay sex may be punished with up to 10 years of prison time. The outdated law has made it difficult for health officials to reach those at risk because of fears of imprisonment and harassment.

Fishroad.jpg Here’s a somewhat shocking statistic: “A third of male fish in English rivers are changing sex due to ‘gender-bending’ pollution, alarming research shows…Tests showed the males developed female sex organs and were producing eggs. “

road.jpg Twelve million American adults keep a blog.

road.jpg As they should: Provincetown residents slam media, particularly The Boston Globe, which published a front page story on the town’s “new intolerance”, for making a mountain out of a molehill.

Ledger_1road.jpg Heath Ledger to play The Joker in Batman Begins sequel?

road.jpg Apple on rumored iPhone: “We’re not sitting around doing nothing.”

road.jpg Barry Manilow being used as loitering-prevention method.

road.jpg A British Radio 1 DJ has caused outrage after he said he wouldn’t buy a certain car because it was too gay. “No, it’s a bit gay. A bit gay, yes very ginger beer,” were the words used by Jeremy Clarkson on the Top Gear car review show. Said a BBC spokesperson: “The Top Gear team’s irreverent sense of humour in their car reviews and exchanges with the studio audience is familiar to the programme’s regular audience. The intention is to be cheeky and sometimes provocative, but not malicious.”


  1. says

    First the BBC Board of Governors decides that “gay” means “rubbish.” Now this. Well, perhaps it should be let known to Jeremy Clarkson (and his audience) that the only people who REALLY worry about being seen in a car they think looks gay are those desperately trying to hide their true sexual orientation. Not that we want Clarkson to BE gay, mind you. Let him go without being able to get a date, of either gender from now until eternity. That’s probably why he’s on radio anyway.

  2. alex says

    I really like Top Gear and Clarkson for that matter. Comedy isn’t supposed to be politically correct so he should be saluted. Clarkson should be applauded for being the anti-Seinfeld sort of humor.

  3. GBM says

    I’m not all offended, but why should Clarkson be saluted? How is calling things “gay” at all original, witty, provocative or funny? I’ve heard cool as shit 12 year old pre-pube showoffs say shit like that all the time. I’m not a listener, but from the description, the guy sounds like low-rent Howard Stern-derivative shock jock fuckola. You need a better schtick than just “post-PC” to be funny.

  4. GBM says

    Looking into it, the info was posted wrong: Clarkson is not a DJ but a TV show host; Chris Moyles is the DJ (from earlier BBC/gay tiff). Again, I don’t think the comment was really offensive, but Clarkson isn’t a schlock jock as I previously thought (from reading the above exerpt), but a sometimes moderately humorous if somewhat boring host for a TV (car!) show. Seems more like Regis than Barsky. Perhaps it plays better for the older than twenty-something generation. His comment certainly didnt deserve the BBC PR damage control puff up. Hardly provocative; though, upon more analysis, perhaps cheeky.

  5. Lady Heather says

    Heath as the Joker? Well, he certainly has the dimples for it. (And the running joke in one of those BBM pics is that he was kissed by the joker, by the size of those dimples).

    But Heath is no Jim Carrey (which, btw, is a compliment).

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